Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - APRIL 2024

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Here is your Team chat room for April 2024. This is where you weigh in, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Try to post often, and help each other succeed! Bookmark this thread to make it easy to land here any time.

Fat2Fit has five great teams. The group and team leaders are as follows - contact them any time!

Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Megan - @Megan_smartiepants1970
Ashley - @minstrelofsarcasm
Jessica - @jessicakrall8

Our Team Captains:
Downsizers - @Megan_smartiepants1970 and open
Mission Slimpossible - @Katmary71 and @trooworld
Weight No More - @minstrelofsarcasm and @melaniedscott
WaistAways - @jugar and @ashleycarole86
Shape Shifters - @jessicakrall8 and @Pupowl

Our Team Motivators:
Downsizers - @Slimmersixties & @NachDeezy
Mission Slimpossibles - @19shmoo69
Weight No More - @rachelrjh and @BodyTalking
WaistAways - @MaddawgMadsen
Shape Shifters - @LaurieWrobo and @Cyncia85

HOW IT ALL WORKS: The April challenge runs for four weeks, from March 31 - April 27.

Everyone weighs in weekly on their chosen day right here in the team chat. At the end of each week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win, and may everyone else get to work on next week!

We also celebrate those small, steady losses. If you lose, however small an amount, you are in the green! At the end of the month, we celebrate everyone who lost at least a bit every single week. You are heading steadily towards your goal even if you aren't at the top of the weight loss leaderboard. In March we are aiming for every team to hit 50% green every week - let's do this!

To make your weigh-in easy to find for your team Captains, please put it right at the top of a message, and use this format:
Weigh In Day:
PW (Previous Weight):
CW (Current Weight):

If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team, so be sure to inform your team captain if you are traveling, sick, or just need some time off. If you want a break, you can be excused for a week or two, or can be moved to the Support Team for as long as you need. You still participate in the discussions, you can weigh in if you want to, but it will not count in the weekly tally. Don't worry! You can always come back even if you get dropped.

Once you reach your goal weight, you join the Goal Zone. You continue to weigh in every week. If you have 2 weeks above your self-defined goal zone, you go back to the regular team to lose that amount before it builds up. You will have a chance to hone those maintenance skills and stick with your team.

In addition to your own team, there are weekly F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the Announcements section for full group challenges.

Let’s show our fellow challengers some F2F love :heart: Introduce or re-introduce yourselves right away, and let's get April rolling!


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    Hi everyone! A big welcome to the new team members, and welcome back to the returning members, I am so glad you are here!

    I am one of your Mission Slimpossibles captains along with the fabulous @Katmary71! Our motivator is the hilarious and insightful @19shmoo69!

    Along with our weekly weigh-ins, we REALLY encourage our team members to participate in regular check-ins. It’s a great way to stay accountable to yourself and it allows the team to cheer you on and offer support as you need it. We are a community, and we are stronger together!

    If you have any changes to your weigh-in day or reported weights, be sure to tag @Katmary71 who handles all of that stuff. She also handles moving people to cheerleader status/or other status changes.

    Please share a little bit about you: your name, where you live, and what brought you to the Fat2Fit Challenge Group. Also share anything else you would like to, including any goals for the year. We are here to support and cheer you as you go through your weight loss adventure!

    Hi everyone. My name is Chris. I live in Southern California with my husband, cute one-eyed pirate pug named Daisy (8 yrs old) and pug pup name Violet who is going to be 2 yrs old in June. Up until my mid-20s, I was a healthy weight but then the mid-20s hit and along with that came medications that made me gain weight as well as poor lifestyle choices. For exercise, I like to walk with my husband and friends.
    I have about 65 lbs to lose. My hobbies: reading, making artwork and crafts, photography, and cooking. I do straight-up calorie counting of healthy foods with MFP Premium.

    Now, it's your turn! Tell us about YOU!
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    I invite you to join me on a quest for a NO ZERO DAYS 2024! What is No Zero Days? There are 4 simple ideas behind this:

    There are no more zero days. A zero day is when you don’t do anything towards your goals. But that doesn’t mean you have to go full-throttle on your goals each day, no, just do something small if you have to, do a single push-up, walk to the mailbox, drink one less soda…anything not to report a zero day. Do one thing to make your life better each day.

    Be grateful to the 3 YOUs: the past you, the present you, and the future you! Be GRATEFUL to the past you for the positive things you’ve done. Did you do that push-up yesterday? THANK YOU YOUNGER ME. Second part of the 3 me’s is you gotta do your future self a favor, just like you would for your best friend. Tired and can’t get off reddit/videogames/interwebs? This one’s for future me, i’m gonna rock out p90x Ab Ripper X for 17 minutes. I’m doing this one for future me. Alarm clock goes off and bed is too comfy? This one’s for my best friend, the future me. I’m up and going for a 5 km run (or 25 meter run, it’s gotta be non zero). MAKE SURE YOU THANK YOUR OLD SELF for rocking out at the end of every.single.thing. that makes your life better. The cycle of doing something for someone else (future you) and thanking someone for the good in your life (past you) is key to building gratitude and productivity.

    FORGIVE YOURSELF. Tried your best to have a nonzero day yesterday and it failed? so what. I forgive you previous self. I forgive you. But today? Today is a nonzero masterpiece to the best of my ability for future self.

    Exercise and books: exercise is self-explanatory but the books, read a self-improvement book…reading gets you to the next level!

    Here’s more detailed information and where I got the above info:

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    Hi MS ..you have another new member joining your team ..Please welcome @reshii_devi :)
  • jessicakrall8
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    The April Week 1 Group Challenge is open and ready to begin on Sunday, Mar 31st, so please join us for the Spring into Focus Challenge for a week of changing focuses which surround your health journey! Here's your link:


    Hope to see you in the chat thread!
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    Welcome to Mission Slimpossibles e @reshii_devi ! Please jump right in and introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone, I'm Kathy and I'm Mission Slimpossibles Co-Captain with the incredible @trooworld and the awesome @19shmoo69 as our motivator. I live in the Sacramento area with my two cats. I'm 52 and have been in this group since the start of 2019 when our great @TeresaW2024 and @AustinRuadhain ran things and did a wonderful job of making us a strong team. I keep chronic issues in check with diet and exercise and have been dealing with CRPS (severe nerve pain and mobility issues) and spinal issues for a couple decades. I'm currently trying alternative treatments for my CRPS and recovering from my last back surgery trying to get my pain lowered and mobility improved. I do part-time claims filing, volunteer on the board of a local charity, help our local food bank farm, have my own garden, and often have my nose buried in a book. I'm hoping for some fun camping, a beach adventure, or a concert soon!

    We're happy all of you are here and hope we can all help each other reach our goals and support each other through our ups and downs.

    NOTE ON WEIGH-INS: I try to stay on top of our weigh-ins. If you're on vacation away from a scale or something comes up where you can't weigh in please let me know so you aren't dropped from the spreadsheet. I know it sucks to weigh on bad weeks but honestly it really is a part of all of this and if any group is going to commiserate it's us so I'm asking you to please not skip bad weeks. We are NOT judging you or upset with you if your weight is up it's part of how things go and we want to support and help. Plus it takes me longer to wrap things up here and I want to PLEASE read before bed to unwind!

    Let's have a wonderful April!


    DUE NOW: @865jessica @vrafer
    REMINDER FOR SUNDAY WEIGH-INS: @19shmoo69 @megnolia82 @sleepygirl79 @txcritter69 @littlebabekitty @vegan4lyfe2012 @Veta2018 @laurelfit57
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    P. W. 262
    C. W. 261
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    Hello! My name is Teresa; I’m a ministry assistant for my small church, caregiver to my much older husband, who has dementia and other health issues, support manager to my crazy family, and dog mom to Maggie Mae, my 8-year-old Cavapoo. Weight loss has been a lifelong struggle. But no matter what, I will never quit striving to reach my goals. No matter how many stumbles I have, I will NEVER stop striving. :)

    Happy Easter! He is risen!! o :) Joe's son, daughter-in-law, and 10-year-old granddaughter arrived yesterday evening. They came over for a while to visit. They brought their 5-year-old dog, Oscar, who is a grumpy old man. Maggie and Oscar growled a lot at each other. Ugh! :| This morning, we are all going to church. They aren't churchgoers, so I hope they have a wonderful experience. Our new pastor is very excited for today, and I'm praying he will do well. After church, we will have subs at the house and enjoy each other's company. We will find somewhere to go to dinner this evening. The 10-year-old told me she likes steak. :D Have a great day!
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    @reshii_devi Welcome to the team! I'm glad you joined! :D

    @micaroo4 How exciting to meet Rich's newly discovered family! I hope it goes well.

    @19shmoo69 Congrats on the loss!

    @TeresaW2024 Happy Easter! Oh no, dog growling! I hope they get more used to each other and stop that. :D Ooh a girl with good (but expensive) taste! LOL I hope the service went well and you enjoyed dinner.

    Hi all. I had a nice day yesterday. I worked on artwork, got groceries, ran errands, and stayed safe in the rain. I was watching a show on Netflix called "3 Body Problem," it's sci-fi. It was pretty good so far (I'm on episode 3). It's based on a book series. You guys, I HAVE to deal with my unfolded clothes! My chair in my bedroom looks like a clothes monster and it's so hard to find stuff to wear because most of my clothes are on the clothes monster lol. I am going to at least start dealing with the clothes today.

    No Zero Days: Tracked and stuck to my eating plan.

    Want to keep track of your steps with the team? Add a tab to the Google Sheet! https://tinyurl.com/Slimpossibles

    Get the Kik app and chat with us in real-time! Just download the app, create a profile, and message me (username: trooworld) and I'll add you to the private group chat! https://kik.com/
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    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  • txcritter69
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    Weigh In Sunday: March 31
    SW 175
    PW 172.6
    CW 171.8
  • 865jessica
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    Weigh in day- Saturday
    Pw- 244.4
    CW- 245.6

    I'm sorry I missed checking in yesterday. We went to my family's farm for a egg hunt. My boys had a great time with their cousins.

    I'm continuing PT for my shoulder and neck. Slowly things seem to be improving.
  • Veta2018
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    Username: Veta2018
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    SW (Starting weight): 180 lbs
    PW (Previous Weight): 136 lbs.
    CW (Current Weight): 135 lbs.

    💪 Mission Slimpossible Strong!💪
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    Forgot to do an introduction.

    I'm a sahm to three boys 5, 7 and 13. I had a serious heath scare in April of 2022 after surgery in which I got sepsis and four areas of infection. I realized I really wanted to live and decided to start putting in the effort to make changes. I got myself a GP and had a physical which I had not done in my adult life. Finally got a GI doctor concerning my life long stomach issues that I've always had. I started seeing a nurse practitioner that ran a weight loss/ life style program. I also went to PT to work on pelvic floor and shoulder/neck issues.
    I'm still a work in progress. But I'm stronger and have more endurance now.
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    Live in FL
    Married 32 years
    2 young adults living here- Gah
    dog- Gus
    Struggled with weight all my life- been in this group around 3 years

    So many things in last month's chat that I wanted to respond to, but alas, no time right now. Spring cleaning for a family visit 4/12.

    Happy Easter Everyone!

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    Username: laurelfit57
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW: 147.2
    CW: 145.8

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    Hi MS... another new member joining your wonderful team ..Please welcome @AyaTheTyga :)
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    (100 lbs, holy cow!)


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    • Congrats to Shape Shifters for being the only team to finish the month stronger than they started!
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