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    Weigh in day- Saturday
    Pw- 245.6
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    Hope everyone has a great weekend! Sun is coming out. Now to decide to clean up yard or basement hmmm 🤔
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    The Week 2 Group Challenge is up! Let's fill our toolbox to get past cravings and into action:

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    WEIGH-INS NEEDED NOW:@buniphuphu @Jactop
    Reminder for Sunday Weigh-In to the following: @19shmoo69 @megnolia82 @sleepygirl79 @txcritter69 @littlebabekitty @vegan4lyfe2012 @Veta2018 @laurelfit57 @AyaTheTyga
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    @Divya365 Yeah, I don’t think I should buy those coffee caramels anymore. They are truly addicting! AND so hard to open! :D How sweet of your mom to send the KIDS treats. You just keep walking away. :)

    @trooworld I’m so glad that the art opening went well and that you sold a painting. How wild if that man does turn out to be your old neighbor. I’m the same, if I stay up late, I’m still up at my usual time. Very annoying! 🙄

    @Veta2018 Thank you so very much for sharing your story! I love how you said that learning to be mindful and living in the present with more awareness is important. I think if we all did that, we would also see the results we want. And never giving up is my life motto, too. Every day is a new day. :)

    @txcritter69 I’m glad you are in a better place emotionally now. It’s hard when dates come up, and all the emotions of losing your loved one hit you like it was yesterday. I feel that every year, on the anniversary of my daughter’s death. Be gentle with yourself. <3

    @Katmary71 Thanks for changing my weigh-in day. My sister’s weigh-in day at TOPS is on Tuesdays, and since she lives with me, it will work out better if we are on the same eat-and-starve schedule. :D I love orchids! We have a wonderful botanical garden here, and there is a whole section of amazing orchids in the greenhouse. I think I will take Joe there this week and walk around. :) Mason is a very good-looking boy!

    Good morning! Joe and I had such a lazy day yesterday that I forgot to get on the computer and check in with you all. :D I did do my rebound workout, which was the last day of a 15-minute, 6-day beginner program. On Monday, I will start a new one that will be 30 minutes. I might need to take a break or two. Rebounding is much harder than you might think and great fun! I even did a few arm exercises using my 5 lb. weights. I could do everything except bicep curls, which hurt my wrist. Ugh, maybe someday! I need to get Joe up so we can get to church. Pastor is starting a new series called “Power over life’s challenges.” It should be a great series, and I hope to learn a lot. Have a great day! :)
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    @askewcr Oh that's good news! I'm glad.

    @Veta2018 Thank you for sharing your story, very inspirational! The biggest thing that I got out of your spotlight was you have to find something that works for YOU. I love the pictures, too! You look like you are really enjoying life! I hope the shower went well. @Katmary71, thanks for doing this spotlight!

    @19shmoo69 Aww, I can see why that would hurt. Sitting by the creek with coffee sounds like a nice way to spend some time. Congrats on the loss!

    @txcritter69 I'm sorry you've been struggling. I'm glad you are tracking again. That's cool you cut and color your family's hair.

    @Katmary71 I thought I said how it went in my last update but here it is again in case you missed it (which is easy to do!): "Hi all. The art opening went very well, I had 8 of my friends and colleagues come. The man that my friend brought decided he loved my painting and bought it, so that was exciting. It stays in the gallery until the show closes and then I will deliver it to him. But it's paid for now. :D It's not my first time selling one of my paintings, I've sold lots of them, however, it has been a while since I sold one. In a remarkable coincidence, my husband and I, at the same time on the way home said to each other "Hey that guy looked like our old neighbor!" and we put two and two together, we believed it was him! My friend is going to ask him if he used to live where we lived. I was on a high last night from selling my painting and so stayed up until about 11:15 pm. Being in my 50s, my body doesn't let me sleep in like it used to and I got up at 4 am." How nice of Orchid Dave to bring orchids for everyone! I love all the plants and veggies and flowers you do. Great pics.

    @TeresaW2024 Thank you! It turns out he WAS our old neighbor! Of all the people in this town with over 1.4 million people, my friend decides to bring him! :D It is very annoying to stay up late and get up early. I'm glad you were able to do your rebound workout. How do you like the new pastor now that it's been a few months?

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to go meet a friend for coffee, but first I need to have some coffee and wake up lol. We were running around last night and stopped and split a burger and fries at a restaurant/bar. It was really good and I'm glad we split it. Today, I have a lot of stuff to do so hopefully I have time to do it all. I would also like to start a new art piece.

    No Zero Days: Off day for tracking but didn't overeat dinner last night or the night before.

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    @trooworld I saw TeresaW2024 respond to your post I'd missed, I totally threw myself off yesterday as I came on to post the Member Spotlight in the morning so I missed everything before me and didn't figure it out until I'd already posted the Weigh in Update and had a few people who'd weighed in I had to go back and edit out. Not sure how I missed yours but that's very exciting news! Does the man who bought your painting remember you too? That seems like one of those things like you two were meant to meet again in the future. Have fun having coffee with your friend, I love you being inspired to start your next piece!

    @TeresaW2024 I love the idea of taking Joe to go see orchids! I honestly thought they were more work than they are. I'd brought one home from a Take a Plant stand not knowing what it was and when it turned light green I thought I was killing it and left it at a stand (turns out they turn that color before sending out a flower shoot for crying out loud!). Has he enjoyed orchids in the past? Nature, art, and music are always great at reaching people. Power Over Life's Challenges definitely sounds like a useful lesson today. That's so frustrating on your wrist, I'm guessing the pain probably radiates up your arm right? I was thinking if you could put those wrist weight bands in a little higher than the wrist you might be able to do things like bicep and tricep curls but I don't know how high of weights they go up to. If it was for the lower body I have friends on here who hike and run with strap-on weights but not sure if there's a way to get them on the lower arm without the radiating pain issue. Some of my seated cardio videos are arm heavy if you ever want to check out those, I think the stretch bands you "could" tie on the upper part of your lower arm or use a loop.

    HI team! I came on to log on weights and since there were only a couple posts from last night I caught up. I'm packing some food and doing some car maintenance since my car's a 1999 Toyota, hopefully I won't be stranded anywhere! I'm going to get my weight lifting done and get in the shower then have about 30 minutes of running all the seedlings outside for the day (thinking tonight will be their first night out at night). Have a great Sunday, looks like a gorgeous day here that's perfect for visiting with friends and shopping for herbs! Not looking forward to the gas station, we're back up to $5 at the cheap stations which stinks. I'm going to wear my micro current machine all day in the hopes it helps me doing this drive, not one of my brighter ideas! I have aunts in town and everyone's meeting up today for a BBQ but it's the one time I can't meet (if it was at my brother's house I could but since no one responded when I said I can't go I'm not even bothering suggesting it), little frustrating as if my brother and his family can't go things are always rearranged and with me my Mom's a "whatever" when I say I can't go which is why I'm working on not getting my feelings hurt by her anymore.
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    @trooworld Congrats on your art sale. 👏As I shared before I am also into art, I do acrylic painting and drawing. Would love to see some of your art.

    @Katmary71 Love hearing about your gardening. I always loved flowers and I want to learn more about gardening as I plan to have my own garden in the future when we move out of the city. I am learning little bits about gardening from your posts. Your nephew looks very happy in his band picture you can see the passion he has for music. Thats what I love abiut music its so wonderful. Also he looks just like you hehe. 😊

    Congrats on your family's baby shower and being diciplined with eating. You look great keep up the good work. 💪


    Trying out this weight loss ticker I found online. These used to be very popular back then in forums. The only downside is I would have to copy and paste the forum code everytime I post. But its also not showing the image in normal size. 😔... if anyone knows how to fix please help. I wish myfitnesspal would allow us to save forum signatures.

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    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW (Current Weight): 171.9
    CW 169.9

    -2 lbs. Ps sorry im late for weigh in. Because I ate at 5 am I wanted to give at least 7 hours from time eaten plus I felt bloated so I waited for it to subside.

    I'm a little disappointed because this number did drop to the 167's at one point but I know Im getting my period soon so I'm not paying mind to it. Eid celebration is soon so we are planning to go out and have something for lunch. Will make an effort to be mindful of what I consume to nourish myself.
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    Good morning,
    @Veta2018 I loved reading your spotlight story. I have to agree with @TeresaW2024 on learning to be mindful.I am working on that myself these days. I know how you feel about people pressuring you to eat, I go through that with family too. How did the shower go? You look so happy in your pics.

    @trooworld Congrats on sell your artwork.
    I have to add a new What I did today that made you feel good?Yesterday we had to drive back to Austin to pick up a set of shocks for hubby's truck. When we are out like this we tend to eat out Like the other day with Joe's Crab Shack where I ate way too much Crab legs and lobster tail. This trip out I stuck to my guns and we did not stop for anything. I battled the cravings for mexican in my head the whole way home and WON!

    @tammymccrady6278 glad to see you back on track. Good luck on your new job.

    @askewcr glad to see your feeling better.

    @19shmoo69 I hope you are in a better place today. I hope that taking a break from the world yesterday helped you clear your mind. Great job on your weight loss!

    @Katmary71 your nephew is a very handsome young man. It great that he can play different instruments, that talent! I have been throwing the idea of herb hunting around in my head. I have set up six pots in my game room window and am trying to decide if I want to plant or just buy one already ready to use. I am tired of buying fresh herbs and not able to use all of it and they go bad.

    @TeresaW2024 any coffee candy is a no go in my house.

    I have to cut this short to get my weigh in done. Will finish catching up in the morning.
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