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    Weigh In Sunday: April 7
    SW 175
    PW 171.8
    CW 170.5
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    @Veta2018 I think fishing is relaxing too. Every now and again I put a hook on the line.
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    Good morning Slims!
    I had a busy weekend. Normally, I have Fridays off and it's a 3-day weekend. But we had a nor'easter on Thursday, so I traded my day off and worked on Friday. Saturday, I was busy trying to get all the chores and errands done - and in the middle of the day, Rich came home from work, sick. He has a head cold and a cough. He went to the clinic on Sunday morning, because he had such a tight cough. He suffers from asthma, so he can't take chances with a bad cough. They gave him prednisone for the asthma, a prescription cough medication (pills), and also a prescription for an antibiotic. They told him not to take the antibiotic unless he was getting worse or not any better by Tuesday. He's taking the day off Monday to try to get over the hump. He still had a bad cough Sunday afternoon, but during the night he seems to have improved. I'm hoping that when I get home from work today, that he'll say he's doing better. It's hard with him, because when he's ill, he's such a child. He mopes, moans, and sighs, and wants to be waited upon the way his mom took care of him when he was home sick from school as a boy. So even if he's better, he might not say so.

    We are supposed to fly to Colorado on Thursday, so I hope he is better. I also hope that I don't catch it.

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    Good morning!

    My husband finally went back to work today. I'll be heading out with my youngest son and mom to view the solar eclipse.
    💪Mission Slimpossible Strong!💪
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    Congrats go to @Cornanda, @tammymccrady6278 and @littlebabekitty for making it onto the leaderboard! Way to go!

    @Katmary71 No problem, thanks! I had to jog his memory but he eventually remembered lol. Thank you! It was a gorgeous day here yesterday, too. I hope you got your maintenance done. Oh dear, be safe with the microcurrent machine and driving! I'm sorry about the frustration.

    @Cornanda Thank you! I hope the visit with your parents goes well and your mom is okay with the change. I hope the weather cooperates for the beach walk. Good luck!

    @sleepygirl79 Congrats on the loss!

    @Veta2018 Congrats on the loss! Me too and I hate it lol. Wow, that's great you feel good with 5 hours of sleep. I need at least 6 to feel human lol. I'm glad the baby shower went well. Good job! That's good people recognized you lost weight. That's a great picture. Yay for your hubby going back to work! Enjoy the eclipse!

    @litltebabekitty Congrats on the loss! Sounds like you had a nice balance for your week. Great idea to use your hobbies as a reward. Thank you, I appreciate it! I would love to see yours, too! I will post what I made yesterday. I hope you like it. If you want to see more, go here: https://www.chrisrogersstudio.com/ I remember those tickers in the forums. I wish they allowed us to save signatures, too!

    @AyaTheTyga Well done! I hope the Eid celebration goes well.

    @txcritter69 Thank you! Congrats on not stopping to eat out, woo hoo! And congrats on the loss!

    @micaroo4 I hope Rich feels better soon and you don't catch his bug.

    Hi all. I had a nice but busy weekend. The art event Friday night, Saturday my husband and I went to a horror art expo but only stayed 2 minutes because it was stupid. We went for coffee instead. Sunday, my husband and I drove 25 minutes away and went thrift store shopping, all I got was a cool t-shirt. We also went for coffee. I made a new piece of art. I made sliders last night which we had with parmesan-crusted brussels sprouts. Today is back to work. There is an eclipse viewing event at work so hopefully I'll be able to attend it. Here is a pic of the art I made yesterday. The title is "Dia de la Cocinera" (Day of the Chef)

    No Zero Days: Off day for tracking but didn't overeat dinner.

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    @trooworld that is wild that it was your neighbor! They say it’s a small world and I guess in some cases it really is. :D I am really starting to like my new pastor. He does a great job on Sunday mornings which is the most important thing. He is also a good boss and he is very good with our people. He visits and calls people all the time and is really working on knitting us together. My old pastor will always hold a very special place in my heart for a variety of reasons, and he will forever be my dear friend, but I see a whole lot of positives in my new pastor, and for that, I am very grateful. :) I Love the new artwork! They are great colors and look so fun. :)

    @Katmary71 I once had several orchids, but they all got completely infested with gnats. Most annoying!! 😡The pain doesn’t move up my arm. It is very localized to the bend that is right at the base of the thumb and wrist. I was reading about Castor oil, and a woman said it helped her knee pain, so I’m now going to try rubbing Castor oil mixed with Penetrex pain relief cream several times a day to see if that might actually help. Ohhh and I have been putting Castor oil and baking soda on that wart/mystery bump on my finger, and it is shrinking. I just need to be more diligent, and I think it will go away completely. The magic of this oil is truly amazing!! :) Ugh, those gas prices!! We are up to almost $4. It's a bummer that you have to miss the family BBQ. I’m sure they aren’t even thinking or they would move it for you. :)

    @Cornanda, I will pray that your dad gets all he wants out of this trip and that your mom is calm and happy. I know you will be stressed, so I’ll send some prayers your way too. <3

    @Veta2018 Congrats on your weight loss!! 🎉I found some really good YouTube videos for my wrist problem. You might find some too for yours. Glad you had a good time at the baby shower. :)

    @littlebabekitty Congrats on your loss!! 🤩I like that ticker! Did you get it here on MFP?

    Good morning, and happy Eclipse Day! I did my rebounder this morning, and it was really fun. Today, I plan to see the eclipse which should be about 84% for us here. Hopefully, we will have clear skies. I am so old that I remember being in California in 1979 when we had a total eclipse. We all went into the schoolyard with our piece of paper that had a tiny pin prick in it. I often wander if that is why I shortly had to get glasses for my nearsightedness. :D I am taking a wonderful couple from our church dinner tonight. He had a stroke and is home now. They just celebrated their 67-year wedding anniversary yesterday. Amazing!! :)
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    @TeresaW2024 We ended up getting about a foot of snow, but it didn’t stay very long, the kids were excited to play in it. My shoulder has been feeling much better, occasional twinges here and there, but mostly that happens when I try to lift more than I should, ie: bringing all the groceries up in one trip. I did see your note about not being able to do biceps curls, maybe trying a different type, like the hammer curl, would put less stress on your wrist.

    @Divya365 what a nice gift for the kids! My stepmother bought my girls a monthly snack box subscription, so once a month we all try them together, but it’s just about enough for the 3 of us to split so luckily the calories added are negligible.

    @tammymccrady6278 Congratulations on the new job!

    @trooworld What a compliment to sell an art piece! Congrats!

    @Veta2018 I too find it challenging, when eating more consciously, to have others give me their input on how I should or shouldn’t eat. What works for them might not work for me.

    @19shmoo69 What a cool and bittersweet milestone to be celebrating a last prom for one of your kids. I’m glad you got to spend some creek time, sounds like you and your family have been going through a lot lately.

    @Katmary71 You would probably appreciate this new dad joke I heard “You can’t plant flowers if you haven’t botany.”

    @Cornanda I hope you have a nice visit with your parents!

    @micaroo4 I hope you fared well in the nor’easter. We got a lot of snow, but didn’t lose power, and weirdly didn’t lose any trees either.

    Last week was like an epic pain in my buns. Both kids had strep and were home from school Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was able to go to work but not get a tone accomplished. Thursday we had the epic snow storm and no school, then Friday school was delayed as the snow didn’t stop until 8am that day. Then Saturday I was busy busy busy with showings and driving, then my cat needed to go to the emergency vet, they think she has a UTI, but she is too round for them to find her bladder in the ultrasound, we have meds for the UTI, hopefully her condition will improve. I went up last week, mostly because I hadn’t been making as many bathroom trips as I should have been if you know what I mean. Today started out strong with 2 bathroom trips, so I think I’ll be “unloading” some of that weight.
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    WEIGH-INS DUE NOW: @megnolia82 @vegan4lyfe2012 @AmbersWay @AustinRuadhain @Jactop @reshii_devi
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    @19shmoo69 Did your daughter find a dress for prom?

    @txcritter69 Hugs to you. I’m glad you’re back to tracking your food and feeling a little better.

    @Cornanda LOL I’ll take that as a compliment, I’d love a plant nerd tee-shirt! I have the “Sometimes I wet my plants” tee, my next is probably going to be “Oregano Gangsta” or “Party All the Thyme”. “ Straight Outta Compost” is a fun one too! Oh my gosh Lisa I really hope there’s some warm days for your parents to go to the beach together and everything goes as well as possible for this visit with your folks. Lots of luck getting everything done.

    @Veta2018 Thank you! You look so pretty, healthy, and happy at the baby shower, love it! You rocked the food too! Your glasses look great on you, what a fun day.
    @littlebabekitty I’m so glad you had a good weigh-in! I think the fav hobbies as rewards is a great idea. Have you tried little “gifts” for yourself? I’m broke and allergic to fragrance but will find essential oil soap and lotion (TJ Maxx, World Market, and Trader Joe’s have inexpensive ones) as a way to treat myself for working out each day. Sometimes I’ll get a special tea or a plant, I did that with a new pair of earrings too. A new piece of clothing and fun workout pants have been rewards too. I took to heart on the forums here where everyone said to not use food as a reward. I look forward to when you get your garden, I consider myself a flower beginner aside of herb flowers and basics, you can teach me when you start your garden. The tickers were popular on MFP when I’d first joined about 10 years ago, it may be worth asking on the forums if there’s a way to add it as a signature to your posts.

    @Cornanda @tammymccrady6278 @littlebabekitty Great job top winners of the week!
    Mission Slimpossibles is doing great in the green, woohoo!

    @AyaTheTiger Hopefully after your cycle it will drop even more, I know that’s very frustrating to see still even if you know why it may not be as low as you think. Have a fun lunch!

    @txcritter69 Woohoo great job beating the cravings yesterday and not stopping! Thank you about my nephew, he’s on the shy side and since he started playing music he’s more outgoing and friendly. Do you have grocery stores that may have the herbs you want in small pots? Sprouts and Trader Joe’s are good at having plants, I prefer that if I need them as I harvest for my recipe then plant the seedling. If it doesn’t make it it’s not a big deal as I would’ve paid that for cut herbs anyway so the plants are a bonus.

    @micaroo4 Oh no I hope Rich is feeling better fast, good idea to get him seen fast. I’m sure the guys in the group will scoff at this but I think females are definitely stronger with being sick or in pain. I hope you don’t catch it as well.

    @trooworld Just sent you a FR on Facebook from your website, it’s the same pic I have here. Sounds like a great weekend, love your piece of art. That’s too bad about the horror exhibit there are so many ways that could be good too.

    @TeresaW2024 I think Castor oil and Penetrex would feel good and work well, Castor oil is so thick it’s nice to thin a bit. I just tried Penetrex for the first time and was impressed. After my bath last night I put castor oil on my legs and feet, I swear it seems to help! I have some mixed with rosemary and olive oil for my hair that feels good on my legs too. I’m glad the wart is shrinking, yeah being diligent is the hard part for me too with that especially keeping a bandaid on. Have a great time at the eclipse viewing!

    @ninyagwa LOL I love the dad plant joke! Check out what I just responded to

    @Cornanda about my wish list of plant tees I think you’d like those ones too. That IS a stressful week, hope your kitty and kids are all feeling better soon.

    Hi team! The Herb farm was fun but definitely NOT disabled friendly at all (I called first and they said it was), I’m relieved the friend who uses a wheelchair didn’t come as there’s wood chips everywhere to walk on so I couldn’t use my walker. Most plants were about calf-level in a dozen hoop houses with no signs so to read them I had to squat to read tags in plants which got old fast. I spent most my time where the garden art was looking at the plants on higher tables and had gone in the greenhouse and turns out those plants weren’t for sale yet and I was asked to get out of there (funny as my friends thought we could go in and I was hesitant then I got busted when I went back alone and they’d left but the man who came in said I could keep what I had as I found good basil varieties I’ll just bring them in at night for a few nights). It WAS a great spot to visit with friends. I didn’t get too much stuff because there weren’t any carts by the parking lot I was in and had to carry a tray, squatting to pick up a plant while holding a tray of plants saved me a lot of money as the plant had to be squat-worthy! I DID decide to go to my parent’s for a bit to see my aunts but left early and took a long Epsom salts bath. I think if I go again it would be with someone else driving or I’d spend the night there as there’s other farms I’d like to explore too. I’m resting today though may go get my allergy shot in a bit. Have a great Monday team!

    How is the logging going? I didn’t log dinner last night but otherwise have been logging everything.
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    @Katmary71 yes she did get one. There's a place that's about 1.5 hours away that gives dresses away to financially struggling families. It's first come first serve. I kinda like the dress. I told her that she needs a throw(I don't know if that is how it's spelled) to cover her shoulder area.
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    Well now I have this "dinosaur" cough that is quite annoying and painful in my chest and throat. I will try to get more meds tomorrow for this. Yikes!! Lord have mercy!!
  • Cornanda
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    @laurelfit57 - oh my goodness those ears!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 - Sophie bear is so cute!

    @Katmary71 - here's another shirt you could try:

    <img src="https://i.etsystatic.com/33153708/r/il/1f66fa/4012279077/il_794xN.4012279077_b3kf.jpg&quot; alt="Pot Head Shirt, Plant Lover Shirt, Crazy Plant Lady, Plant Mom, Cactus Shirt, Succulent Shirt, Funny Plant Shirt, Mom Shirt image 1"/>81hz4m1xu3ly.png
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    WI Monday
    PW 210
    CW 210

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    @askewcr- Oh it's horrible to have a nasty cough. I hope they can give you something to help.
    @Cornanda- I LOVE the plant shirt!
    @19shmoo69- I'm happy your daughter got herself a dress. Prom is such a fun time and it's always fun to get dressed up with friends.
    @reshii_devi- Congrats on this weeks loss.

    My eating habits have gotten out of control. I'm going back to eating so much that my stomach hurts and then I'm still thinking about food and what to eat next. It's the constant thinking of food that is driving me crazy.
    I have a physical today and yes I've last 35 lbs since last year but I easily can put it back on. I was down almost 50lbs and have just been putting it back on these past four months slowly. I do plan on talking to my doctor about it.
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