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  • reshii_devi
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    Glad this week is coming to a close! Got plenty of movement, but feeling sleep deprived and emotionally exhausted, its been difficult resisting comfort foods. So I allowed myself a bit of chips and chocolate, then firmly closed the gates. Unfortunately, I can still see them ...

    What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie?
    Wouldn't call them favorites, but they've definitely been used more than once! :D
    May the force be with you and the forever classic ... frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

  • micaroo4
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    We are in Colorado. This is my first time here. It's very brown. Houses all seem to be brown. Not many trees. Beautiful mountains. Yesterday was a long, tough, travel day. And I started coming down with Rich's cold, which was bound to happen. Rich seems better, but still coughing.
    We're on vacation, so I intend to push through and do some exploring. Today, Garden of the Gods. We are within walking distance.
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    @ninyagwa Ah yes! Yeah, trolls are the worst! I'm sorry you have to deal with it on occasion as well. I don't blame you for giving in, that would be difficult for me, I'm a softy. That's great you've had a good food day and good week. And good workout, wow, great day!

    @Veta2018 Wow, you guys are incredible! Congrats on fixing it yourself. You probably saved a lot of money! I'm glad you got some gardening time in.

    @Divya365 Congrats on the loss! Thank you. The person who bought my art in person was a neighbor about 12-15 years ago, believe it or not! The person who bought it on FB is actually my sister-in-law but insists on paying for it (I was willing to gift it to her but no, she wants to pay). My favorite art style...that's tough because I can appreciate almost all styles. I would say abstract art, surrealist art, or abstract expressionism. I do NOT like it when there is just a black canvas, or just a white canvas, and they are calling that art lol. I love living next to the canyon: we see red-shouldered hawks and other birds flying back and forth in the air and into their nests which are in the trees. There are houses on the other side of the canyon but it's mostly a great view. Thank you! :D I'm sorry about your back. Good job tracking and pretracking, woo hoo! Aww, Leo is adorable! So handsome!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Awww, sorry honey. HUGS. I did have a drama-free day yesterday, it was actually a fun day! Sounds like you need some sunshine. Are you doing crafts? That might help with the depression. It sounds like you may be too busy to craft right now. How long are you taking care of baby Oliver? I forget.

    @askrewcr Congrats on the loss. I hope you are starting to feel better.

    @reshii_devi I hope this next week is easier to resist the comfort foods.

    @Cornanda I hope all goes well, Lisa.

    THURSDAY ICE BREAKER QUESTION: What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie? My memory is like swiss cheese lol so this is tough for me. I don't remember any. If I can think of anything, I'll post it.

    Hi all. We had a great turnout for the National Library Week drawing and 3 happy winners. I am doing okay. My scale is giving me trouble this morning, @Katmary71, I may have to weigh in tomorrow (or use last week's weight) as I am not sure my scale is still alive and may need to order a new scale. I'm charging it now but it doesn't look like it's charging. Grrrrr. Stay tuned.

    No Zero Days: Tracked all foods, drank a decent amount of water.

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    Good morning! Sorry that I didn’t check in yesterday. I was busy typing up the minutes from our meeting, which went extra long. I also had to work on graphics for upcoming things we do for the church. I read all your posts, so I’m caught up. :) The vet visit for Maggie was informative. It seems little dogs have issues with their kneecaps coming out of the socket in which they sit. At this time, Maggie can put her kneecap back where it belongs, and she is doing much better and not limping as often. If it ever becomes a real issue, we might have to do surgery. I hope not! 😬I listened to Mel Robbin’s 1st video, “Make it Happen.” Her main focus was discussing my goals for the next six months. I have decided on the following:
    1. Get back into Onderland by losing 50 lbs. In 6 months, it is doable, but it will take some real dedication.
    2. Spend more quality time with Joe - I don’t want him to die and then be upset that we didn’t at least try to make more memories and share more laughs. I bought a Scrabble game last night for us! :)
    3. Deepen my relationship with God—My Bible sits next to me up open, and I have several books that I want to read. I will set up a time each day dedicated just to Him.
    4. Be more mindful of my spending - Since taking over our finances, I have no one to reign me in with my impulse spending. I will work on stopping that bad habit and save some money! :D

    What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie?

    From Rainman - I’m an excellent driver :D
    I say this one mainly when I’m in the car with my sister and make some stupid driving mistake. :D

  • ninyagwa
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    Weigh in: Friday
    PW: 320.6
    CW: 319
  • ninyagwa
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    @Veta2018 Our older cat’s name is Sparkles (or Lady Glitter Sparkles) which is what my older daughter named her when she was 5, she’s an all black cat. I named our second cat Diva because she meowed at me the entire 1.5 hour drive home and didn’t stop until I held her. Hooray for the at home fix, sounds muuuch cheaper!

    @Divya365 Leo is so pretty after his grooming! Hope your back is feeling better.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Grocery pickup is a great idea for those “I don’t really want to shop today” days, and I might actually schedule my own, you’re an inspiration! It’s dreary and blustery and rainy here in New Hampshire today.

    @Katmary71 Hope you had a good board meeting!

    @reshii_devi At least you found a silver lining with plenty of movement!

    @micaroo4 Garden of the Gods, sounds like I need to see pics!

    @trooworld My scale might need to be replaced, I had to stand on it 5 times today until 2 weights were the same to track!

    @TeresaW2024 Your goals seem achievable and impactful!

    Today is going swimmingly, I mean I could probably swim in the parking lot at work with all this rain, but it’s not a bad day. I forgot my phone at home when I dropped my daughter off at before school care, so I had to go back and get it, but my husband is home today so I got to see him again. I’ve had a bunch of meetings today, but they actually yielded results and didn’t bore me to tears, which usually happens. I have about 20 minutes of bandwidth for meetings and then I’m looking to do anything else.
    Hope you all are having a lovely Friday and have a spectacular weekend!

    What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie?
    Is it dead? – The Boondock Saints
    She doesn’t even go here! – Mean Girls
  • Veta2018
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    @Divya365 I hope you lower back starts feeling better. I've been working hard at reducing the amount of time I spend sitting. I started a challenge to get 200 steps in every hour from 9am-5pm. Awe...Leo is handsome.

    Thursday Ice Breaker Question
    What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie?

    Favorite quote from movie is "Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away."- Hitch
    Most often used quote from movie is “There's no place like home.” - The Wizard of Oz
    I'm an Introvert, A homebody. I can go days without leaving my house.

    @reshii_devi - You're making progress with resisting comfort foods. It gets easier. I put those tempting foods on the top shelf out of my site and reach.
    @Cornanda - I hope everything goes well with your parents visit.
    @micaroo4 - We drove 16 hours straight on our trip to Colorado. I took lots of pictures of the beautiful mountains, only to be disappointed in all the boring pictures of the same thing. There's nothing like the view in person. Coming from someone who looks around and sees miles of corn fields...hehehe. I hope you enjoy your vacation.
    @trooworld - I like to draw more of a nature style. I prefer to draw animals and scenery. I would definitely find the red-shouldered hawks impressive. I still get excited whenever I see a deer in my yard, and it's a common thing. Happy National Library Week!!!
    @TeresaW2024 - I listened to Mel Robbin’s 1st video. I feel like a lot of the things I want, in the next six months, have already been set in motion.
    -Health & Wellness- I built healthy habits and lost 47 pounds.
    -Money - I payed off some debts and have a great credit score.(818)
    -Relationships(Love, Family, Friends)- I've been working on new traditions to bring the family closer.
    -Happiness- I practice Self love by doing things I love.(gardening and reading)
    -Purpose, Spirituality, Meaning- I've been working towards daily prayer, participating in a Bible study, and practicing mindfulness.
    I have the energy and motivation to make things happen. I've done this in many aspects of my life. Now that I have this energy and momentum, I want to keep it in motion. Training #1 has helped me discover there are so many more things I want. However, I keep doing things alone. I tried to draw others in, with similar interests, but all my attempts have failed. You have great goals. I believe #3 will help get you there. My favorite verse- I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13.

    I'm looking for a partner for next week's group "Partner Walking Challenge". Is anyone interested in joining my team?

    💪Mission Slimpossible Strong!💪

  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW2024 I'm glad you got some info from the vet. I hope she never has to have surgery! Those are good goals/things to focus on.

    @Ninyagwa Congrats on the loss! Yeah it might! LOL Mine is definitely dead. I ordered a new one, will be here tomorrow.

    @Veta2018 I do some nature-ish styles, too, but probably not like you. I have a variety of styles. I would love to see some of your stuff! The hawks are super interesting: they get in fights with the crows (the crows always start it!). I remember seeing deer when I lived in Ohio, they are so cool looking. Thank you! I wish you luck with the walking challenge, I'm afraid I'm out of that because of my plantar fasciitis.

    @Katmary71 and all: I can't weigh in today, my scale is definitely dead. I ordered a new one and it will be here tomorrow morning, so Kat, you can either take my last weight (245.4) or I can weigh in when I get my scale tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

    No Zero Days: Tracked all foods, drank a decent amount of water.

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  • 19shmoo69
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    @Veta2018 I'll be your partner if you're still looking.
  • Katmary71
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    PLEASE REPORT WEIGH-INS NOW:@AustinRuadhain @trooworld @buniphuphu
    Reminder for tomorrow weigh-ins to the following: @865jessica @Digger61 @gemwolf110 @tammymccrady6278

    @trooworld No problem we can do whichever you prefer, you're so good at always reporting I went to scroll back to make sure I hadn't missed it and saw your comment. I usually try to come in late morning on Saturdays to catch any last-minute weigh-ins before Jugar closes the week so if you don't have it up then I can put the previous weigh-in. I can fix it after she closes the week but then the stats are done for the week and you'd miss the chance to be a top winner or for it to go to toward the team.
  • Katmary71
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    @tammymccrady6278 That's awesome I'm glad you're loving your new job! Good luck with your weigh-in.

    @micaroo4 What cool scenery, the balance rock is one of those things that's probably been on Ancient Aliens more than once! Oh no I hope you feel better, that stinks being sick on your trip. Thanks you're good for the weigh in, have an awesome trip!

    @trooworld See the Weigh in info sheet I left you a message. LOL the only movie quote I can think of is 16 Candles “What's Happenin Hot Stuff' I'm drawing a blank aside of that too! The National Library week celebration will be fun, have a blast!

    @Veta2018 Trying to get 200 steps an hour is an awesome goal, let us know how you do! I loved reading your responses on Mel Robbins, I'm listening to the video now. I want to point out that you're a vital part of this group so not ALL your attempts have failed at drawing others in, we're blessed to have you here. I love the quote throw in cats and it hits all my favorites!

    @ninyagwa LOL Diva is a great name for her, that's a lot of meowing! I went with my brother and nephews to get a cat and she kept poking her arms out of the holes of the box she was put in trying to claw us, pretty funny. I'm glad the meetings went well, I don't have the best attention span either. Oh no that stinks about the nurse practitioner, there are definitely some stinkers in medical care. Sounds like you're doing awesome aside of the cry fest, very insightful of you to consider how your responses affect her day.

    @TeresaW2024 I'm listening to Mel Robbins right now, I love hearing your goals too.

    @Cornanda Hope your visit goes well with your parents, thinking of you.

    @reshii_devi Those are great favorite lines! Great job stopping with just a little snack food. I'm not the best at moderating but I try every once and awhile and usually end up having to get it out of the house. I hope you're able to catch up on rest this weekend.

    @megnolia82 Love hearing what a positive day you had, great job on the exercise and not snacking! Learning to weld sounds so cool.

    @Divya365 Thank you! The two eggplant seedlings I brought home have barely grown in 3 weeks, I'm debating on just admitting they're duds as I don't want to end up with a plant hogging a grow bag and never getting anything out of it. I like trying new things and will be getting a farm box every other week soon so I'm sure I'll get eggplant but may still bring home one from the greenhouse. OMG Leo is the CUTEST he looks so good!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Wow so it COULD have actually been a wolf! Grocery pickup is a great call to get your salad fixings with the least amount of stress possible for you and Oliver.

    @Jactop How are you doing, good to see you!

    Hi team! That was a little confusing responding to posts oldest first, hope it wasn't too confusing for all of you. The board meeting last night went well but the food was challenging, we had taco pie which had cornbread on top then refried beans, my salad, and margaritas followed by cake. I'm skipping dinner to make up for last night a bit. I fell asleep with my light on and Asher kept meowing at me to pet him every hour then at 6AM the carbon monoxide detector started chirping (big relief since I can't get to most the fire alarms which are wired into the house but the carbon monoxide I can reach on a chair and take out a battery and throw away). I've been resting most the day, got some work done and am listening to the Mel Robbins video now. We have rain coming in so I brought in some of the seedlings. I'm supposed to go to the Orchid Festival tomorrow with my neighbor but am waiting to see how I feel to confirm, I'll probably just wear my micro current machine to help with rain pain and go. Have a great Saturday friends. Still logging well even last night's huge meal!
  • AmbersWay
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    Hi All!

    I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I think things might mellow out here now and I can be more active. I need to be more active in the group, it helps me stay on track. This past month (ish) has been a rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve had someone pass away almost every week. My aunt, a patient that my son was with in the childrens oncology unit, my friend, my sister in laws mother in law, and now my husband’s uncle. It’s a reminder to keep in touch regularly, take pictures, hug and send love. Time passes and you don’t want any regrets. I have heard so much of that these past weeks

    I am still here, sadly behind in posts again. I did read them and again I will try to keep caught up.

    Just wanted to pop in and say Hi!

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    micaroo4 wrote: »
    Pike's Peak, as seen from Garden of the Gods.

    Love the photos! I’ve been at the top of Pikes Peak. It’s a beautiful area.
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