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Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - APRIL 2024



  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 6,218 Member
    edited April 13
    @tammymccrady6278 I'm glad you are enjoying your new job. 30 mins can make a big difference! I hope it doesn't take long for you to get used to getting up earlier. Congrats on the loss!

    @Katmary71 Okay thanks. I am waiting for the scale to come and then I may have to charge it. Maybe I'll just go ahead and report last week's weight since I don't want to hold up the reporting process. I remember that quote lol. Thank you, it was fun! I'm glad the board meeting went well. That must have been alarming when the carbon monoxide detector started chirping. Good logging.

    @AmbersWay I'm so sorry about all the losses you and your family have experienced this month. That sounds really tough. Hugs.

    @gemwolf110 Congrats on the loss!

    Hi all. I am going to try to do some art today but I have to do a lot of other stuff as well, so we'll see if I get to it. Yesterday, eating was pretty good. I was very close to my calorie goal. I hope today is even better. Have a good day, everyone!

    No Zero Days: Tracked all foods.

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  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 6,218 Member
    PW: 245.4
    CW: 245.4
  • Veta2018
    Veta2018 Posts: 632 Member
    @19shmoo69 - Awesome! Thank you, partner. Ok...What should we use for our team name? What do you think of "Slim Gyms"? You know, like the meat sticks...hehehe.
    @tammymccrady6278 - That's great that you like your new job. My husband got a new job too. He said the same thing, about staying busy and the day goes by fast. The hardest part of his day is getting up in the morning. Not for me, I'm a morning person, and I like to stay up late too...hehehe. Great job staying on coarse. You've got this!
    @micaroo4 - Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.
    @Katmary71 - I've been doing the 200 steps an hour challenge for awhile now. I average 7/9 hours of 200 steps each day. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on Mel Robbins video. Thank you. That means a lot. I sometimes just wish I had someone local to join me.
    @AmbersWay - Hi, I'm sorry you had such a tough month. <Hugs>
    @gemwolf110 - Congratulations on your recent loss! You’re doing a fantastic job.
    @865jessica - You're making progress. You're setting goals. You're stronger than you know. You've got this!
    @digger61 - Great loss! Keep doing what you’re doing.
    @TeresaW2024 - Mmm...low-carbs enchiladas. I want an enchilada now. Oh...I like the movie, Steel Magnolia. I also, watch the series on Netflix.

    My husband is working all weekend. It has felt strange to have the house to myself again. The week went by so fast. I got all my seeds planted and my garden is weeded, tilled and ready for plants. I already have last years, onion, asparagus, and strawberries growing up. Today, I'll mow the grass for the first time this year. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. B)

    💪Mission Slimpossible Strong!💪

  • Divya365
    Divya365 Posts: 95 Member
    @vegan4lyfe2012 Oh wow, your story of the wolf is epic !! Wolves are big creatures so it has to be a wolf. I hope you get some sunshine. How old is Oliver? My retired parents love taking care of my two-year-old but they are completely drained after a while.

    What is your favorite line or line you quote a lot from any movie? Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery, But Today Is A Gift. That's Why It's Called The Present." - Kung Fu Panda

    @reshii_devi I agree, chocolates and chips are so hard to resist, especially after a tiring day.

    @micaroo4 I'm glad you are enjoying your time in Colorado. Garden of Gods has a nice view of Snow Peak Mountain at a distance. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    @trooworld Your neighbor from 15 years back, that's awesome !! That's nice of your sister-in-law. I like Abstract paintings, they are so interesting. Oh, nice red-shouldered hawks and so many birds. Thank you. Happy National Library Week!!! Congrats on staying within the calorie limit.

    @TeresaW2024 Glad to hear that Maggie is doing better. Your goals are inspiring. I have heard of Mel Robbins before but I don't think I have seen this video. I will check it out. A new puzzle sounds fun.

    @ninyagwa Congrats on your weight loss this week. Thanks my back is a bit better today. Sparkles and Diva, what lovely names !!

    @Veta2018 That's an awesome challenge. I will take your advice, I can reach my step goal easily with it as well. I like the quote from Hitch. Nice goals. You can count me in for your goal #1building healthy habits is my top priority this year. I love hearing about your gardening. What seeds are you planting this year?

    @tammymccrady6278 Congrats on your weight loss this week. I'm glad to hear that you are loving your new job.

    @Katmary71 Yeah I understand the plant hogging thing. It has happened to me before mostly with flower seeds. My coreopsis plant has been hogging two containers for the last 2 years, It better bloom this year or it's off to the compost pit. Eggplants grow slowly initially, I would give them a couple more weeks just to be sure. Nice, a farm box sounds interesting. I'm glad to hear that the board meeting went well, the food sounds delicious. The beeping at 6 am must be hard. Thank you :)

    @AmbersWay So sorry to hear about your loss. Lots of hugs.

    @gemwolf110 Awesome weight loss this week.

    @865jessica Great weight loss this week. Kudos to you for staying within the calorie limit.

    @digger61 Awesome weight loss this week.

    We finally have sun this weekend. I need to finish planting celery, lettuce, peppers, and some herbs. My back is feeling better today. I have been walking and tracking my calories.

    I'm looking for a partner for next week's group "Partner Walking Challenge". Let me know if you are interested in partnering with me.

    Happy Weekend Everyone !!

  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 5,283 Member
    The Week 3 Group Challenge is open and ready to begin on Sunday, Apr 14th. Please join us for the Partner Up Walking Challenge! Find your partner and send me a message containing your names and your team name! Here's your link:

    Looking forward to an active and fun week! See you in the chat thread!
  • 19shmoo69
    19shmoo69 Posts: 1,168 Member
    edited April 14
    @Veta2018 Slim Gyms sounds great!!! You may have to send Jessica a message as I cannot. I will post in the challenge group
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 6,799 Member
    @AmbersWay Gentle hugs that's a lot of loss all at once, I'm so sorry. I look forward to seeing you more often, no worries about being caught up I'm happy you checked in.

    @trooworld I'm happy to hear eating is going well, hope you got a lot done today.

    @TeresaW2024 I enjoyed Mel's video. Honestly answering it all is making me depressed because most of it is dependent on my pain issues either getting in the way because I can't do more or because I can't concentrate with my pain levels. I can take classes but if I can't concentrate because I'm in a lot of pain I'm unable to learn and just stare at the screen. I don't want to stop trying or use my pain/mobility stuff as a crutch but realistically I am limited. My main goal is to take another grant writing course, seems like something I could do career-wise that doesn't include going back to college for years. I grumbled about it all to my neighbor on the way to the Orchid Festival and feel like a buzz kill now. I'm glad the rebounder workout is enjoyable! If you like the enchilada recipe you'll have to share it with us.

    @Veta2018 See one response up on the Mel Robbins video, I was able to answer some areas but others are somewhat on pause right now as I try to get to a better situation with my pain and mobility as it's interfering more than I'd prefer which left me with a goal of taking another grant writing class and trying more at the holistic clinic. I wish you had someone local to do things with too. Are there any garden clubs near you? How exciting your garden sounds perfect right now!

    @Divya365 Love your quote! I hope the coreopsis plant shapes up this year. Thanks for the tip I'll give the eggplant a bit longer. Enjoy the sun and getting a lot done in the garden and don't overdo it with your back just improving (I know I'm one to talk).

    Hi friends! I was at the Orchid Festival and stuck around for a few lectures, it was fun and very pretty. I've been looking forward to laying in bed reading with the rain today though and will do that soon. I was grumpy from the Mel Robbins goal-setting and the rain making me feel worse didn't help, think I owe my neighbor an apology for complaining looking back on it. My neighbor and our other friend are both joining the Orchid club, partially because of doing the Mel Robbins goal-setting I'm trying to only do things I really want to do a lot so I can fit in things that are more important. Have a great night and Sunday team. Been doing good with logging and having my healthy version of pizza tonight.
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 6,218 Member
    @Digger61 Congrats on the loss!

    @TeresaW2024 I hate filling my pill containers...I take multiple vitamins and medications and it's always a pain. Low-carb enchiladas sound yummy!

    @Divya365 Yes! Thank you! That's good you have sun. I'm glad your back is better today. Good job with the tracking and walking! :)

    @Katmary71 Thank you. I did get a lot done, I ran around and sold another painting (the Prince one I posted on FB)! I had a great day. I love orchids, I bet that WAS fun. Why were you grumpy from Mel Robbins goal-setting? Did I miss that? Great job with logging and healthy pizza sounds yummy.

    Hi all. Not much going on. I have to make Hungarian goulash for a work potluck today. I am freezing it until the day of the potluck (it takes like 2-3 hours to make). Other than that, I have a Spanish lesson and may make some art. Have a good day!

    No Zero Days: Didn't snack.

    Want to keep track of your steps with the team? Add a tab to the Google Sheet!

    Get the Kik app and chat with us in real-time! Just download the app, create a profile, and message me (username: trooworld) and I'll add you to the private group chat!
  • 19shmoo69
    19shmoo69 Posts: 1,168 Member
    P. W. 259
    C. W. 259
  • sleepygirl79
    sleepygirl79 Posts: 187 Member
    SW 232.2
    CW: 225.2

    I don’t understand how I can be so up and down week to week. I really need to get back in the game but dealing with some stress at the moment. I seem to eat when stressed or upset but didn’t think I was doing this bad. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 2,372 Member

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