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    @AmbersWay – Hugs. So much loss.
    @Katmary71 – So glad your final was good! Yes, those babies are freaking hilarious! I can’t stand it!
    @19shmoo69 – Prayers for your wife. Any update?
    @laurelfit57 – Your puppies are so darn adorable! Love how they passed out! What a hard-knock life!
    @trooworld – As a matter of fact, I CAN make that dip vegan – I make my own sour cream and ranch seasoning and I have Amy’s brand vegan worcestershire and Better than Cream Cheese. Woot Woot! I would love to listen to Brooklyn 99 while cleaning my room, but when I turned my girls’ room into my craft room, I took the TV out of my bedroom and put it in there. So, alas. No TV in the background for me. And I love that show!
    @ninyagwa – Hope your kids feel better soon…and don’t share the “love” with you, too!
    @micaroo4 – Agreed! The first time I lost 60 pounds and got to my goal weight, I threw it all to the wind. And a year later, bam. All back on.
    I’m glad the peeps that got my Easter cards enjoyed them. However, it’s come to my attention that some may have arrived with the flower petals flat. I just want to say that I curled every single one so they would be 3-D. And I paid for and marked the envelopes to be hand-cancelled only. My apologies if one of the post offices ran it through a machine :(
    If anyone else would like to be on my mailing list, just send me a friend request first. Then we can private message and I can get your address.
    So far, the ankle brace is definitely helping. I can actually step backwards without a stabbing pain and it giving out. Enjoying quiet time at work as both my director and assistant director are on vacation this week. No, not together. Gosh. One’s in Italy with his wife and the other is in Las Vegas with her hubby.
    What did I do today that made me feel good? Yesterday I did some stamping, which usually makes me happy. I plan on doing more stamping this evening as well since Wednesday through Saturday I’ll be watching Oliver in the evening while my daughter is working. I love to just lay back and hold the sleeping little guy. I would call it laziness, but I actually consider it baby bonding.
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    What did I do today that made me feel good?
    I went to the recycling center. We have curbside recycling here, but with all the hyped up forecasts about the coming snow storm, I decided to get rid of the recycling today so that I don't have to think about it. I also took a couple of walks to make the most of the nice weather while we have it. And I vacuumed (just middles). Also I perused a yarn/craft catalog that arrived in today's mail. Did 2 loads of laundry and bought groceries. Oh, and did my morning strength training workout. All of which makes me feel good. 👍 😁

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    @AmbersWay So sorry for your loss.

    @Katmary71 I planted some bush beans this year and some of them have sprouted. This is my first year growing beans. I'm super excited and looking forward to harvesting some beans this year. I'm Interested in the logging challenge. This is one area I really struggle with. Is the challenge at MFP or Caliberstrong.com?

    @19shmoo69 Good to know that your wife is back home. I hope she feels better soon.

    @laurelfit57 Oh your dogs look so cute !!

    @trooworld I read Kristen Hannah's The Nightingale a few years back. it was pretty good. I just placed an order for "The Women" at my library, it sounds interesting. I enjoy reading Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Romcom, and Self-help books. Currently, I'm reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. So far it's quite good, it has short actionable items that we can incorporate into our day-to-day lives. It's good that you drank enough water. I'm pretty bad at that, I have multiple reminders on my phone but I still forget the drink water.

    @TeresaW2024 Hope the severe weather clears up!

    @ninyagwa Hope your kids feel better. It's good that you are still tracking your food and staying on top of it :)

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I got your Easter card today. It's so beautiful. Thank you for sending it. I started watching Brooklyn 99 and it's hilarious.

    @micaroo4 So True Mica !! Glad you could enjoy your walks before the storm.

    What did I do today that made me feel good? I reached my step yesterday and today which made me feel good.
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    @19shmoo69 Oh no I hope she’s okay Darren, prayers to you two! Glad you’re both home safely and she’s feeling better soon. The ER is so exhausting.

    @laurelfit57 Haha those are some tired pups, hope the three of you are all rested up!

    @AyaTheTyga For the logging challenge we’ll just report on them when we do our check-ins with how it’s going, I haven’t been able to attach files (just pictures) when I go make fancy things to post so I’ve given up on the fun graphic posts.

    @trooworld I like the question choice! I finished PT today, that felt good! You had serious willpower going to all those bookstores, good for you on staying strong that’s awesome! Sure I’ll take you up on the graphic, I’m confused why I can’t post, where are you posting from? I can attach pictures here but not files for some reason, I’m always trying to do it from Word so maybe that’s why? Doing great with the water! I haven’t been eating the best either, I think I’m going to eat my chocolate bunny tonight and crack down tomorrow.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I love the card I got it today, thank you! You know after I read that about the petals I tried curling them a bit and they seem to have some memory of it, it’s not flat now. I love your cards, the spring one with the bee is going to stay on the mantle with my new one a little longer as I love it. I’m so glad the brace is helping! Enjoy the baby bonding with Oliver, I think moments like you mentioned holding him when he sleeps is when what really matters in life is glaringly obvious and peaceful.

    @TeresaW2024 I’m glad you’re not driving in the bad weather conditions, be safe!

    @ninyagwa I love your reasons for exercising, so true about the stairmaster and I agree on weights! I hope the kids are feeling better soon.

    @tfelts147 Let me see if I can get you added, I just left a message to see if we can squeeze you in for this month. If we can’t get you on the spreadsheet now you’re welcome to check in with us and hang out then start the spreadsheet in May but I’m hoping we’ll get things squared away now.

    @micaroo4 I understand that about your friend not wanting to have to log all the time. I’ve tried that where if I’m still thinking 600 calories for breakfast and 600 for dinner it still can work but for the most part I don’t mind logging. I’m with you when eating off-plan track it as it’s easy to not know what you’re really eating.
    @miacroo4 You got a lot done sounds like a perfect day of getting chores done, working out, and getting some relaxation in.

    @Divya365 Beans are fun to grow I hope they do well! I tend to get more of them in Fall with our weather here in Sacramento. The challenge will be in this group, I can’t post files here for some reason but @trooworld is going to help me with that I think. Oh you just mentioned @AustinRuadhain ‘s Atomic Habits by James Clear, when she was motivator we did a challenge she modeled after his advice. I read Atomic Habits and did Fogg’s habits at the same time and always get them mixed up now. Congratulations on the steps!

    Hi friends! I had my last PT day today which I wasn’t expecting but my insurance is being stubborn about renewing more time and honestly I can do the workout at home and save gas. I watered at the greenhouse too everything’s looking great, I hope after going down to 40 degrees in a couple days we can finally start moving tomatoes. I’m having issues getting prescriptions filled again and according to the person I talked to they’re no longer filling prescriptions from pain clinics so I have to figure out what to do. Really fed up, I’ve worked hard to take as little as possible but it makes the difference in my being able to have a life outside my bed.

    QUESTION answer is finishing PT.
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    WEIGH INS NEEDED NOW: @megnolia82 @littlebabekitty @Jactop @FushiaKat
    Reminder for Tomorrow:@Divya365
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    Today was a good day in a sense. Its Ramadan so Im fasting. I havent had the energy to wake up to eat around 4 am so Im having 2 meals + snacks at night. I wish I did more movement today. I walked 40 minutes. By the time i came back home my thighs were cold and itchy so I knew that was enough. Weather was windy. Usually Id walk outside with my husband in evenings but it was not good to do this. Didnt have the energy to lift weights at 5 pm. By this time I was 21 hours into my fast. I dont plan to fast 24 hours but i need sleep more than i do food. Im still eating enough to satiate for the entire day when I do break it. Eid is soon. Part of me is nervous about going back to non restricted eating because Im a fast volume eater. But I will do what I can to take this to my advantage. I know it wont be too long Ill have to stick to a deficit. Ideally Id like to get to my goal weight by August 2024 and Ill be in maintenance then.

    DISCUSSION QUESTION: What did you do today that made you feel good?

    I let myself enjoy sweets but also prioritized healthy meals full of protein. I walked outside to get fresh air. I listened to relaxing audio and I laughed a lot. I didnt let a tough work day get the best of me although I ranted a little bit to my husband at one point lol.

    I hope everyone is doing well.
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    @Katmary71 Thanks! It would be great if I could get back in this month but if not, no worries!
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    @TeresaW2024 That's smart for your company to stay another day. Have a great time with your company!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Wow, awesome! Let me know how it is, I haven't made that recipe yet. Oh darn but I would definitely rather have a craft room with a TV! I didn't notice that my flower petals were flat: it is a beautiful card the way it is and I'm always so impressed by your card making abilities! I'm glad the ankle brace is helping. That's good you get some quiet time. I always love when people go on vacation at work lol.

    @19shmoo69 I'm glad your wife is home now. Hugs.

    @Divya365 Yeah, I am *trying* to drink more water, it's my focus this week. I read the Nightingale, sad but good. We are a big fan of Atomic Habits here on MFP! Here's some books you may want to look into:
    Lisa Jewell - The Family Upstairs (and if you like that, the sequel: The Family Remains)
    Lisa Jewell - None of This is True
    Ashley Elston - First Lie Wins
    Kate Quinn - The Diamond Eye or The Rose Code
    Lisa See - Lady Tan's Circle of Women

    @Katmary71 That's great you feel good after PT! I'm posting from the website. I don't attach files, just pictures. Yes, I think you can't post Word docs. I created something. Thanks! I hope you can get the prescriptions figured out.

    @FushiaKat I'm on Goodreads. I never win those giveaways, although I always go for books that end up being popular. Congrats on winning!

    @AyaTheTyga Happy Ramadan! I'm glad you had a good day. Good job prioritizing healthy meals with protein.

    Hi all. I didn't do great yesterday either. Did track. Will try again today.

    No Zero Days: Tracked, drank 65 oz of water.

    Want to keep track of your steps with the team? Add a tab to the Google Sheet! https://tinyurl.com/Slimpossibles

    Get the Kik app and chat with us in real-time! Just download the app, create a profile, and message me (username: trooworld) and I'll add you to the private group chat! https://kik.com/
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    By request (me!)...a tracking challenge! Your goal is to track your food for the month of April. How many meals a day? It depends on YOU! If you are just starting to track, or coming back from a tracking break, maybe try to aim for tracking breakfast for the first week. Then, when you have that down, add in another meal.


    Here's an article by the American Heart Association that talks about tracking, how to do it, and why it is important:
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    The Day Before Thursday Ice Breaker Question

    What is your dream job?

    In my youth I wanted to be a Rock Star. While that's probably out of my reach I still want to learn lead guitar.
    Nowadays I'd be happy with doing anything with music. Radio, concert promoter or music producer. Then again in today's age I could make my own music and independently produce it and release it.

    Now I'm day dreaming.
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 My Easter card is gorgeous! Thank you so much. It arrived flat, but I just read your post and fluffed up the flower, which looks amazing. What a talent you are! <3 I’m glad your ankle is starting to feel better. Baby bonding is the best! Enjoy every precious moment you can get. :)

    @Katmary71 That is such BS that you can’t get the prescriptions you need. Is there an advocate who could get involved? I hope you get it all straightened out to have peace of mind. <3

    @AyaTheTyga Happy Ramadan! :)

    @trooworld, I’m glad you are starting this tracking challenge. I hope that I can get myself back on the right track. I need all the help I can get. :#

    Good morning! Our company left last evening and will drive 12 hours back to their home in Michigan. We are tired and plan to spend the day doing nothing. I did get up and straighten the house and will put together a grocery list for tomorrow. I am getting on my diet and am starting the tracking challenge today. Tomorrow, I will start my rebounding exercises again. My wrist is improving, but I’m a long way off from being able to lift weights. That is no excuse not to do what I can. :)
    2024 Word: Strive

    What is my dream job?

    I’m very happy to be a church secretary, but if I could go back in time, I would love to do interior design and create beautiful homes for people.
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 - Congratulations on more than 100 days with no sugar! You are doing fabulous! Those three grand babies will definitely give you a workout.
    @AustinRuadhain - Nice steady loss! Interested in seeing what momentum you decide on for April. You made great achievable daily goals last month.
    @Divya365 - Welcome! Thank you. Congratulations on the master's degree. That's a great accomplishment. I like to read and garden too. I enjoy cooking more now, more than I used to. I like trying new recipes and I know exactly what I'm eating.
    Welcome @tfelts147 !
    @AmbersWay - <HUGS>
    @laurelfit57 - Charlie horses are the worst. I read that you need more potassium so I eat bananas to help prevent them.
    @Katmary71 - Glad you had a great Easter. Interesting you'll have to let us know how the water experiment goes. I'm all for a logging challenge! May not be much of a challenge for me. I'm pretty committed to it.
    @19shmoo69 - I"ll say a prayer for your wife. I'm glad she is back home now.
    @trooworld - I have a shelf of books I still haven't read. I need to get through them before I make any new purchases too. I have never listened to an audiobook. You've got this!
    @TeresaW2024 - Eating out ans shopping...It's like a vacation. Enjoy it while you can.
    @ninyagwa _ I hope the kids get better soon.
    @micaroo4 - I totally agree with you. Tracking everything has been so important to my success. It keeps me on target and I have something I can glance back to and make change or improvements on.
    @FushiaKat - I have a Goodreads account. I register for those giveaways and have won several books so far. I love it. I have it connected to my amazon account too.
    @AyaTheTyga - Ramadan Mubarak! I find learning about different cultures interesting. Will you be observing Ramadan for the whole month?

    What a great team we have here. I'd tried not to leave anyone out. I'm sorry if I missed you. There were a lot of new posts and I only missed one day of checking in. My husband is still home. This is going on three weeks now. He needs to get back to work. We've done a few tree jobs together and made some money. We've also got a lot done in the yard. I just want to get back to my routines. I really need to go grocery shopping. We have almost no food in the house. No Fruit :#

    DISCUSSION QUESTION: What did you do today that made you feel good?
    I took a long hot shower and then I shaped my eyebrows and hot waxed a few chin hairs.

    💪 Mission Slimpossible Strong! 💪
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 I had no idea you were into papercrafting! I’ve recently gotten into junk journaling, not sure if I like buying supplies more than I like creating the pages or not though. But there’s nothing like a cute handmade paper craft!
    @19shmoo69 Glad to hear that your wife is back home and resting.
    @Divya365 I love reading, I’m into romance, sci-fi, historical romance, fantasy, and smut. Right now I’m reading Dating and Dismemberment because the Author made a tiktok and it was funny, and it sounded like a cheeky little story, I’m 4 chapters in and it’s pretty funny.
    @Katmary71 Oh yes, there’s a funny short somewhere and the quote goes “I don’t want to be strong like man, I want to be strong like B*%! Who fights bear in the woods.” I feel like that’s my lifting philosophy. I hope you get your prescription situation figured out.
    @FushiaKat I’m on good reads! I think the need to track how much I’ve read stems from getting physical rewards for reading in grade school. I did offer to read advance copies for a few authors, and some of them were just terrible, and I decided not to offer anymore because I was not good at offering criticism because I felt bad doing that. I have my kindle synced to my goodreads as well.
    @AyaTheTyga It sounds like you’re thinking ahead so that you can plan ahead for when things go back, I’m sure with team support and tracking you’ll do great.
    @TeresaW2024 I find I often need a little R&R after I go on a big trip so I get that, especially with the travel time you had to endure.
    @Veta2018 I agree, I was absentee for a few days taking care of sick littles, and there’s so much activity! I love how many folks try to be responsive to everyone and give support.

    What did you do today that made you feel good?
    -I logged onto MFP and got up to speed with all my teammates!
    What was/is your dream job?
    -I really like what I do, I’m a Realtor, and I also manage the listings anyone on our team gets, as well as coaching the other Realtors on my team through transactions.
    -When I was a kid though, I thought I’d be a fashion designer.

    So much to catch up on! My kids were finally well enough and medicated enough to go back to school today. Tomorrow they probably won’t have school as we’re expected to get at least a foot or more of snow here. Not sure how much it will actually be, but I know the kids have their fingers crossed for lots. I was able to get to the gym last night after having to skip Monday, and not being able to make it over the weekend, I felt much better. I saw a new chiropractor today and when I told him about the pain I’ve been having in my neck and shoulder he did some adjustments that he said should help, I’m really hoping that they do.
    Have a great Hump Day everyone!
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    WEIGH-INS Needed Now
    : @littlebabekitty @Jactop @Divya365
    Reminder for tomorrow for the following: @askewcr @tfelts147 (you said you're weighing on Thursday correct?) Welcome back I saw you're in, woot woot!
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    @TeresaW2024 I misread your post yesterday and was thinking your company was keeping you on a trip that I'd forgotten about, I hope the weather calmed down and your company was able to leave. Easing back into things is smart, you got this! I posted in the Northern CA pain group and got some tips on places that aren't jerks, I'm frustrated as I've been with that pharmacy for years and it's close to my house. I'll make calls tomorrow I needed a break today.

    @FushiaKat Wow your game sounds like a lot of fun, I love that it’s Easter-themed. I have a Good Reads account but usually only use it to look up what friend’s books are about to see if I want to put holds on them from the library. Congratulations on winning a book that’s exciting!

    @AyaTheTyga I love your question answer, it sounds like a wonderful day (except possibly the ranting but sometimes that can feel good too!).

    @megnolia82 Welcome back, here we come Spring!

    @tfelts147 I saw your post in the captain’s thread so you know you can officially strut around in a Mission Slimpossibles tee now! I’m teasing I’m glad you’re in and don’t have to wait!

    @trooworld I put a couple of those books on my list, I somehow Mission Kate Quinn’s The Rose Code but loved her other books. Thank you for posting the logging challenge I appreciate you!

    @19shmoo69 Have you ever taken guitar lessons? I think you need to do something about this dream, does your church have a band play? That would be a great idea to play in it if you could. And you could make your own music and produce it, I’d love to see you give it a good shot.

    Ice Breaker Question- As a kid I wanted to be an organist or a DJ. I’d planned to be a physical therapist but that was dashed after I slipped at work and needed back surgery so I studied psychology with the plan to be a health psychologist. Before I could go to grad school I was injured during surgery and that fell apart. These days I’d love to work in a nursery or do something with gardening.

    @Veta2018 Love you keeping it real I hate those chin hairs! We DO have a great team!

    @ninyagwa Haha I’ve seen a meme saying that and sent it to my girl friends before! Yay glad you caught up here and it made you feel good, we have such an awesome team if I do say so myself! I’m glad all of you are feeling better. I hope the adjustments make a big difference in your neck.

    Hi friends! I had my allergy shot this morning and worked out then took a nap. I stayed up late reporting the pharmacy to the CA Board of Pharmacy last night, that made me feel better to get it off my chest. I’ve been super anxious about calling pharmacies because of how rude they were when there was a shortage last year and decided to give myself a day to regroup and have been reading most of the day. My pain has been worse because I’m upset which is pretty normal, I’m going to get in the tub soon and try to relax. I have done good with food today and after eating an entire chocolate bunny last night I needed a win! Everything is logged so far too. Have a wonderful Thursday awesome peeps!

    Logging Challenge
    - Everything is logged and under.
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    Thank you all for Happy Ramadan wishes! Im fasting sunrise to sunset.
    Ideally you get up before sunrise for a quick breakfast but I'm a volume eater who likes to sleep so 2 meals in 1 sitting at sunset isnt an issue (unfortunately lol).
    Out of curiosity, @littlebabekitty mentioned there might be a Kik group chat? Is that available to join or is there any other form of chat? Might be easier for me to chat there. Thank you!
    Hope today is going good for everyone. I love the community in here I wish I could be more interactive but my memory is so poor, if I tried i couldnt keep up to save my life lol. Wish you all well. I do still read posts to get to know you all. :)
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    @AyaTheTyga the kik group is usually mentioned at the end of @trooworld 's posts.

    I'm with you on the memory. I'm want to be and I'm supposed to be more interactive because I'm the motivator.

    I forgot what I was gonna say.
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