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    AyaTheTyga wrote: »
    Hi everyone. Im really finding it hard to navigate this forum so I hope Im posting in the right area. My name is Aya. Im 23 and live in Canada. I used to be 240 lbs and Ive gone down along the last 4 years. My goal is 130-140s. I weight train and enjoy long walks with my husband.

    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW (Previous Weight): 172.1
    CW (Current Weight):171.7

    I found @AyaTheTyga ! I hope she makes it here.

    I know navigating around in the forums is a bit confusing but hopefully you'll find your way here. If not, team captains @Katmary71 and @trooworld will add you as a friend and you'll be able to send messages to get everything running smoothly.

    Best of success!
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    Hi friends, Happy Easter! My Dad's spending the night so I'll catch up tomorrow after he leaves. My Mom went on a cruise with her friends and sisters not realizing it was over Easter so I'd asked him to stay after we spent the day at my brother's. Welcome to the new members, we're happy you're here!

    WEIGH INS NEEDED NOW: @megnolia82 @littlebabekitty @vegan4lyfe2012
    TOMORROW WEIGH IN REMINDER FOR: @AmbersWay @AustinRuadhain @Jactop @reshii_devi
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    1. How do you manage your day when you have a special holiday meal to eat?

    2. How do you manage your WEEK when you have a special holiday meal to eat?

    I don't do well eating little all day- I wind up starving for the big event and that's a recipe for disaster. I've compensated (for most holidays) by trying to keep the menu reasonable.

    This week I did not plan menus well for the splurge- I put some things on the menu without thinking about the whole picture. Sometimes I just need to get the weekly menu/shopping done.


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    Congrats to the whole team for achieving 3rd place by percentage and pounds! A special shout-out to @19shmoo69 @Veta2018 @Jactop and @vegan4lyfe2012 for leading the way! And four weeks in the green...congrats on that to @ninyagwa!

    @txcritter69 @Veta2018 @laurelfit57 Congrats on the losses!

    @AyaTheTyga Welcome to the team! That's awesome that you have had such success already.

    @reshii_devi Congrats on your success so far! That's good you are trying different things. I like the quote!

    @Cornanda The day: I think it depends on your goals: do you want to maintain? Do you want to lose? Do you mind a gain? I usually try to enjoy one nice-sized plate and not have seconds. I don't do well with what my husband does (starve himself all day and then enjoy the meal). I usually eat something like leftovers from the night before or yogurt and berries. The week: I know what I SHOULD do: I should eat lighter all week so that I can enjoy myself on the big day. What DO I do? I eat normally and then regret stuffing myself on the big day. :(

    Hi all. I had a great weekend. I worked on art. YES, I did tackle my clothes that needed to be folded and got them all folded! (GO ME!) Yesterday, we went to three used bookstores, which was fun. It was raining so book shopping in the rain was enjoyable. I did not do well at dinner: all the clothes folding and running around got me tired and I didn't want to cook. We got a pizza from the grocery store and I ate more of it than I should have.

    No Zero Days: Tracked and didn't snack.

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    Hi MS ..you have another new member joining your team ..Please welcome @reshii_devi :)

    Welcome @reshii_devi! I hope this group is helpful for you!

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    Monday Weigh-in

    SW 223.1
    PW: 210.7
    CW: 209.6 :)

    I am looking at how to add to the momentum this month.
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