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    Hi Dolphins!!

    I'm Kelly from Melbourne, Australia. I've been a part of Sheri's challenges a few times, but then had some time off and am ready to get back into it.

    I'm getting married NYE and will be honeymooning in NY and Canada so I will be fit and ready to adventure with this challenge. I don't expect miracles, but Sheri's challenges always remind me to be balanced in my nutrition and training so I'm excited to get going on Monday.

    I'm hoping the weekly challenges will be posted in plenty of time so that I can start on the right day (I'm from the future!!!)
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    Hi I'm Kirsty from the UK. I've done a couple of Sheri's challenges (as a Wolverine) so this challenge will be interesting! I'm 7lb away from hitting 200lb so really striving for that (and more) in this challenge.

    I'll be away for 2-3 weeks - on a well deserved holiday to Florida - from 23 October so I'll be collecting points for the team.

    Looking forward to the start!

    Good luck
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    I am Jenn and I live in Vermont, USA, near the Canadian border. I am new to these challenges so bear with me while I figure it out.

    I will be starting training for a marathon in February and would like to drop some weight before then, as I can never increase mileage and lose weight at the same time because I am so hungry ALL THE TIME. :laugh: I was training for a full that I was to run on October 20 and ended up sidelined with tendonitis and so I am recovering from that and ramping miles back up to 25-30 miles/week, so I will have some of our miles covered. I am SO happy to be running again!:drinker:

    It is nice to meet all of you! :flowerforyou:
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    Hey dolphins!

    I'm Ashley, I'm from Buffalo, NY. I've done some of these challenges in the past, and I"m determined to kick some butt this time. I'm training for a half marathon right now, the race is in November, my first one so I'm super excited! I'm hoping this challenge will motivate me a bit to keep with the training.
    I'm hoping to lose around 50 more pounds by my college graduation in May, so hopefully this challenge will give me a good kickstart.
    Lets do this!
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    hi Dolphins :)

    My name is Donna, I am a 47 year old wife and mother of 5. I live in Sacramento, CA. I have done several of Ms. Sheri's challenges before and I loooove them! The challenges have pushed me to do things I other wise would not have tried and I have learned a lot from them. Best advice I can give is just go with it, you may learn something new or just may be able to see things from a different viewpoint if you just follow the challenges to the letter as best as you can.

    I am training for a half marathon too! :) Nike Women's Marathon October 20th. I am glad to see a lot of us are in the same boat :) I train with a team (TNT) and I am the slowest and the heaviest, but that isn't stopping me. I have not lost any weight training, and I have been training since about May. My timed mile has improved about 3 minutes and my legs, buttocks and even arms have much more muscle.

    I have PCOS and I weigh 253 :( I had lost almost 50 pounds in the past couple of years but gained back about 25 of it :( Sometimes I feel like I have absolutely no control over my weight and I give up on trying. I suck at planning out mine and my families meals and end up eating crap that we shouldn't.

    Geez I talk/type to much sorry! I hope to get to know all of you better and I promise to complete every challenge to the best of my ability!
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    Heya Dolphins,
    I'm Sue from the UK. I have done a few of Sheri's challenges before and have found them brilliant. I was doing quite well last year with weight loss and exercise but injured myself at the end of the year; since then I got lazy and ate my emotions!
    I entered a Tough Mudder as a goal but have deferred that until next year some time.
    I will be absent for a week - I'm off to Africa at the end of October for a few days - quite looking forward to it but wish I were fitter!
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    Hers is what Sheri posted for WEEK 1!!! Let's do this DOLPHINS!!!!October 05, 2013 2:54 pm

    WEEK 1 Challenge
    #1 - WORKOUT
    30/30/45/60 - Do a Minimum of 4 workouts this week
    2x 30 minutes - 1x 45 minutes - 1x 60 minutes
    (Sunday - Friday morning 10am) - On 4 Different Days! (all these times are, of course, challenge minimums...feel free to go longer!!)

    BURN a MINUMUM of 1000 CALORIES For the Week!!
    As I don't believe I have total completion of teams I'm going to keep this # kind of low but straight across the board - so All Teams Need to hit a minimum of 13,000 Calories! That should be more than doable for all teams!
    #2 - REPS - This is Always IN ADDITION to your workout times
    Do 400 Reps!
    YOU Choose what you want to work - Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio or Core! ALL 400 Reps for this week MUST work the area you chose! You may do different types of reps but work the 1 area All Week! 25 of 1 specific exercise at one time to be couted toward the 400.
    You can use weighted machines, weights or just your own body...examples - squats, glute reps, leg lifts, crunches,
    situps, jumping jacks....the internet or your teammates
    are GREAT for reference or ideas for this!

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility - CHOOSE something you would like to be able to do by the end of the Challenge!! For this week - Just spend 5 Minutes on 3 days doing some strectching to get yourself closer to your goal.
    ie: on the big side...maybe you would like to be able to do the splits or when you're standing you would like to be able to bend and lay your hands flat on the ground or when sitting you would like to be able to open your legs wider when stretching and/or lower your head to the ground. AND this is in addition to any before/after stretching you should be doing in your workouts!!!! Internet and teammates is a great place for stretching ideas and I also have a huge book on it if you need ideas.

    Thats it this week for the workout...Simple huh?!
    BUT most of you know me....this is Definitely your mellow week....Much More Fun To Come from here on out!

    OVER this week you need to.....
    #4 - CHOOSE a habit you would like to change (Does NOT have to be diet/exercise related)
    ideas...go from 3 alcoholic beverages to 1 - Stop drinking altogether - Quit/cut back smoking - Stop talking negatively to yourself - cut out soda - or caffeine - cut back to 1 hour a day playing video games - or 1 hour a day mindless surfing the internet (not including MFP ;-P) - Stop watching tv by 7pm...etc.

    #5 - CHOOSE a New Good Habit or Hobby!!
    ideas - Do 10 minutes more stretching before and after a workout, spend 20 minutes a day organizing a room in your house - walk the stairs EVERYtime stairs are an options - learn how to play an instrument or a new language - donate your time - take time to read 30 minutes each day - cook a meal each day and sit down at the table to eat it -
    cook 7 meals in advance for the week!

    For #4 AND #5 - These will start next week and are for the entire challenge so CHOOSE WISELY!! and these will be for points... you have a week to think about it - Suggestion...write down a bunch of things for both that you would like to do...then narrow it down...BE REALISTIC BUT Please also Choose something that Will, In Fact, Be a CHALLENGE for you!! You need to have chosen your items by Friday Deadline
    For posting - you can ask you team leader how they want it -
    but it will go on your team thread daily or every couple days.....:Hopefully you all have had some contact with your teams...after today I will be more available so if you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask!!! Posting sample....
    Stretch Goal - Back Bend....
    30 Min / 420 Calories (biking, zumba, walking)
    50 Upper Body Reps (50 total)
    Stretching - 5 minutes
    20 Points (those you'll see next week!)
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    Hey Dolphins,

    I'm Dave and I live in the Detroit suburbs with my wife and two daughters (actually the eldest just started college in Ohio recently so I am missing her :cry: but she is doing great:happy:) I've done several of Sheri's challenges before and have found them very motivating and have found significant inspiration in my Dolphin teammates from past challenges. I hope to do the same this time. I lost about 30 pounds last year but have gained about 25 back due to injuries over the winter and significant stress this summer. I am ready to put all that behind me to get back on the wagon. I recently completed a half marathon and am currently considering running a full marathon next fall. Looks like we have a lot of runners on the team so meeting calorie burn targets should be easy for us. Looking forward to getting to know you all a little better of the next several months.

    Time to face the challenge. Go Dolphins!!
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    Oh! and by the way I am Verda from Vida. Montana USA that is!!! This is like my 3rd or 4th challenge that Sheri has put me through! I have been a contender & plan to be again!!! Fitness has been a daily habit for most of my life so these challenges brings out the competitive side in me.:wink: The Dolphins have done well in the past & they will again if we do even MORE than what Sheri challenges us to do!! We're in it to WIN it!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!
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    Starting the Dolphins off with a massive workout today (Sunday).

    #1 - Workout

    60 mins treadmill (broken up into 1x30 mins intervals and 1x30 mins steady state walk) for 600 calories burned.

    #2 - Reps

    (Done in between the 2 30 min stints on the treadmill) I've chosen Upper Body this week - to get a head start on my Wedding Dress Arms :)

    30x Chest Press
    30x Shoulder Press
    30x Tricep Extension
    30x Bicep Curl
    30x Chest Fly
    30x Seated Row
    30x Lat pulldown

    Total 210 reps.

    #3 - Flexibility - this is a tough one for me as I do calisthenics (an Aussie dance/performance sport) and am quite flexy already. I'm going to focus on my 'chest to floor' which is sitting in a straddle (legs out) and reaching forward to get head/chest flat on the floor. Right now I can't get my head to the floor but about 3 years ago I could, so I know it's possible! I stretched for ten minutes after my workout and included a couple of hip and leg stretches to assist with opening my hips up to get to my goal.

    #4 and #5 I am still thinking about - welcoming suggestions :)
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    Hey everyone sorry late to the party crazy weather and life. Anyways I go by D short and simple unlike my real name. I've done a few of Sheri challenges. I suffer from join and fatigue issues but will give it my all. Look forward to the next 13 weeks, and yet fear it. :laugh:

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    Are the reps 400 total for the week or per workout?

    I will do abs this week.

    I am thinking about the other challenges. I think a good one would be drinking less as I know it is easier to lose when I cut out alcohol, especially beer as it has so many calories (and I don't like crap beer LOL). So maybe cut back to 2 or 3 nights instead of 6 or 7. I should be easier now that summer is over and I am not tempted to sit out in the sun drinking a beer after work every night. I have been focusing on this as a goal already so it is a good one for me to choose.

    And a good habit to do more of is definitely stretching. I am very inflexible, and have been sidelined with a running injury which the rehab for is lots of stretching. I am bad about stretching! If I have an hour to run I run for an hour, instead of for 50 minutes and spending 10 minutes stretching. I am going to make this my good habit to adopt. As for the actual stretching part of our challenge, I would like to be able to come closer to being able to put my head at knee height sitting in a straddle position. Right now I can just about sit upright. LOL

    Go Dolphins!
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    @tabbydog - 400 total for the week....but 400 a day will be fun in the future ;-P

    And your #4 & #5 are Awesome!!! the book I'm reading definitely has alcohol as a BIG factor for many reasons...but some big ones of course it turns to sugar, slows your metabolism, messes with your sleep AND a BIGGY for me...makes you make bad decisions! It is one I am STRONGLY considering cuz I EAT WAY too much without thinking when I'm drinking....but ohhhhhhh would it be brutal to give up my wine!!! :wink: :sad:
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    I just checked in really quick and saw the question! AM SUPER excited to read through everything else as soon as all these company people Go Away!! I was SO NOT prepared for all these people!!! I can't wait to get to know some of the new people on the Dolphin Team!! and THRILLED to have so many of you back!!

    And Thank you All for keeping the page going so awesome with me being so absent this weekend!! I can't wait to KILL THIS CHALLENGE With THE BEST TEAM!!!!

    Go Dolphins!!!!!
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    AND WAY to Kill The Workout right off the bat!! Great Job Kelly!!
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    I will post todays data on Monday. I was extremely busy today & it is already 9:30 & my workout alarm goes off a 4:45:noway: & then leave for work at 6:30! DO my shift & then clean house 3 hrs for a bachelor friend!!! I will be wiped by the time I get home tomorrow evening!!!

    Good job DOLPHINS!!!!!
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    Just to check - are the 400 reps just for 1 area i.e. 400 upper body? So if I chose arm raises then I do 400 of these?

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    I'm still recovering from being ill last week so nothing too strenuous for me this weekend.
    I managed to do 80 minutes of walking for 267 calories (wasn't walking very fast). Didn't do any reps though.

    Not too sure what to do for the stretch - will have to look in to that one.

    Good habit is going to be getting to bed by 10pm at least six days a week. That should give me 8 hours sleep a night.

    Bad habit is to limit time spent playing games on my phone - candy crush has a lot to answer for!

    Chart is updated to here :)
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    Yesterday I was driving for 9ish hours so I didn't get any workouts, but I did do a couple of reps last night.
    I did 25 crunches and 25 reverse crunches making 50 total for my abs.

    This morning (Monday) I ran for 53 minutes burning 672 calories. I stretched for 5 minutes post run. I'll bust out some reps after school.

    As far as good habits, I really need to start taking hydrating more seriously and actively trying to get my 8 glasses of water a day. But I feel like this is fairly simple to achieve, so I might go with reading at least one chapter of a leisure book each day. I'll see how I'm doing with the water this week, if I'm doing well without incentive I will choose reading, if I'm not I'll stick with water.

    A bad habit I need to get rid of is using the reddit app in the morning before I get up. It wastes so much of my morning.

    My stretching goal, I want to touch my toes when I'm standing. SO BAD. Also, I'm not sure if this counts as a goal, but I need to start stretching after my runs.
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    Just to check - are the 400 reps just for 1 area i.e. 400 upper body? So if I chose arm raises then I do 400 of these?


    They have to be the one area you pick - ie - your upper body - but you do NOT have to do all arm raises - you can do tricep, bicep, shoulders, pushups etc...with or without weights some of the time...hope that makes sense??