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    Sheri869 Posts: 1,195 Member! IKNOW what you mean!!

    @tabbydog....I don't know if you were referred or not so I guess there may be more surprises than usual for you ;-)
    And I didn't see where it was explained above yet so hopefully I'm not being redundant - All my Challenges are Elimination challenges - To get to the one winner at the end. I personally HATE eliminating people BUT I DO see how much more competitive and harder people push themselves because of it so I keep it that way...Each week (except for week 1) there will be, with how many people we have now, 3-5 people eliminated - HOWEVER I have recently added the points side that keep anyone WANTING to stay with the challenge AND Their Supportive Team after "elimination - they are Still Competing for points - STILL helping their teams with weekly #'s (which you'll see more of next week) and Can Still be the winner of the points side!

    The Elimination side will ultimately come down to highest % of weightloss - The points side will ultimately come down to what level of particpation you give it. MOST (NOT ALL) of the time the first 4-5 weeks are mostly dropouts or people that don't complete the week as we go along so anyone completing the weeks requirements usually stays in for awhile. To remain eligible for the points side and to stay with you team once eliminated - you have to be active in the competition, have to weigh in each week and help your team out when you can! I already have 3 or 4 people that are starting with the points only cuz they like the Challenge but 2 are pregnant and 1 doesn't need to lose any weight just tone theirs good company there!

    And it'll ALL make more sense as you see how works! You're Doing an Awesome Job So Far!!!

    Ohhhh and Saturday does not count towards the challenge....Sorry!! Nor does anything after 10 am pst Friday - so you essentially get those 2 days off from the challenge...BUT if you're that person thats killing it even on the days're gonna be that person thats doing even more than most so your weigh ins will often reflect that! WIN WIN! (I have to collect all the data and do the eliminations and create the next weeks challenge and Fridays are my only day I have the time usually so thats why the week runs that way - and gives the Team Leaders a day reprieve from posting everything too)
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    Thank you for the explanation Sheri! I only want to lose 10-15 more pounds, so I may get eliminated becuase it won't come off very fast, but I am glad that I get to still participate! I need something to keep me running until I start marathon training in February. :bigsmile:
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    Tabby - if, as a team, we meet all our targets for the week (and get the most points), we can be the 'safe' team for the week - which means everyone in the team will not be eliminated that week. It's motivation for those who don't have as much to lose to keep up in the hope that their team will be safe that week!


    #1 - Workout

    60 mins treadmill for 474 cals (I now have my 60, 45 and 1x 30 min done)

    #2 - Reps

    None. Sundays and Wednesdays are rep days this week!

    #3 - Stretching

    15 mins done during cali class (just coaching on Tuesdays so not a 'workout')

    #4 - No electronics after 10pm - CHECK

    #5 - 10 mins cleaning up spare room - Not done :cry: Didn't get home until 9:30pm and was exhausted.
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    Oh Yeah!! Thanks Kelly I Forgot that part when I was rambling!!

    I'll be updating the chart here in a bit so let me know if I miss any of your #'s! Thanks!
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    Today I ran for 86 minutes burning 1014 calories. I also stretched post run, and a little later I did a bit more for about 15 minutes. I figured out that if I put my laptop on the floor and I have to bend over to use it I get a little more stretching in! ahahhah
    I also did 100 more core reps today, maybe a bit more later on but I'll post that tomorrow.

    Also, I just wanted to be clear, I usually get my runs in before 10am on Fridays, and since I'm EST I have a bit more time, so those workouts count right? Or is that unfair to everyone in the challenge so I can only count up to Thursday?
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    @kr3851 (Kelly) - now I have 2 Kellys on my team...hmmmmm - good thing I know one of you in person and one is my very first MFP friend!! Or I'd end confused! It doesn't take much!! :noway:

    I was just inputing and saw your post on my organizing fear!! I KNOW if I just spent 10-20 minutes a day it would end up being awesome....ohhhhh but where to begin!!! lol!! Welllll let's see...I'm debating that to be my good and quitting or cutting WAY back on the wine for my bad habit....this would make this the toughest challenge EVER for me and we haven't even mentioned the workout part yet!! :sad: :grumble: :tongue: I'll keep thinking about it!! And are you really complaining about presents??!! :laugh: Who doesn't love presents??!! But I do know that filling up a room with at least some stuff you don't need or won't use is just more we can see!!
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    @Ashley - your runs count on Friday am as long as they are DONE and you've posted here for your time and calories by the 10 am deadline - I have to cut it off somewhere so us West Coasters just have to plan ahead better than you East Coasters ;-) I do do it PST because I know the vast majority of people are ahead of my time zone! The only ones we change a little are those like Kelly that are an entire day ahead so she counts her days so they work within the challenge.

    @tabbydog - Also forgot to answer your other question - I usually do the measurements just at the beginning and end of the challenge but if you want to track your progress mid-way feel free to message me and I'll send you what I got!

    @EVERYONE - though this goes out more to the newbies...when you post your daily stuff can you please put the day at the top cuz if I'm behind in posting its just easier to figure out and make sure I post your progress on the correct day.

    The chart is done to here - so PLEASE check your stuff...cuz I will NEVER claim that I don't make mistakes!!!!

    I have a few questions but I have to run so I'll post them later.

    And How Many Marathoners are on this team?? Seems like a bunch of you are Runners! Hats off to you! I HATE Running!! 'Cept when I did that Zombie Mud Run...That was blast! Though I though my lungs might explode!!!
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    #1. 37 minutes of running = 466 cals plus 28 minutes of T25 CORE CARDIO + stretching = 400 cals
    #2. 150 LOWER BODY REPS
    #3. did 10 minutes of back stretches besides the above stretches
    #4. check on the sugar :happy:
    #4. swept, mopped & vac'd my house
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    Hi fellow dolphins. Sorry been rather MIA so far. My life got knocked on its ear. But I'm here and doing the challenge. I am hoping things settle rather quick.

    Measurements and weigh in was sent in on time.

    here is my data
    Workout 115 min for 573 calories mostly walking
    Reps: 100 each standing calf raises, squats

    Workout: 147 min for 497 calories again mostly walking
    Reps: 100 squats
    Did 10 min varies stretching.

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility - I'd love to be able to set facing a wall with my feet flat against the wall and stretch enough that my fingers are relatively flat against the wall as well. Right now I can just touch the wall. Hope that makes sense.

    #4 Find 5 minutes in the day for me. To do whatever I want to do in that 5 min even if it is just do nothing. I know you are saying come on 5 min you don't have 5 min. Right now no. Cause I don't count working out as me time anymore. My husbands work has made regulations going into effect for those covered it has become a have to do for other reasons. I mean time for me. Be it paint my nails, whatever. 5 min no interruptions no one wanting me or calling me or bugging me. 5 min to just to be. Truly right now I have no time for me. That has to change!!!!

    #5To spend 15 min organizing a day. Before I was married I was so organized it was crazy almost to the point of OCD. Then after married the had to move twice in a matter of months due to husbands work. The second move we had one day to pack up. His family and mine came in to help. So my system got so messed up. Then so much in storage for so long. Well time to try to make sense out of this mess

    Sheri please let me know if 4 & 5 won't work and if there is a question on 3.
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    @DEVLe - Hopefully things are a little more settled now and you can get that house sorted out. I hear you on the '5 mins to myself' - although I do find time most days later in the week, Monday and Tuesday are a b**** for me as I work 8 hrs and have calisthenics practice for 6 hrs (Mondays) and 3 hrs (Tuesdays) and by Wednesday I just feel like 5 mins on the couch is THE BEST. I'm lucky to have the rest of the week to relax a bit, so I can hardly imagine what it's like running around like that all day, every day.

    And Sheri... if you had to choose between a clean/organised house or a glass of wine.... what would you choose? There's your answer for your goals :)
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    wellll that's just dandy! I just finished typing my post about my habit and hobby plus a couple responses to some of you...and when I hit "post reply" my internet went down....well that gives me another day to think about it again....cuz I AM absolutely beat and heading to bed!

    Anyone wanna join me in tossing their computer out the window??!! :grumble: :sad:
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    I did another 15 minutes of stretching working toward my goal last night, plus my 10 minutes of PT stretches. It felt good!

    Sheri, I realize when I see how organized everyone else's posts are I will just post one post to let you know what I have done for the day rather than several posts throughout the day. This post completes yesterday, and beginning today I will put all the info in one post. You shouldn't have to try to follow my rambling mind. :laugh:
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    Tuesday workout:
    30 minutes for 120 calories
    245 of various leg exercises
    10 mins


    @tabbydog - what day are your additional stretches for?

    Please check through and let us know if something is missing or not correct.
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    Additional stretches are for Tuesday. I will post a complete post tomorrow for today's activities. I have looked at the cart and everything is up to date except for the extra 25 minutes of stretching for Tuesday.
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    #1. 30 minutes walk/run 189 calories
    #2. 75 core
    #3. 5 minutes stretching to try and get my head closer to the ground when sitting with legs spread and stretching to my toes
    #4. stop running late and rushing taking kids to school woo hoo, did it.
    #5. Let's clarify/change/tweak this to cleaning/organizing 20 minutes a day.
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    My Wednesday:

    #1 - Workout

    90 min walk (took the long way both ways to the gym) for 400cals burned - I have now completed all 4 workouts

    #2 - Reps

    30 Chest press
    30 Shoulder Press
    30 Chest Fly
    30 Bicep Curl
    30 Tricep Extension
    30 Seated Row
    30 Lat Pulldown

    210 total (420 done for week)

    #3 Stretching

    Did a few minutes once I got to the gym and about 10 minutes after my strength workout.

    #4 No electronics after 10pm - failed at that one... Candy Crush sucked me in :)

    #5 Cleaning/organizing spare room - failed at that one too. Lucky these don't count until next week.

    I also weigh in on Mondays so this week am down to 238.7lbs. I'm not sure what I was on the first weigh-in, because I usually weigh in kg, but I'm down almost 2kg so that's gotta be a buttload in lbs. Go me! (Well... go Sheri for this challenge and making me think that I don't wanna stuff up the weigh in by stuffing my face)
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    #1. Walking for 49 minutes = 377 cals
    #2. 150 Lower Body Reps
    #3. Did 5+ minutes of back stretches
    #4. LOW sugar (my goal was LOW to NO sugar!:wink: ) I ate a few peanut m&m's!
    #5. Did some cleaning & arranging (IS this 20 minute EVERY day or per week?)
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    Hey Dolphins sorry I've been kind of MIA this week... Had the stomach flu Sunday into late Monday and am still a bit nauseous but getting back into my routines...

    Did accomplish stretching... Totally needed it after being bedridden for so long this was more a continuous effort throughout the day about two minutes at a time

    Workout walked 30 minutes at a slow speed to burn 102 calories
    Spent more time stretching again throughout the day as this was my first day fully back out of bed and I was locked up tight!

    Workout walked 30 minutes again at a slow speed to burn 102 calories
    Back stretching for two minutes

    For 4 & 5 I'm going to work on finding lower calorie snack options and to read one non- school book a day for at least thirty minutes... Have to find time to finish Game of Thrones before I start watching the show and want to be caught up for the new season in January and am only on book 2 of 5!
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    Oops forgot about reps!

    Lower body this week
    50 calf rises
    50 knee lifts
    50 squats
    150 total

    Oh and just reread the flexibility thing with stretching so I am going to just focus on stretching out my back so that I can touch my toes comfortably both while standing and while sitting
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    Sorry. I did get my workout in early this morning. Good thing I spent the rest of the morning and day really in Dr offices and the hospital. I will post everything tomorrow just to tried.

    But I'm here and working out.