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    Your two-hour number is exactly what you want to see! Your peak (1 hour number) is a little high, but your fasting number is also a little high so that is to be expected. Eventually, your goal is to be under 140 (the magic danger number) at peak but that will come as you gather more information and make the necessary adjustments.

    You may find that your body responds differently to the same amount of carbs at different times of the day. Personally, my insulin resistance is highest in the morning, so I need to be very very low carb for breakfast (5- 10 grams total carbs, not even net carbs) I can eat quite a few more for dinner though without going over my goals though.

    Those meters are extremely helpful and it's wonderful that you've discovered the most valuable tool in your arsenal!
    ************************************************************* my doctor has never mention this and my diabetic specialist has never mention it eithers thankful to have met you guys.
    140 is what I should be aiming for at my 1 hour testing?
    Thanks I feel like I may get control of this
  • You've really accomplished a lot in just one week! As you continue to test your blood sugar and keep track of carbohydrate intake, you'll start to notice trends. For example, your blood sugar may go higher after a meal when you eat more carbohdyrate, or eat a specific food. Or you may notice that your blood sugar comes down more on a day when you get more physical activity. The trends will help you figure out what really works best for you. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Thanks Lynn......I have not been hungry nor have I had any cravens So so far so good.. anxious to see what my 5 Pm reading is.Will post the result for the day then.
    marie Dallas Texas
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    Blood sugar this morning was 154 an hour later 212 waiting for my two hour at 10 AM hope it is better I am kind of put out on my readings This morning.
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    Breakfast was ...154
    1 hor later was...212
    @ hours later ....179
    Way off track.

    Breakfast Calories Fiber Carbs Sodium Protein Chol
    Baby Cuties - Clementines, 1 clementines 40 2 9 0 1 0 
    Eggs - Whole, raw, 2 large 147 0 1 140 13 423 
    Oroweat Multi-grain Sandwich Thins - Flat Round Bread Bun, 1 ROLL 100 5 23 170 4 0 
    Emerald Laboratories Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin Ceertified Organic Coconut Oil, 0.33 T. 42 0 0 0 0 0 
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    From MFP

    329 7 33 310 18 423
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    Now you've done the testing and are getting valuable information, so it's time to move on to reviewing and adjusting

    Your meter is telling you that Friday's menu, based on your FBG this morning, was too high in carbs. What were your testing results after your dinner on Friday? Legumes like black-eyed peas and other beans can be tricky for a diabetic. They sound SO healthy, but your meter is disagreeing. I'm a southern girl and I love love love beans....lentils, field peas, navy beans, Northern beans. LOVE! According to my meter, I can't eat 3/4 of a cup, so I get my bean fix by sprinkling a tablesppon of so (yes, that's an extremely small amount) on my salads.

    Carrots are also a vegetable that may need to be severely restricted or eliminated from your diet. And you had no fats at dinner to help balance the 47 carbs (34 net carbs) In fact, I noticed that you aren't tracking fat at all. You may want to start. Eliminate tracking cholesterol, as dietary cholesterol doesn't have the impact on serum cholesterol that it was once thought and add a column for fat. Fat is the only macro that doesn't affect blood glucose. It is your friend.

    High fat. Moderate protein, because excessive protein does convert to glucose. Low carb. Figuring out the actual percentages is up to you ... and your meter.

    Moving on to breakfast this morning and those results. Clementines and other citrus fruits are another tricky spot and you'll need to rely on your meter for information. I had to eliminate citrus. Yes, it made me sad as I used to live for the end of November and those cute crates of clementines. My meter said "Nope" and I had to listen. Fruits now are berries and the occasional 1/2 apple (and a small apple to boot... no monster Honey Crisps). Melons can also be tricky, so pay attention to your meter if you decide to try them.

    That "healthy" multi-grain thin flat may be (is) another issue at 23 carbs (18 net) You can try 1/2 of one, or look for a substitute like a Muffin in a Minute-MIM- ( or even using lettuce leaves as a wrap. I had a turkey burger last night wrapped in a lettuce "bun" and it was delicious. My husband is a Sicilian who insisted you could pry his bread from his cold, dead hands and he likes lettuce buns now. Not grudgingly accepts them, but actually LIKES them. Tastes can change. He also happily eats julienned zucchini or spaghetti squash instead of pasta now. Huge change for him...HUGE. I'm still working on an acceptable-to-a Sicilian pizza, but I haven't given up yet :-)

    If the thought of giving up the grains is just too much for you and you're not interested in making your own cloud bread ( or MIM, look for a commerical bread with better macros. I don't have a lot of suggestions because I did give up grains completely, but I know Joseph's (available at walmart) makes wraps and pitas that are lower-carb and higher fiber.

    Test. Review. Adjust
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    Thanks KDIPIAZZ I was really impress with you post to me. Thanks so much.
    I will try some of those recipes on that link you sent me I also been reading some of your dairy to get ideals too.
    I got to say you look fabulous. I think I might be getting organized somewhat. I will be posting my dairy and writing in the notes my hourly testing. and not have it scatter everywhere It will be easier to compare too. You are a sweetie to help this old lady Be back after dinner and hopefully stay awake to do my extra testing.
    Hugs Marie
  • Everyone has days where things don't work out the way we want. We can learn from this by thinking about what might have led to higher blood sugar numbers: less sleep, poor quality sleep, increased stress, illness, less activity, or consuming more carbohydrate are possibilities. I hope the rest of your day improves! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    fasting G 80

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    You're doing great Marie!:wink:
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    Thanks hduby. I think I just might be on to something here. Thanks to this bunch. I have got my ooals listed on my food chart But I am open for suggestion on them.
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    Marie, From your latest numbers it looks like you're doing great! Keep it inspire me! :drinker:
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    Today's Food Notes

    Edit Note

    dinner 67
    it said in five weeks my weight will be down to 193.9 I hope it is more than that.
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    good morning gang,
    nice WI this morning loss 2.2 blood sugar 13 was up some 138.
    husband gone to the doctor are just a check up and me some me time.
    Eating left over for lunch so no problem there. tonight is up for grab.
    Plan on some sewing this morning along with getting my laundry done.
    this Low carbing it is agreeing with me..
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  • It's fantastic that you're feeling so good about the changes you're making! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Good morning,
    beautiful day out side today. I slept till 10 AM. . Been on the computer and no breakfast yet. I guess I will have brunch and dinner later. It is For brunch it will be 2 poach eggs with pat of butter . slice of cheese and 1/2 c canned tomatoes.
    or my dinner I will have grilled chicken and need to check the freezer to see what kind o veggies I will have,

    Things have been Rollin along pretty good for me since I have been watching my carbs.

    Thanks lynn
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    My menu for today
    ot up late so had brunch
    Brunch ... 2 fried eggs 1 slice of cheese , 1/2 c cole slaw, 1 tsp. of coconut oil and 1 tsp. of olive oil 1 c of coffee , 1 glass of powder orange juice mix with water Great value brand

    Snack....1/3 c greek yogurt, 1/3 c great value cherry pie filling with splenda

    Dinner.... grilled chicken. with 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp. of olives oil, 1 cup of glory mixed greens. 1 c of Cole slaw. Diet Dr. Pepper I took a chicken breast flatten it out salt and pepper it and cook it in the oil and butter The best chicken I have ever eaten. Cooked my husband one too but he had Mac and cheese with his

    Blood sugar for today
  • I like reading your posts Marie and hearing about your success! ~Lynn /Glucerna