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    This has been a fascinating thread to read. Marie, you are doing so well! Congratulations!

    Time for me to get serious about carb counting again...I haven't been very consistant with it since before Christmas *shame on me*
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    Welcome :heart: polarsjewel
    994458so4ceb6k9e.gif ...........................hope you drop in quite often and tell us how you are doing. I have struggle with my hi and low blood sugar for over 20 years. My doctor is just not helping me get mine in control. I think it is really up to us to get the hang of this darn carb business, I am not please with the way my body is handling my crabs' I think it is up to us to make the best of it. The girls here are so helpful in there knowledge. I am overwhelm with their help my doctor is please with my numbers today on my A1cAt 6.7 but I would like to get it in the 5's by the time I go in again to see her.

    :heart: Thanks retiree. You have been such a nice friends hugs

    girlwithapret Thanks for emailing the mfp chart to me sounds pretty good plan. I am trying to eat 1 carb a day I am not eating any starches carbs yet though. If I eat a good serving of veggies I should get enough cobra. I am also trying to eat Gluten free. All of this is a new way of eating for me and know I will goof up some of the time I have been readin The South Beach gluten free book. and learning a lot.
  • Congrats on your A1C! I am currently at 7.8 and my doctor wants me below 7 by mid-March. This seems like a daunting task to me but I am trying.

    My fasting today was 111. I just finished logging my food and had around 100 carbs, but only has 12 sugars out of 25. I find that an accomplishment. I use to weigh myself daily but am aiming for once a week now so it is not so discouraging.
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    Congrats on your A1C! I am currently at 7.8 and my doctor wants me below 7 by mid-March. This seems like a daunting task to me but I am trying.

    My fasting today was 111. I just finished logging my food and had around 100 carbs, but only has 12 sugars out of 25. I find that an accomplishment. I use to weigh myself daily but am aiming for once a week now so it is not so discouraging.

    that sounds like a swell ideal. but I just can't stay off of the scale. your fasting sugar was really great This Morning.
  • I won't lie, I am finding it really hard to not step on the scale :) But I have been yo-yoing with good food/bad food lately and have slacked on working out, so I'd probably just be discouraged if I stepped on!
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    Hey girl with a pretty smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :heart: :drinker: :heart:
    good morning to you. Woke up to a chilly day here.
    great day though because I am going to make it be so......... That's means a good mindful eating day Good low carb eating all day long.:heart::drinker: :heart: : and lots of :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
    By the way I have invited A friend over to tell us some on mindful eating. She is not a diabetic but she lost over 100 lbs. in a year not to sure about the total amount of weight but she done a heck of a job And I admire her so much.
    Do any of you have something on the subject to share:heart:


    My blood sugar was 100 this morning, so off to a good start. having eggs over a bed of Kale for breakfast with a slice of cheese and coffee

    Hope you hear from all of you dear ones today

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    Hello all - I do not have Type 2 Diabetes but one of my best pals--Marie--asked me to post something on Mindful Eating. I hope you find something helpful in this post. Managing everything associated with food and eating habits is challenge no matter what you weight or medical here goes.

    I was asked to share a bit of information on eating mindfully. None of this is original---I am reading a book “eating mindfully” by Susan Albers (second edition) and I’ll share a bit of what she has to say. I really like the book because you can just read a few pages at a time and takeaway something helpful. She also realizes you aren’t going to just read and zap---you’ll be 100% changed. For me, I’m working on it but realize I’m definitely not there yet.


    So if you do read the book, please be very discriminating and personalize this to you and only you!!

    The point for me is to shed my old habits for new healthier ones. I hope this is helpful and not too much.

    So here goes (directly from the book)………….

    The main message to keep I mind while you read on in that the key to changing the way you eat is not to develop discipline over your fork but to master control of your mind. You can do this by studying and understanding your thinking patterns, emotional moods, and various appetites, instead of allowing your old, habitual thought to be in control.

    Being aware of how you eat.
    Knowing your hunger and fullness cues.
    Sensing and savoring food---truly tasting it.
    Paying attention to the process of eating—for instance, noticing your hand picking up your fork.
    Understanding your emotional triggers—the feelings that urge you to eat or not eat.
    Eating to nourish your body and meet your hunger accurately.
    Adopting a mindful mind-set, one in which you don’t judge yourself.
    Being present and aware of your appetite as it changes.
    Having a conscious awareness of your food choices.
    Being alert and observant of how you think about food.
    Letting go of critical thoughts.
    Diligently heeding pre- and post-eating feelings.
    Acknowledging food what it is rather than categorizing it as good or bad.
    Demonstrating compassion toward self and others.
    Accepting self and body as they are.

    Eating triggered by emotional rather than physical hunger.
    Eating routinely—done in habitual ways.
    Multitasking while eating (watching TV, driving, or talking while consuming food).
    Grazing on food.
    Skipping breakfast or other meals.
    Ignoring hunger and body cures (for example, a rumbling stomach or low energy).
    Continuing to eat despite feeling full.
    Eating everything on your plate regardless of the portion size, a.k.a. being a member of the Clean Plate Club.
    Following the motto “Live to Eat” rather than “Eat to Live.”
    Eating for comfort.
    Eating as if in a trance.
    Believing that you have little or no control.
    Allowing the shoulds and shouldn’ts to dominate food consumption.

    End of book excerpt............I wish everyone all the best and healthiest life possible. I love MFP and the great friends I've made here. It's made a difference in my life. Marie----let me know if there's anything else I can do.

    Hugs to all.

    Lin in Central Iowa (AKA the ice box)

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    Good morning all!

    My fasting was 8.2 (123) this morning. I am in Canada, so my measurements are different then yours. Thank you for the lovely welcome Marie :heart:

    I had 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese and my coffee with cream for breakfast. An hour later I decided I was still hungry so went and got a bagel from starbucks. Probably the worst choice I could have made. It left me with 17 calories for dinner. I don't usually eat my exercise calories back.

    Feel free to look at my diary, I believe it is public, or public to friends...If it isn't, let me know and I will change it!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

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    Thanks Lin. That was extremely nice of you. You are so witty. I am sure the girls will love will get some help. I know I will:heart:

    jewel good reading this morning Keep it up My computer mess up this morning And My daughter drove out to fix it. 50 miles away. So sweet of her.. it time for me to take my blood sugar reading and have lunch.

    See '
    Marie ya
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    Just to clarify the book is

    "eating mindfully" by Susan Albers, Second Edition

    (I am showing you the title just as it appears on the book.)

    Publisher is New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

    Copyright 2012

    ISBN 978-1-60882-330-7 (this is for the paper edition)


    Lin :flowerforyou:
  • What a positive group this is! I'm not hearing any whining or complaining but rather a whole bunch of positive messages. Of course changing eating habits and food choices isn't easy, but you're all doing it and that's great to hear. Lin, I'm glad you brought up the Albers' book on mindful eating and described mindful eating so well. I encourage everyone, even if they don't have diabetes or other health issues, to eat more mindfully. One of my favorite resources is and the author, Michele May, also has a section and book specifically for people with diabetes. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and experiences with mindful eating as well. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    My computer is down. O I ont be on here till it I fixed excepc for shorts notes keep up the good work. Mrie
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    Good morning everyone

    Had a really rough self esteem day yesterday. Turns out that one should not go clothes shopping with their fitness instructor friend and runner friend. Holy bruised ego! Today, I am still feeling a little sensitive.

    BUT! On a positive note, my fasting sugars this morning were 6.6 or 99!! I am incredibly pleased with that reading!!

    Breakfast is 3 eggs, scrambled
    1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese

    Lunch is Homemade Tomato Vegetable Soup, more cheese and some carrots

    Not sure yet what dinner will be...

    I'll check back in with you later today

  • I like the way you're finding the positives in your day Jewel! It's really difficult to go clothes shopping and not compare ourself to every other woman in the store, isn't it? I hope you found some clothes that feel good to you. When we feel good, we look good! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Hi. This I pad is rough on me

    I am reading the post got to keep up with you guys

    I had a good Eating day

    I. Can't see the post without my magnifying glass and having terrible time typing on this darn. Thing
  • I am curious, for those of you who are diabetic and log food, what do you set your carb macro to? I have toyed with lowering mine below the ADA recommend 180g, but I am really not sure. When I started going to my diabetic educator she told me I didn't have to count carbs anymore or log my food, I just had to eat better. Well... What can I say... I eat better logging! I have used the following site to determine my TDEE, set it to losing weight recklessly and have now set my macro's accordingly as it always seems I am running out of carbs by dinner (darn peanut butter!)

    IIFYM [dot] com:

    So for those who are macro-know-how's, does this look okay?

    TDEE is 2215, to lose recklessly (25%) daily calories are 1662 (BMR is 1611). I chose the Low Carb option (Ironic it gave me more carbs than the IIFYM recommended plan) and got fat 35% (65g), carbs 25% (104g), protein 40% (166g). 166g protein seems way more obtainable than the 272g something or other my diary was showing pre-macro change, and it seems like I can actually eat now because I have some more carbs to play around with, while still being 'low carb'/below the 180g cookie cutter recommendaton :) Thoughts? Opinions?
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    I say try it out, see how you feel and how you blood glucose levels do. That is still higher than some low carb diets floating around out there, I have mine set at 180.
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    I am curious, for those of you who are diabetic and log food, what do you set your carb macro to?

    A low carb/moderate protein/high fat diet works best for me. My macros are set to 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carb. Too much protein will convert to glucose, albeit at a much slower rate than carbs.
    These macros allow me to have tight control of glucose levels (A1c 5.1, FBG 70-95, PP 80-120) with no medications and a nice lipid panel
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    Hi GWAPS, my carb count is set to 186g per day by MFP. I believe my diary is open, and I rarely go that high. I try to keep it in the 100 120 range. My problem is that I don't get enough protein, so you will see LOTS of cheese in my diary. I believe it is set to public or public for friends only.

    I had more wine yesterday than I did was just one of those nights :)

    My fasting sugar this morning was 7.4 or 111

    We are having pancakes and sausage this morning for breakfast, and then I am making a birthday cake for my best friend for her birthday party tonight. There will be lots of yummy snacks and yes, there will be more wine.

    Hope everyone has a great day...see y'all later!

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    Hello, sweet to see you're. Guys posting
    I am still reading your posting and enjoy ing see your views on carbs,
    I know so little about

    Keep it up.