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  • Sydney: awesome job I'd be stocked with a 1kg loss :)

    Mungi: rest assured you're not the only one! I'm a social worker and I speak to families everyday with children with multiple diagnosis and difficulty managing meds (the anti psychotics really suck and so often cause the appetite/weight issues). I hope he grows out of most of the symptoms. Have you been linked with any support for yourself or has your son been linked with a behavioral psychologist? I've heard good things about them, they work with the child but can also give strategies to the parents :)
    Sorry for being nosy and feel free to tell me to mind my own business! but like I said it's my job, I'm a family support intake worker and totally nerd out over things like this.
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    Hi all,
    Well it was my first day back at work after two weeks holidays and I'm totally pooped. Was hoping yo go for a walk tonight but there was no way my legs were going anywhere. Plus it was back to the usual after work and school routine.

    Mungo say as much as you wish, better to let it out.

    Dspen well done on the workout, that's fantastic.

    Sami best of luck with the scans

    Sydneybeachgirl congrats on the triathlon. That's great news!!

    Candi I'll be waiting for the update on the pump class.

    Have a great day tomorrow.

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    Hey everyone, welcome to the week! I had a great weekend with my family visiting - totally overdid the drinking, so was really seedy yesterday. Spent a lot of time lying around feeling that terrible drinker's remorse. I hit most of my exercise and nutrition goals for the week, so pretty happy about that.

    I won't be weighing or measuring weekly, because I am on such a small deficit that week to week losses will be minimal / non-existent!

    Goals for this week:
    Same as last week - 100 g protein per day; half-marathon training; Bodyweight strength training x 3.

    I will be checking in daily to see how everyone is going!

    Good luck with your goals for the week!
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    Sydney: awesome job I'd be stocked with a 1kg loss :)

    Mungi: rest assured you're not the only one! I'm a social worker and I speak to families everyday with children with multiple diagnosis and difficulty managing meds (the anti psychotics really suck and so often cause the appetite/weight issues). I hope he grows out of most of the symptoms. Have you been linked with any support for yourself or has your son been linked with a behavioral psychologist? I've heard good things about them, they work with the child but can also give strategies to the parents :)
    Sorry for being nosy and feel free to tell me to mind my own business! but like I said it's my job, I'm a family support intake worker and totally nerd out over things like this.

    I don't mind your interest at all candi. He was seeing a psychologist for a while, as was I, she resigned her position about a year ago and unfortunately hasn't been replaced yet ~ such is life in a small country town. Admittedly I wasn't too impressed with her, she was a bit young and inexperienced and I also found her somewhat condescending which didn't help much. I also went to a Family support service in Tamworth but they couldn't really help a lot because we live out of their area ~ all they could offer were parenting courses ~ which I've already done and most of these are for `normal` children and don't really account for the totally out there behaviour of special children. Apart from that I have the local school counsellor who has known my son since he was in kindergarten ~ I do go and see her every now and then to touch base, talk out strategies etc ~ but that`s pretty much all that's available here.
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    Skim, the 'Fitness Blender' folks have a ton of videos on youtube that my husband and I do some of...so I went to their website - fitnessblender.com
    On there, they sell (for just $9.99) a 'plan' for daily workouts that is supposed to be a calculated mix of cardio, strength, flexibility, etc - instead of just searching through their many youtube videos and picking at random every day. The plan wasn't absolutely necessary, but it *is* convenient, was cheap enough, and I *like* having a well-laid-out plan! The workouts are very varied, and they are really taxing...which is nice because I was getting too comfortable with Jillian Michaels and Leslie Sansone; I needed a change!

    I'm off to do today's workout now!

    ...forgot to mention - I like the fitnessblender folks 'cause it's just a husband and wife who make these videos in their garage. They are both trained in fitness and provide the videos because they saw a need!
  • Woo! did it! got up at 5:30am and toddled off to pump :)
  • michable
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    High 5 for Candirose! Good one!

    I did my interval run at 5:30am, I've had a big protein breakfast, so things are looking good for the week!
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    Well this is more like week one for me, but I'll call it week two to be consistent with everyone else.

    The week has started off well, I didn't do a whole lot over the weekend, just some outings with the kids and a bit of walking... but seeing as I rode 169kms on Friday I'm gonna cut myself some slack. :bigsmile:

    This week is pretty well on track, gym sessions as planned Monday and Tuesday, missed my ride today but that's not a big problem. I'm happy to focus on the lifting this week as I had some time off leading up to my big ride and should give myself a week to get back into it.

    Weight is already a bit down, though I'm going to assume this is getting rid of some retained water. Back to a more reasonable 78.1 this morning. I will aim for a .5kg loss per week over the next 12 weeks.
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    Glad to be back after 6 days in New Zealand. I was positive that I would have had a huge weight increase after living off a lot of junk food and sweets while over there, so imagine my surprise to be down .9kgs!! I think that it's all the walking that was done during the last part of the trip. Looking forward to a nice home cooked meal today and getting back on track with my normal exercise routine as of tomorrow.
    It was lovely having a read through and catching up on how everyone's been.
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    Hiya everyone,

    I'm only going to be weighing in monthly, as I'm finding I'm at a place where I'm just not losing much quickly anymore, even though I still have quite a lot to lose. When I started on mfp, I decided that this time I was going to lose weight as cheaply as possible - by this I mean without spending lots of money on gym memberships I didn't end up using etc. as I've done this a lot in he past. I'm now finding tho that I probably do need to do something extra to start toning up so I'm going to look into group fitness classes and am hoping to do at least one a week. I have been exercising, nearly every day, but it just doesn't seem enough anymore.

    I've had a mixed week goal-wise. Had too many days when I went overboard on snacks and junk, esp. Australia Day so I still have to work at that, though I have pretty much met my exercise goal of some form of activity for at least half hour / day.

    Oh, and cake - I have been craving cake for at least a week, and the stuff is just everywhere I go at the moment. Have managed to resist so far, but it's killing me lol. Of course, I don't think watching the great British bake-off on tv on the weekend cos I was bored helped much lol. :laugh:

    Glad that everyone is doing well - great job Candi for going to a pump class at 5.30 - I am not a morning person, though I am trying to train myself to get up earlier even on my late-shift days so I can go for a walk before work, though if haven't had much success yet.

    Also glad that things are getting sorted for your son Mungo, I sometimes work with challenging children, so I can't imagine how hard it is for you. I really hope things settle for you both soon and you get he support you need.

    Take care everyone, and good luck for meeting those goals, you're all doing so great!
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    Well done candi, I know how hard it can be to get up for an early class.

    Mungo, that sounds very promising for you and your son.

    I am VERY tired today so not sure what exercise I'll manage and I am experimenting with my micronutrients as well. Should be an interesting week :ohwell:
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    Well done Candi on getting up early :) And to everyone else out there that has been too!!! I was up at 4:30am yesterday, left home by 5am to start my run at 5:30am - I find it easier to run on base because I feel safe and not rushed. I then shower at work and eat breakfast at my desk while I clear through my emails and plan out my day. I didn't run this morning because I woke up feeling so sick throughout the night. No idea what it's from but I just remember asking my husband to make it go away. I'm feeling a bit better now and plan on gymming this afternoon - just my back & biceps strength routine for today.

    A couple of questions for people who are doing strength programs:
    Have you had one done up by a PT or have you made up your own?
    Do you do a whole body routine or split it into different body parts (legs, chest & tris etc)?
    How often does your program change? Or do you keep doing the same one each week?
    How do you mix your cardio and strength training? And if you do both in the same session, which one do you do first and why?

    I doubt peoples answers will change what I'm doing with my personal programs, but I'm just curious is all :)

    Mungo that really sucks to hear about the limited availability of help in your area. Glad to hear things are getting better though. I hope it keeps improving!!

    Tansy have you thought about maybe looking at gym classes at your local PCYC? I'm considering joining mine in Ipswich, which comes at a cost of $30/year for membership, and $9/week (no contracts) to utilise the gym and group fitness classes. I'm loving my own personal programs I've downloaded off the net, but want to start up pilates and yoga through the PCYC. Seems a lot more reasonable to me! I know that each place will vary on what they offer in the way of classes but worth having a look at I guess. I love group fitness classes because I don't have to think about what I need to do - someone tells me and I just need to focus on technique :) I really lack creativity when it comes to workouts. The other thing I find is I'll push myself harder in a group, because I'm an extremely competitive person.

    Rayman I've never ridden more than 33km - well done!! Are you a seasoned cyclist? I'm still very much a newbie and only started because of triathlons (a horrible word to cyclists but oh well :D)

    Happy Hump Day Everyone!
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    No Broncos, I've actually only been riding for about three months now... guess I'm a natural at it :)

    Tri's are not a dirty word to me, I'd actually really like to do one (kind of a bucket list thing). I'm building up to running, working on a muscle imbalance, I have really weak medial glutes which alters my gait and gives me terrible knee pain when running. Once I get that under control I'll start running again and do some work in the pool (my biggest weakness).
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    Hi everyone! What a busy day, I've been up since 4:35 and SO tired, going to bed soon, but really glad to see you all here and checking in :smile:

    Krissy - well done on the weight loss and also the triathlon!! Amazing! I have never done (and don't intend to) but you must be pretty fit to do it - good for you.

    Danielle - it's so hard during the day when you get busy and forget to eat or don't have the time, maybe take snacks that are easy to eat between classes instead of actual lunch? Sounds like a fantastic circuit!!! Good work being motivated to exercise at home, you are becoming a new you.

    Emma - I didn't watch the whole thing, but it's really good that you are looking for things that you can copy. Hope you are enjoying Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle!

    Robin - I'm glad you have a diagnosis, hopefully things will settle down for you soon. Candi has some good questions there...

    Candi, congrats on doing Pump this morning, I did look for it on your feed and I saw it there - was very proud of you for going :smile:

    Lou - it's such a punish going back to work after a break - I'm feeling it and this is my THIRD week back but I can't seem to get back into my routine just yet. Might take another week..

    Michele - good goals, you are so right, when you are close to goal there isn't much week to week change in the scales but you are right on track. I think most of us overdid the long weekend, so you aren't alone there either. Great work on the early run too.

    Thanks Pam, I suppose I could have googled that myself!! Good to know it's something that challenges you and it's not super expensive, go for it!

    Hi Ray, yeah, I wrote off week 1 altogether - so week 2 for everyone it is! Welcome! That is a lot of riding - you and SydneyBeachGirl (Krissy) can compare riding notes. I'm flat out doing 22km in a spin class.

    Nelle - AWESOME! A holiday and a loss on the scales - what???? Fabulous effort - congrats!!

    Tansy, I also started with high hopes, but in the end lost my weight at 2-3kg a month and you know what - that was fine. I didn't feel like I was really depriving myself of anything, I still had wine on weekends and went out for dinner. It's got to be something that you can maintain long term and in time, changes just happen that you stick with. I did join the gym and did weights from day 1 - and I'm sure that helped my body along the way, but we all have to do what fits in with our life. Australia Day and days like it happen, that's fine, just don't let the whole week slide down the same slope.

    Helen, I'm tired too - just trying to go to bed early and power through.

    Mel - Ideally, I do a 4 day split. Monday Chest/triceps; Tuesday Legs/shoulders; Thursday Back/Biceps; Saturday Full Body.
    Wednesday Spin and HIIT 2 other days, also walk an hour to/from work Monday-Friday.
    I've done weights now on and off for about 15 years, so I have a pretty good idea around, but I started with a new PT at the end of last year and she is really into lifting heavy and made a new programme up for me. I had to modify it slightly due to time constraints. I love doing my weights, can't ever see myself giving it up again. I am aiming to switch things up every 12 weeks.

    Right - I'm off to bed!!! See you all tomorrow!!
  • Robin, thanks for sharing, I think it really helps with others understanding when we share our experiences. It is trickier when you are in the country to find services but its fantastic that you travel to take him to Tamworth. I work in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne and some parents gripe about the 40 minute travel to the RCH.

    Today I think I did all my goals...netted under 1400, didnt eat bikies, 10,000 steps, pump class, walked to work...
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    For those of you who wanted to see what Claude looks like, this is him (I'm now certain he is a him). For those who don't know, Claude is a kitten living wild in my yard that I am trying to tame. He is getting braver :smile:

    PS: Happy to say I pushed past the tiredness to climb 30 flights and do my 10,000 steps which is my acceptable minimum :yawn:
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    Yay Candi...thanks for being an inspiring example!

    I :heart: Claude!!!
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    I'm loving Claude :heart:
  • Tansy98
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    Hi again,

    Broncosbabe: we have PCYCs here (WA) but their activities are mainly only for kids - there is one round the corner from me but the gym there is owned by the local council and they charge pretty heavily (last time we went about 2 years ago it was over $10 for a casual visit), though they are the only ones close to me that offer group training so I might go once a week till I'm ready to commit. I'm trying to rope my oldest daughter into going with me because she needs to increase her fitness (she wants to apply for police recruits in about a years' time) but she is stubborn, so I might be going it alone.

    Skim, I'm not too bothered about the slow weight loss - it would be nice to see the scales move a bit quicker, but I've finally figured out there really is no quick fix. And I also figure that hey, it took me a good 20 years to reach this weight, if it takes me even 5 or more to lose it, so be it - as long as it never goes up again!

    Helen, Claude is a cutie - what pretty colours. I'm sure your patience with him will be rewarded with lots of cuddles down the track, when he is ready. Our little waif that we took in, Chrissy, is a lot more cuddly than any of our other cats have ever been - it's like she knows we have helped her and she's grateful for it.

    Best wishes for a great week everyone! :flowerforyou:
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    Hi All! Seems like everyone is doing so well! Go team!

    My tummy troubles are finally over with (yakult ftw!). I was down 800g of bloat yesterday, did another quick weigh in today and I'm down another 500g. No wonder I've been feeling so terrible.

    Now that I'm not feeling so sluggish, I'm thinking of doing a trial with Fernwood. Out of all the local gyms, this seems like the only one at a half decent price, with classes that run at good times (woo, pump!). I've yet to go in and have a look at the rest, but I'm thinking this is the one. My only problem is that I'm not into that "girl power" stuff (Spice Girls anyone?). Has any one had any experience with Fernwood?
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