Tattoos & piercings

Do you have them? :smile:
Do you love them? :heart:
Hate them? :explode:
Thoughts? :tongue:



  • DimplesInProgress
    DimplesInProgress Posts: 149 Member
    Ill go first,

    I have 9 tattoos and 11 piercings... Each tattoo has a special meaning to me. From the first one that i designed with my brother, to the most recent one that is still in progress.
  • If I knew how to post pictures I would. Lol :)
  • cggrlsteph
    cggrlsteph Posts: 36 Member
    I have 9 total... lots pending lol
    1. anklet of flowers on my right ankle, I got as soon as I got back from bootcamp
    2. Good ol' tramp stamp, tribal piece that goes across my lower back
    3. Yellow ribbon, for all my military brothers and sisters
    4 &5. Top of feet one says "Love is Patient" other says "Love is kind"
    6. Left shoulder with flowers and a blue butterfly with "Madison" on the bottom (for my daughter)
    7. Two sparrows on my back shoulder blades holding a banner that says "Forever Love" as sparrows only mate with one bird their whole life, if they ever get separated from each other, they will spend their lives looking for each other. It reminds me, that special lady is out there, we are just looking for each other right now.
    8. Left forearm, big heart with tulips around it with "MOM" on a banner.... obviously for my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor
    9. Left lower arm (opposite of my mom tattoo) an arrow with rainbow feathers with "follow your arrow" written around in. This was my coming out tattoo... and reminds me that I just need to be me....great song if you haven't heard it

    I am finishing up my left arm... sugar skull with roses and adding flowers around my daughters tattoo, pretty much closing the gaps to sleeve it out.
    My right arm will be a mermaid sleeve, which will be my gift to myself once I get goal weight.
    And I want calve tattoos, one an anchor and the other a compass. Grounded, but still able to find my way type thing as we all are a work in progress

    Piercings: my lower three holes in my ears, then one on the top and my nose... took out the others years agoooo
  • ThePinkPanda
    ThePinkPanda Posts: 208 Member
    i don't have any tattoos... yet. but i have a few piercings. nothing exciting. 5 holes in each ear plus a cartilage piercing in one. thinking about getting an industrial as well. then i have a lip piercing. you can see them in my pics.

    My girlfriend is a big fan of the lip ring :wink: haha. i personally really dig body art
  • cserg1
    cserg1 Posts: 8
    Do ear piercings count :P?

    I got them last year, decided that if I was going to do something "crazy" better be before my 30s.
    I want to get a tattoo, but still haven't decided on what or where - I'm a "gamer" but I'm afraid a gaming related tattoo will end up looking silly in a few years.

    Oh and I had a lip piercing a few years ago but it closed :\ one day after a few hours of taking it off for "reasons".
  • MartialPanda
    MartialPanda Posts: 919 Member
    I have 1 tattoo and several peircings. Nothing crazy though.

    1 upper back tattoo for my aunt and grandmother that passed

    and piercings because I'M AN ADULT! I can't wear most of them though because of MMA so.........that's sad.

    Getting another tattoo soon though!
  • Chelsea_O
    Chelsea_O Posts: 45 Member
    I don't have any tattoos, but I think they're so sexy! Tattoos are a definite turn-on for me as long as they're well done and not.... in the case of my ex, another girl's name lol
  • SquidVonBob
    SquidVonBob Posts: 290 Member
    I'm super vanilla.
    No tattoos (not allowed for Jews) and basic one hole ear piercings. Maybe it's because of my art background but I'm SUPER picky when it comes to finding tattoos attractive. But don't get me wrong, I've seen absolutely gorgeous ones!
  • MrsCJYoungblood
    MrsCJYoungblood Posts: 5 Member
    I have 7 tattoos as of today. I also have 8 piercings

    1.I have "Angel" in my handwriting, when I turned 21 on my upper right shoulder blade...but I recently started a cover up on it. I now have and Angel and Devil pin up style swallow with my "Angel" on covering my old tattoo. Eventually (next month) it will have flames behind the devil one and clouds on the angel one to complete the piece.
    2. I then got "Angel" on the base of my neck and "Love" on my left upper chest in Kanji with 4-30-08 underneath the "Love" one for personal reasons.
    3. I have an eternity circle on left forearm with the words “Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live” making the circle.
    4. Then on my right forearm I have an EKG line that leads into a heart and then into the word Believe.
    5. I have the ICT Roller Girls logo with my derby name and number on my right arm. I got this one because regardless of what happens in my life, I am grateful to this league for bringing me back to sanity and I am very proud to say I am part of this league.
    6. I also have a partial upper sleeve with rainbow stars and stuff on my right arm that is my PRIDE tattoo. I am an openly proud lesbian on our team and in my community.
    7. On my left leg, side calf, I have a heart with wings on it with Jolene in the middle. Jolene was my grandmother; it's a memorial for her.

    1. Cartilage (R-ear)
    2. Industrial (L-ear)
    3. 2nd hole ears
    4. 1st hole ears with 2 gauge
    5. Nose
    6. Marilyn
    7. Had snakebites, but took out left side because they were not even enough for me LOL
    8.Nipples :-) yeah buddy....
  • MrsCJYoungblood
    MrsCJYoungblood Posts: 5 Member
    Do you have them? :smile:
    Do you love them? :heart:
    Hate them? :explode:
    Thoughts? :tongue:

  • soldiergrl_101
    soldiergrl_101 Posts: 2,206 Member
    I have just the one tattoo but its a big one lol. I have two earrings, an industrial in my ear, and a belly ring
  • Ashwee87
    Ashwee87 Posts: 695 Member
    1) Ears. Just normal holes.
    2) Labre, but it has grown in. I would like to get it redone, but I don't know.

    1) Nautical star on inner left wrist.
    2) Autobot logo on right ankle.
    3) Owl (cover-up) on my left chest above my breast.
    4) Tribal wolf head on middle of my back....old and needs to be touched up.

    I want sooooo many more tattoos, but I will have to wait since I am unemployed atm, going through a divorce and I need to get on my feet.
  • b_ray_73
    b_ray_73 Posts: 110 Member
    I have many and love them, my newest is a blacklight dragon on my right forearm to mirror the one in black on my left. I'm working on a sleeve that's mostly done, but have stopped work on it while I heal my pec and shoulder. Then there'll be 2 covers, my left thigh, finishing my back...

    I think I'll be getting inked forever.

    Plus some random piercings and 3/4" lobes
  • DimplesInProgress
    DimplesInProgress Posts: 149 Member
    Awesome!!! Love it!

    I have thre holes in each og my ear lobes, my crtilidge pierced on the right, and my tragus in the left. I also have my nose, my tongue, my eyebrow and left nipple. I have taken out the right nipple piercing and my navel piercings.

    For tattoos:
    1) A creseant moon and star on my right shoulder,
    2) An iris (work in progress) for my mom on my left shoulder
    3) An "in memory" tattoo on each calve for my two best friends that were killed in a car accident.
    4) Rainbow stars around my right ankle (thats my pride tattoo)
    5) A compass on my left ankle
    6) AFairy on my left forarm
    7) "Love" on the back of my neck.
    8) A self Injury awarness piece on my thigh.

    Whew! And many more to come!!!!
    DSTMT Posts: 417 Member
    I have one tattoo (you can see it in with my profile pictures) it's my maiden name in Arabic, I sort of thought of it as a self-affirming thing, just got it back in October at the age of 35. I'd wanted a tattoo my whole life, so it was a pretty big thing for me to actually do it.

    Other than that, three holes in each ear, one nose piercing, and my belly button, which I did myself when I was 15 and is just BARELY hanging on lol.
  • stef_monster
    stef_monster Posts: 205 Member
    At one time I had 21 piercings...
    3 lobe piercings each ear, bottom one stretched to 3/4"
    3 cartilage piercings each ear, evenly spaced
    Tragus piercings in both ears
    Both eyebrows
    Both nipples

    Life happened, and I had to take most of them out. My eyebrows rejected, my labret kept getting banged into my gums, the nipple rings kept getting caught on stuff/ weren't as much fun as I expected, and my 3/4" plugs fell out almost every night and had to be re-stretched in a hot shower every morning. I'd had my navel ring for about 6 or 7 years when it started to bug me. I don't know if it was weight fluctuation or what, but it just didn't look right anymore.

    Currently my lobes are at 00g/ 10mm, a result of not wearing any ear jewelry at all for a year. I think 00 suits me, though, and I don't have to sleep with plugs in anymore. I still have my left tragus ring, and I want to get my right tragus re-done as well as an industrial or two. I've always loved the look of corset piercings, but I know they're not really permanent or practical. I wouldn't be against a play piercing session that culminated in a corset design, but I'd want pictures to remember it by. Not sure if I'd want to repeat the experience, haha!

    As for ink, I love it... on other people. I've seen too many beautiful tattoos to count, and would seriously consider a tattoo apprenticeship IF it didn't require me to get any tattoos. I'm not turned off by the potential pain (big fan of needles, here), but there's simply nothing in this world that I love enough to put on my body permanently. It sounds crazy coming from someone who's happily married, but I just can't do that kind of commitment.

    My husband has the star of David branded on his upper arm with Hebrew text in the center, and it's absolutely beautiful. People compliment him on it all the time. He's also got some non-traditional ear piercings (daith and rook, as well as a couple of stretched lobe piercings) and a surface piercing on the nape of his neck. I love body mods of all kinds, and it definitely influences how attracted I am to a person.
  • aeb09
    aeb09 Posts: 424 Member
    I've wanted a few different tattoos for years now but never have. I would really like a large piece on my thigh; maybe if/when I get to my ultimate goal weight.
  • electriq
    electriq Posts: 359 Member
    Oh and I had a lip piercing a few years ago but it closed :\ one day after a few hours of taking it off for "reasons".

  • I don't have any tattoos yet, but I'm thinking about getting a couple to remember family that passed. Especially a couple of whom I was especially close to. I have primary (ear lobe) piercings and secondary (right above my ear lobe) piercings. Thinking about getting a cartilage piercing on my left ear and probably will get it when I have the money.

    For the tattoos, I was thinking about the background of my ticker or a pair of dogtags since two of my family that passed were in the military: Air Force and Women's Army Auxillary Corps
  • DimplesInProgress
    DimplesInProgress Posts: 149 Member
    For the tattoos, I was thinking about the background of my ticker or a pair of dogtags since two of my family that passed were in the military: Air Force and Women's Army Auxillary Corps

    I hve the "Love" that is in your ticker on the back of my neck.

    Just got a little purple bow done on my right middle finger this weekend!