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  • Tattoos and piercings don't matter to me in anyway. If you have them, Cool can I see? If not, I won't think any less of you. It's just like hair or clothes or anything else. So many people put these "body modifications" on a pedestal and I'm just like... who really cares?
  • crissy_percival
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    i want to get my lip periced, my ears done more and others.

    i have my nose periced

    i dont have any tats yet although i want too but dont have the money, i want to get a rainbow with pride written under it on my arm, want to get my two brothers names on my back with butterflies, want to get mum and her DOB on one wrist n on the other dad DOB DOD(date of death) rip and both have a love heart mums purple dads blue, a tat on my arm with my dogs face with rip bella 24/12/13 and both cusions on my lower leg and on my upper leg a skull with flames barbwire and roses with thorns. so far lol
  • ZOOpergal
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    I like facial piercings on others if they are tasteful and minimal. I don't have any myself...but six in my ears and a belly button ring. Tattoos can be very sexy, I have a cougar face on the top of my foot...don't know how to post pictures.
  • DimplesInProgress
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    Are you a cougar? :) I like dating older woman.. My last two girl friends were both 8+ years older than I am.. My current girlfriend is 4 years older.
  • gonekampin
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    Love them...I have a large chest piece and a fishing tat on my forearm. The only piercing I have left is my lip.
  • EmiDeeDoo
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    I have a lower back tattoo planned out and I used to have a few piercings that I wouldn't be allowed to post pictures of here. I intend to have a couple of them re-done as soon as I've got some pocket change saved up. I love 'em. :)
  • Philllbis
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    I have both tattoos and piercings. Chest piece, sleeves thigh, ribs, ankles so far.

    My profile pic is a bit behind, lol.
  • crazylovergrl
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    I have two arm pieces, two leg pieces, a big chest piece a septum piercing and am a big tatted freak.
  • onemoc
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    piercings- just two lobe piercings, my industrial closed.

    tats. first one is upper right arm, has a thunderbird, pipe, 7 pointed star, the angry sun from mexico 5 feathers with cherokee colors.

    the next one I had done is chest piece. open shears under a skull with mohawk. wahl clippers with cord trailing off down my arm with stars- this is a grayscale and in the portrait style. will eventually be a sleeve with blowdryer, feather razor, straight razor, comb, curling irons and a flat iron.

    the last one I started is native american northern woodland style arm band on my right arm - just have 1 hour to go on it to finish the flowers.
  • DiamondRidge
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    Love my ink :)

    I have 12 tats...

    An anklet of forget-me-nots on my ankle and foot
    A pair of dragonflies on my ankle
    A funky dragonfly piece on my calf
    A "traditional Americana" Mom & Dad on my upper arm (I call that one my "sailor" one)
    The words "There but for the grace of God go I" in a band on my upper arm
    Mountains with "For the views and the rocks" on my other upper arm
    A pair of roses on my forearm (that one is a cover up)
    Mountain trillium on the other forearm
    A Picasso dove on my forearm
    A rose and a peach on the nape of my neck
    A very cool pin up on my shoulder blade (she's a hiker, complete with boots, positioned on a background drawn from a pic I took)
    A kite with the words "Let's Go Fly A Kite" on the other shoulder blade

    I've got several more planned - but after I lose the weight.

    Piercings - just two holes in each ear, and my nose (though I don't wear the nosering right now)
  • Saratini76
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    I love hearing about how everyone expresses themselves through body art!

    I am a late bloomer, eager for more. Currently, I have one tribal butterfly (symbolic of my amazing partner, Allie) on my left shin, 2 normal 18 gauge holes in each ear and an 18 gauge left nostril piercing. I waited nearly 20 years for the nostril piercing! I've so wanted one since I was 17.

    I have hopes for more tattoos, but probably no more piercings unless its a microdermal.

    Those without body mods are still beautiful, they just express themselves in other ways! :heart:
  • Trixxie90
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    Tats: Marvin the Martian - shoulder, Maple leaf - hip (YAY CANADA!), Heart - Ankle, Moon and stars - Foot, Eye of Horuz - Calf, Planet symbol for Jupiter-Wrist

    Piercings - I have my ears and I did have my naval but I took it out because my wife wasn't a fan.
  • Onechk
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    Love them! I have 3 facial piercings that I rarely wear (all holes still open) currently sporting my lip hoop. 10 tattoos all on my upper body. They all have various meanings, a couple have no meanings at all. My pet peeve is people grabbing my arms and asking me what they mean, dunno why. Lately when people ask me I jut say "nothing", it's easier than going into some back story I don't care for people to know. I'm a sucker for a girl with tats.
  • I have no tattoos and don't want to but like piercings.

    I got my ears pierced on my first birthday (I'm Indian) and am actually going to pierce my nose later today (:
  • HedgeHaug
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    Love tattoos and piercings! Half back ink here! Couple piercings but nothing to write home about.
  • ZOOpergal
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    Are you a cougar? :) I like dating older woman.. My last two girl friends were both 8+ years older than I am.. My current girlfriend is 4 years older.

    LOL! I hope I'm not old enough to be called a cougar...Althought I did date someone 8 years younger than me for a few years...I will NEVER date that young again HAHA! I learned my lesson. The age difference definately made an impact.
  • 73JD2013
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    Hello all. I have two tats right now and I am addicted!!!! I was inked for the first time at 52. I had back surgery so I wanted the scar hidden I have a nice tat that includes a knotted tree with a hot barbarian woman standing next to it in a very sexy pose...surrounded by all many skulls, depicting all the "ex's" being dead to her. I have another of the shackled angel which I will add to with chains leading from my shoulders where I will have an illusion skull on each shoulder...both having women in them. I love my tat artist(s) and look forward to getting many tats in the future.
  • 73JD2013
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    I think Marvin has it goin on!!!!
  • HedgeHaug
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    Yeah, Marvin is uber cool! Love that funny guy!
  • 73JD2013
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    I know it is coming....the time for a tat....only if I do that I can't swim for some time and oh lord...decisions decisions decisions...:ohwell: