Tattoos & piercings



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    :huh: boo! No swimming? Booooo!:sad:
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  • HedgeHaug
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    :wink: absolutely!
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    L:heart: VE them!

    I had my belly button and lip pierced...however, my belly ring was torn out by a rough-housing friend, and I had to take my lip piercing out for work :grumble:

    I have 3 tattoos at the moment: a purple heart with stiches on my back, skulls on my ankle (my best friend and I got matching ones), and the name of my daughter who passed away when she was nearly 4 months old "Bella" on my left wrist.

    I have so many more planned! :smile:
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    I'm boring! No tattoos (althought I would like some), my ears are stretched to 00g but that's it.
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    I get the more planned. :bigsmile:
  • 73JD2013
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    Does not make you boring, with a smile like that, you could NEVER be boring!
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    I have a couple of tattoos and my ears are pierced (two in each ear).

    The tattoos are on my arms, a Sanskrit OM, which is the symbol for God; a tribal band; an American eagle with stars and stripes; and the Greek lettering for molon labe ("come take them"). I'd like to get one or two more, maybe another Sanskrit and/or Greek phrase.
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    Nice. I am going to get skulls on my shoulders (illusion skulls) with women in them of course lmao.
  • No tattoos, no piercings for me. On me, I mean. I'm cool with whatever anyone else does. I tried to pierce my earlobes 3 times between the ages of 13-20 and they rejected every time. Figured my body was trying to tell me something, so I gave up.

    What I don't find attractive though is those...I think they're called stick-n-poke tattoos? DIY tattoos, whatever. I've never seen one that looks good.
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    Many people have tats and you don't even know it. I have one ear that does not like to be pierced and one that does, so it has to be done by a professional and have a larger gauge ring in or it will close up no matter what I do. Glad to stopped by mel
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    I have five tattoos and two piercings that are not lobe piercings - both tragus (done 8 years ago) and both daiths (done 8 months ago). I have also had my eyebrow and tongue pierced but have since let them close. I think once you start, it's hard to stop. :)
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    I used to have a fair few piercings, including one where the sun don't shine but that one got annoying and the others were visible and had to come out (I'm in the corporate world now).

    I have four tattoos: A unicorn on my right breast, wolf howling at the moon on my right ankle, howling wolf on my neck, and an abstract tribal dragon on my left wrist.

    When I hit goal, I plan on adding to my tattoo collection. I <3 body art.
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    In my time I've had four piercings. Only one remains, though my 2nd one could be easily reactivated.

    I don't find tattoos attractive at all. In fact, an ex of mine got one while we were together. As it turned out, he got the wrong ancient greek symbol right up his entire forearm (he wanted their symbol of medicine, but instead ended up with the symbol of one of their gods - Hermes). Now every time I see it, I see someone who doesn't do his research before making life changing decisions. I ended things then and there. You have to have an incredibly good body to pull off a tattoo IMHO, and anyone that attractive is automatically out of my league.

    Further, I don't trust the source of the pigments. Some day the nanoparticles and/or the benzoapyrene in the black inks will probably be found to be carcinogenic. The mercury in the red pigments is already known to be one. Even if they're not carcinogenic, they don't stop sun exposed skin cancers and they make it harder to identify them when they exist. Some day this will come back to bite everyone, and I'd rather not be one of them.
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    lol I LOOOOOOOVE Tattoo's both on me and others! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    The only piercings I have a few holes in each ear but I have 6 tattoos and 4 more planned..
    1) Right Ankle- Double Bow (From one of my favorite book series)
    2) Left Ankle-Cheshire Cat Face (For the crazy cat lady in me!)
    3) Right Wrist- Japanese Calligraphy for "The Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step"
    4) Left Wrist- Japanese Calligraphy for "Love conquers all"
    5) Below Neck - Sun with an H in the center to represent my mothers family
    6) Left shoulder to elbow - Fall of Calla Lilies (in progress)

    I'm planning one on my chest, at least 2 on my left arm from shoulder to elbow and a pride heart above the calligraphy on my left forearm. Cannot wait to get them all. :heart: :love:
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    I have a set of beautiful purple eyes tattooed on my chest!

    Although i get way more attention than I bargained for.... People stop me at least 20 times a day if my chest is showing to comment on it lol

    Hopefully the link will work...?
  • Prince Albert 6mm gauge, feels subversive in the conservative atmosphere of my work place. I know, they don't.
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    3 tattoos, tongue is pierced, and my ears.
    I've had snakebites and one side lip piercings in the past.

    Thinking about getting my nose done :)
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    6 tattoos and did have 12 piercings but now down to just 4!
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    Just four tattoos right now.
    I had 14 piercings, but I retired two. They never healed right.