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Still Awaiting Arrival of Baby? Introduce yourself!



  • feedmedonuts
    feedmedonuts Posts: 241 Member
    I'm Kyleigh....still a ways to go for me. Baby due around 20 December, a little Christmas baby :) First and probably only child....a sweet little SURPRISE! Saw the heartbeat and it made my heart melt though :love:
  • Erindolly
    Erindolly Posts: 35 Member
    Wow, you are a wealth of knowledge. I was just reading your post on cloth diapers yesterday. I plan on going back to that one for reference. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. As a first time mom, there is so much to learn! You seem to have it pretty squared away!

    lol, my post on cloth diapers basically said I am a chicken :p
    I have several months supply of disposables already and don't think I will be attempting cloth. Baby food, however, is something I have experience in. Any more questions on that, feel free to ask. Cloth diapers you will need to ask someone else, lol.

    Whoops! I thought that was you--I guess it was someone else who posted all that info on cloth diapering! Sorry for the mix up! Haha...I understand being chicken though--I think my husband has convinced me. :)