Where in this great brown land are you from?



  • Hi all, I'm from the central west in country nsw. Would love to grow my support network so feel free to add me.

    Christine xo
  • Back in Brizzie northside. whats not to love?
  • james_tew
    james_tew Posts: 18 Member
    Perth, Waikiki actually. We are fancy cause we named our suburb after a city in Hawaii.
  • SandiMarieC
    SandiMarieC Posts: 19 Member
    Perth :)
  • rowe_a
    rowe_a Posts: 9
    MANDURAH!!! The only place to be as it is all about the location, location, location......

    Are there any more of us out there??
  • Misdy
    Misdy Posts: 81 Member
    West of Brisneyland!
  • Alkirra
    Alkirra Posts: 142 Member
    The Redcliffe Peninsula - North Brissy - moved here 6 months ago after being away from my hometown for 31 years ! Love It !
  • shellsie_j
    shellsie_j Posts: 132 Member
    Hi, Happy to see there is an Aussie group on here! I am at Trentham in country Victoria. Used to be a city girl from Melbourne and am now living on a farm setting it up to be a trout farm.
  • desertpea
    desertpea Posts: 20 Member
    Hi All!!!

    I'm from Emu Plains near the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Glad to 'see' you all...

  • Hi there!

    I just joined mfp today and decided to look for others close by. I'm in Newcastle too - Lake Macquarie actually. Whereabouts do you excercise? I'm thinking I might tackle the Fernleigh track, and the walk around the lake from Warners Bay to Booragul.
  • I'm from Lake Macquarie too! If I figure out how to find friends I'll send you a message!
  • I'm from Lake Macquarie too! If I figure out how to find friends I'll send you a message!
  • I'm from Perth.
  • ValerieKovacs
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  • jnthwaite
    jnthwaite Posts: 111
    Cleveland, Queensland. I've moved 5 times in 2 years, so hopefully this will be my forever home for a while. :))
  • munchkinhugs
    munchkinhugs Posts: 278 Member
    Sydney, Sydney, Sydney.

    Feel free to add if you're looking for//to support!

  • kristyemilia
    kristyemilia Posts: 32 Member
    Cairns Qld here :)
  • I grew up in Bendigo, Victoria, but now live in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.
  • sagetracey
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    Trafalgar, Victoria.
  • jrw80
    jrw80 Posts: 2
    Coastal CQ