Location and of coarse...WHERE DID YOU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL?

tchrnmommy Posts: 342 Member
Thought it would be nice for people to share their general location.

I am in Lake St. Louis. I grew up in South County and graduated from Northwest High School in House Springs in 1992.

What about you?


  • Tzipporah90
    I live at the edge of Clayton and University City. Went to a private school here for elem and high school.
  • TDSeest
    TDSeest Posts: 1,089 Member
    Live north of Edwardsville, in the country, on the Illinois side of the river. Went to high school in Stanford, Illinois near the middle of the state.
  • JacMarieSTL
    JacMarieSTL Posts: 68 Member
    I currently work in Chesterfield, and live in Florissant, born and raised... went to Hazelwood Central, graduated in 2000.
  • candicemaechling
    candicemaechling Posts: 152 Member
    I live in foristell and work in lake stl, I went to high school in griggsville, il.
  • tchrnmommy
    tchrnmommy Posts: 342 Member
    We're close Candice!
  • alirae75
    I grew up in Central Illinois and moved to St. Louis for my job (at that time). I live in Arnold and work in Clayton. I'm frequently in O'Fallon, MO as my sister and her family live there.
  • HeatherMarie1174
    Hello all! I grew up in Edwardsville, IL - so, of course, I went to Edwardsville High School. I still work there but live in the country about 30 minutes or so away.
  • mjbrowne
    mjbrowne Posts: 172 Member
    THIS MADE ME CRACK UP! I'm from Cape Girardeau, but lived in STL for 8 years (miss it VERY BADLY). When I went to college in Springfield and when I lived in STL..I always thought it funny when STL people asked that! But..it didnt' take me very long to start asking that same question. And..to this very day..I ask that when I meet someone from STL.

    For the record..I lived in Ritenour district..Edmundson / St John area. LOVED IT! My sister lives CWE area now..so I still get me StL fix from time to time! Hope it's ok that I joined...really interested in what's going on...need more excuses to get out of Cape and visit the LOU!!!!
  • crissa413
    I'm in St. Charles...originally from Jefferson City though so didn't go to high school here ;)
  • Kaytee233
    Kaytee233 Posts: 54 Member
    I'm from St. Charles as well :)
  • p0pr0cksnc0ke
    p0pr0cksnc0ke Posts: 1,283 Member
    I live in south Saint Louis, I work in Westport and I went to Saint John the Baptist highschool (which is now closed) and graduated in 2002
  • JustJessie
    JustJessie Posts: 162 Member
    I live by Lambert Airport and graduated from Pattonville High school 2001 but also attended Lafayette High School for Freshmand and Sophomore year.
  • lauragoat
    lauragoat Posts: 196 Member
    South of St. Louis in Desoto - Work in Barnhart - get to the city a few times per month!

    Woot Woot for South County - Hancock is where I hail from!!!!
  • cbuggin22
    cbuggin22 Posts: 121 Member
    Hey everyone! I live in Troy, grew up in Ofallon, graduated from Fort Zumwalt South High.
  • Hi everyone! My name is beth and just joined myfitnesspal and super excited! I would love to hear any tricks and tips you have for me with this website!

    I was born and raised in Ballwin and went to Parkway West. I currently live in Chesterfield.
  • nitnole711
    This question cracks me up! My husband warned me 10 years ago that I would get this question a lot! He's from here, went to Affton High School.....I'm from upstate NY...we live in Oakville (South County).
  • jmlrh2
    jmlrh2 Posts: 10
    I live in South City and I went to high school in Jefferson City
  • Jessrynn
    I live in University City, near Clayton. I grew up in Florissant and went to McCluer North High School.
  • Gutter19
    Gutter19 Posts: 141
    I am in St. Charles and went to Francis Howell.
  • Atalanta81
    I live on the east side of town in O'Fallon, Illinois. I love the "Where did you go to high school?" question people always ask here, but I grew up in Virginia - sorry!

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