Location and of coarse...WHERE DID YOU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL?



  • Born and raised in St. Louis, went to Ritenour, wayyyyyyyyyy back in 1972, lol ................ now live in St. John area, just down the street from Ritenour :heart: ............. Work at Dierbergs in Creve Coeur
  • TracySTL
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    I live in South County (Near Sam's Club off Lemay Ferry). I've lived in St. Louis for about 14 years now, but am originally from So Cal.-so I didn't go to HS here.
  • ksmcq1967
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    Hi. I went to Carlyle High School, but still live on the east side in Lebanon, IL.
  • NuclearMosquito
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    Born and raised in Granite City! Alas, I was homeschooled, so the whole 'where'd you go to high school' thing can be a bit awkward.
  • ezebra82
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    I'm from Farmington, MO. Graduated from Central High School in Park Hills in 2000.
  • ah the where did you go to high school...just like saying a joke on halloween..only in STL!
    nut didn't fall too far from the tree....grew up Mehlville, live in Oakville, married to an Affton. lol
  • scorpiomfs
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    grew up in Florisant, graduated in 1978 from Mc Cluer North now live in St. Ann missouri
  • I live in South St. Louis. I went to St. Mary's High School!
  • MiCool90
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    Affton High and currently enrolled at Wash U
  • Grew up in Arnold. Graduated from Fox Senior High!
  • LGrill27
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    I went to high school in Lebanon IL. (outside Scott air force base) Recently moved to Creve Coeur beacuse of work.
  • jngoff9
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    Living in Dogtown, grew up in Creve Coeur and went to Parkway North.
  • Went to Gibault in Waterloo, IL and now live in Oakville
  • mom2six
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    Live in Defiance, work in O'Fallon, but I'm a transplant from NC. :smile:
  • aylajane
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    Born here, raised elsewhere, back about 15 years ago. Living in Arnold/Imperial area. Love to find someone to meet up close to here to be accountable to, and maybe exercise (light stuff, no hardcore yet :) )or just motivate each other. Or ideas for good gyms or activities in the immediate area. Need to break out of a rut...
  • eAddict
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    I went to Buffalo Grove HS in Buffalo Grove, IL (near Chicago) but both my girls go to Parkway South. Guess they will be able to answer that St Louis question than I. :bigsmile:
  • eAddict
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    Hi my name is Nicole! I was born and raised in West County. I went to Parkway South!! I now live in Southern Illinois with my husband and son.
    Just opposite of my wife. She was born/raised in Carbondale and now is in St Louis where our daughters go to Parkway South! Guess it all balances out. :tongue:
  • JamieA8
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    Thought I would add my info....:happy:

    I live in O'fallon, MO (LOVE it out here!). I graduated from Incarnate Word Academy in 1996. I work off of 370 where there are several parks to get to on my lunch hour for a nice afternoon work out!
  • Hi everyone!
    I was born and raised in Wisconsin (attended DePere High lol) and am living in the Central West End while working in Maryland Heights.
    Great question to inspire so many responses. I'd love a fitness/nutrition partner!
  • Hi all, Just joined the group today. Been on MFP for a little over a month now. I was born and raised in Belleville, Ill., went to Belleville THS East - graduated 1986. Still live in Belleville (east end).