Location and of coarse...WHERE DID YOU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL?



  • ansonrinesmith
    ansonrinesmith Posts: 755 Member
    I live in Imperial, MO but grew up just outside of Mt. Vernon IL.
  • nicolereed85
    nicolereed85 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi my name is Nicole! I was born and raised in West County. I went to Parkway South!! I now live in Southern Illinois with my husband and son.
  • drewstl
    drewstl Posts: 4
    I live in High Ridge (JeffCo) but I grew up in St Charles and graduated from Francis Howell Central in 2000.
  • KStyleFitness
    KStyleFitness Posts: 46 Member
    Grew up in St. Louis City, went to Parkway South High School, currently live in the Village of Riverview
  • briyowes
    briyowes Posts: 757 Member
    Grew up in St. Louis city (north and south), currently live in Ferguson, MO
    Graduated from Parkway South
  • GrnEydGrl86
    GrnEydGrl86 Posts: 154
    Raised in Eureka. Graduated in 2004 and now reside in Kirkwood :-)
  • kaswain
    kaswain Posts: 80 Member
    Currently living in Nevada but I am moving to St. Louis in less than 3 months!!!
  • Mary831331
    Mary831331 Posts: 54 Member
    I'm new to MFP. I grew up in Florissant and Spanish Lake and then got married and move to St. Charles. Now we live in O'Fallon, MO. I went to St. Dismas, St. Aloysius, and then to Rosary High School.
  • kmmealey
    kmmealey Posts: 81 Member
    1st to Xavier High School (now closed), then to Rosary High School for last 2 yrs.
  • I live in Bevo Mills in South City, I grew up in De Soto (south of the city). I attended De Soto High School. From highway 55 I exit at Virginia, Exit 203. I work out at Loughbourgh YMCA, walk in the neighborhood, or the parks.
  • lauragoat
    lauragoat Posts: 196 Member
    I don't know about the cheer but when I attended Hancock and we played Soldan in basketball WAY BACK in 1981ish... those girls scared the crap out of me!! They were very intimidating AND TALL!!!!!

    But it made for good competition!!!and a great memory 30 years later!!! LOL!!!
  • LittleNicci
    LittleNicci Posts: 295 Member
    Maryland Heights not far from Creve Couere Lake

    Not from here but went to West Hills High in east county San Diego, CA class of '99 :-D
  • LittleNicci
    LittleNicci Posts: 295 Member
    Currently living in Nevada but I am moving to St. Louis in less than 3 months!!!

  • stretch12d
    stretch12d Posts: 27
    I grew up in South Florida & moved (after high school) here to MO in 2001 and live in Florissant with my hubby & our son.
  • Lmezz11
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    I am originally from St Peters and went to Fort Zumwalt South... Now I live ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE STATE in St. Joseph, but I had to join this group because I miss home so bad and try to make is back as much as possible!
  • gleahy77
    gleahy77 Posts: 38
    I grew up in Cottleville and went to St. Dominica's High School in O'Fallon, MO. I now live in Wentzville with my husband and 4 sons.
  • debbcc
    debbcc Posts: 2
    I live in O'Fallon, MO with hubby and kitty cat. Born and raised in St. Louis (Fairgrounds Park area), went to Laboure' High School (Walnut Park area), graduated and then moved to Florissant (1972-2005).
  • MyCornerOnline
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    I live in Cape Girardeau Missouri, grew up in Fenton, Missouri, and graduated from Eureka High School.
  • annalisa2662
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    I live in Ferguson, went to McCluer.
  • I wen to high school at affton, now live in Florissant and we are about to start building a house in St. Charles