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Running in Cold Weather

CaptainGordoCaptainGordo Posts: 4,703Member Member Posts: 4,703Member Member
It's that time of year.

Tips? Questions? Links to info?


  • sherrirbsherrirb Posts: 2,305Member Member Posts: 2,305Member Member
    On another C25K website forum that I belong to, this link was a well used and highly suggested site to help you figure out how you should be dressing for runs based on the weather and your body.,7152,s6-240-325-330-0-0-0-0,00.html

    I'm in Wisconsin. If I continue to run outside, I may consider buying some of these for when the snow starts coming down:
  • sgoldman328sgoldman328 Posts: 388Member Member Posts: 388Member Member
    That's great, thanks for sharing!
  • whiskey9890whiskey9890 Posts: 665Member Member Posts: 665Member Member
    gloves. when it starts to get cold a pair of running gloves are a godsend,
  • stubbysticksstubbysticks Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member
    I knit myself a neat ninja ski mask for my Thanksgiving Day 10k & it turned out to be warm enough that I didn't need it. But I've got it if I feel like getting out there when it DOES get really cold, & I knit matching mittens too (profile pic :bigsmile: ).

    Layers are the key, on the day of my race I wore sports bra, long-sleeved technical shirt, & a wicking long-sleeved running hoodie that had hand warmers. Compression workout pants, regular socks & my running shoes. Temp was probably around 40 degrees F, so it wasn't super cold.

    If it had been below 30 I would have worn my Under Armour mock as the bottom layer & worn my ski mask around my neck in case I needed it, plus mittens.

    20 deg or less I would have worn an extra layer on both the bottom & the top.
  • fitpleasefitplease Posts: 657Member Member Posts: 657Member Member
    What kind of socks do you recommend? I have a feeling those cotton socks are not a great idea in chilly temps.
  • beautifulbeast11beautifulbeast11 Posts: 204Member Posts: 204Member
    Clothes aren't an issue for me... I layer and have a lot of under armor. My question is shoes.... I don't want to fall in slick, snowy conditions.
  • debstanley4debstanley4 Posts: 210Member Member Posts: 210Member Member
  • stubbysticksstubbysticks Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member
    My feet tend to get hot when I run & I haven't run in cold enough weather to need special socks. I just wear regular sport socks, though I do kind of like the ones that have a little compression around the middle of the foot & a thicker sole for extra cushion.

    @Cmarieleep, look up Yak Trax, they're available at Sports Authority or online. They're these contraptions you strap over your shoes that provide traction, & are ideal for ice & snow. It's the equivalent of putting chains on your tires.
  • PrimalgalPrimalgal Posts: 167Member Member Posts: 167Member Member
    My feet never get cold either. I just wear the same old short socks I wore all summer. The coldest I've run in so far is 19F. I have cuddleduds silky long underwear top(turtleneck) & bottom, a Mizuno thermal top and Mizuno thermal tights plus an Under Armour hooded sweatshirt that is Coldgear repels moisture instead of sucking it up like a normal cotton sweatshirt would. I wear a Polartec turtlefur gaiter around my neck, a polartec hat with ear flaps & of course, gloves. I am perfectly warm(actually a little too warm) even when its in the teens. Tomorrow it will be in the 30's, so I'll wear all the above except the long underwear! Will probably ditch the turtlefur gaiter too.

    The biggies for me are keeping my ears and hands warm. I'm only out for 30-45 minutes, so I suppose it would be different for long distances?

    Good luck!
  • Lacey99Lacey99 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Face cover and gloves:)
    I love running in the cold! The cold air numbs my lungs and makes everything effortless!
  • chattywalnutchattywalnut Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I'm in Wisconsin too and I highly suggest getting some yaktrax pro for your shoes. Granted they make them a little heavier but definitely help to not slip on the snow and ice. I just got some this weekend and I think they work great!

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  • cantobeancantobean Posts: 287Member Member Posts: 287Member Member
    Underarmour. Gloves. Hat. Layers on top.

    Also, I've found I need to apply moisturizer to my face after a really cold and windy run, or my skin will chap.
  • Wonder_VeganWonder_Vegan Posts: 95Member Member Posts: 95Member Member
    I definitely need to invest in a face cover. My face gets so darn cold, I can barely get myself outside!
    Any suggestions? Can I go to a sporting goods store (it blanked out the one store's name I put here!) and get one there?
  • cmoorefullycmoorefully Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I have just started recently too. I was wondering if a face mask, at least over my nose, will help with my nose running like crazy. I'm finding it terribly annoying.
  • coatsie79coatsie79 Posts: 191Member Member Posts: 191Member Member
    Lots of vaseline/lip balm on my lips to stop them getting chapped.

    Runny nose....I just used my sleeve or gloves...haha Everything gets chucked in the washing machine after a run anyway so what the hell.
  • fitpleasefitplease Posts: 657Member Member Posts: 657Member Member
    Runny nose....I just used my sleeve or gloves...haha Everything gets chucked in the washing machine after a run anyway so what the hell.

    I've been known to use my gloves. I have extra pairs, so it's easy to toss one pair in the wash.
  • erisfreenicierisfreenici Posts: 277Member Member Posts: 277Member Member
    For the person who asked about socks, I have a pair of SmartWool socks that are nice and toasty warm.
  • stubbysticksstubbysticks Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,275Member, Premium Member
    I just bought some YakTrax the other day...LOVE. THEM. Can't wait to get more snow. Seriously.
  • DorianlgDorianlg Posts: 101Member Posts: 101Member
    Admittedly, I bike in the winter more than jogging, but I love the Patagonia balaclava. It breathes, it's light, it comes in two sizes, and you can very easily adjust it to cover your mouth and nose or not, depending on how cold it is. Smartwool running socks are great. They're not the cheapest but they are worth every penny. Chemical warming packs also actually work, to put in your shoes or the packs you put in your pockets but could carry in your hands, if you're determined to go running when it's 0.
  • mom2tekmom2tek Posts: 81Member Member Posts: 81Member Member
    My biggest thing is running in the dark. I get home from work and it's dark out and I don't like to go out then. I can layer for cold and not a problem. I want to try this program but the lack of light is an issue for me. Any suggestions? What is everyone else doing?
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