What Piercings have you got :')



  • fguillory
    fguillory Posts: 291
    Nipple Piercing
    Tragus (had two but one got rejected)
    both lobes
    and conch rings

    want to re-pierce my tragus that rejected, 3 helix and start stretching my lobes
  • da_sammit
    da_sammit Posts: 238 Member
    in my left ear i have 3 lobe and one inner conch.

    my right ear has 5 lobe and 3 cartledge.

    i used to have m y left nip done until i ripped it half out. now i just have a scar hahaha.
  • I've got stretched ears (10mm) and both regularly pierced. I'd love to get an industrial next! I also have my nose and lip done. I'm insanely in love with dimple piercings but I'm not sure how they'd look on me... and my father would probably never speak to me again haha.

    How does everyone's families feel about their piercings?
  • fguillory
    fguillory Posts: 291
    My dad is totally cool with it. My siblings tell me to "Stop with that white ****" *Sigh*

    like piercings are a completely Caucasian thing to do. Smh I really think they need to stop being so ignorant ><
  • JesiDM
    JesiDM Posts: 268 Member
    I have three on each ear plus the top part and about the middle on one and my tragus on the other. I used to have my lip, eyebrow, and nose peirced, but I had to take them out for work and they closed up :( but I'm going to get them done eventually. And when I get to my goal weight I'm gonna get my belly button! I love peircings lol
  • 3x lobes

    2x nipples
    2x cartilage

    I recently got hired as shop girl/piercer for a local tattoo and piercing chain, so hopefully in the near future I will have a lot more. ;)
  • I have my tongue, labret, Prince Albert, and 2 frenum piercing. More to come in the future. Once I lose my moobs and belly I might pierce my nipples next. I dunno???
  • fatboypup
    fatboypup Posts: 1,873 Member
    the day I let someone pierce my 8===D is the day they take me away
  • sierramist13
    sierramist13 Posts: 15 Member
    my nose was my first piercing. Then from there it went to my tongue, my ears double pierced. Now probably the top holes closed since I never wear earrings in them. my upper ear which I can't think of the name currently:/ Took out my eyebrow. Both nipples. My belly button was pierced and repierced 3 times. I gave up with that. Had an industrial but after it got caught on my hair one too many times i took it out. Had a monroe, took it out and it closed. lame. My lower lip is pierced. For my birthday last year, my friend paid for my VCH piercing.. She wanted one and because it was free for me or maybe because it was friday the 13th, i went along with it..
  • I have had:

    - snake bites (now healed over)
    - vertical labret
    - nose (done about 13 times, now healed over)
    - septum
    - navel (healed)
    - tongue x 3 (vipers & a normal one)
    -nipple (now removed)
    - various ear ones :ohwell:
  • leomentlines
    leomentlines Posts: 440 Member
    I have right now:

    Nostril, Monroe, labret, tongue, stretched conches, 3/4" lobes, industrial, daith, helix x2, tragus, and navel.
    I've retired a few over the years as well.
  • heloo this is Slovakia writing :)

    I looooove piercings but have just a few of them yet, cause my BF is not really a fan to this but I am tryin my best tp convince him lol.. :)
    but I do have my tongue pierced, ears, nose, mouth - like the underlip or even under it :) and my belly
    but as i said: yet just this :) more is sure commin ;)
  • miss_pam
    miss_pam Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! Nice group!
    So far-- one in each earlobe, done when I was 13, lol... Got my navel pierced when I made my goal in 2003. Even though I've put the weight back on (and then some, sigh), I have refused to let this one go-- I love it... Left nostril pierced last fall... Getting my VCH next month... Considering getting my septum or an industrial next-- my job is fairly conservative, so something under the radar/easily hidden is best.

    Plan to get tatted as a gift to myself when I make my goal! :D
  • i have my eyebrow pierced :)
  • smaugish
    smaugish Posts: 244 Member
    Eyebrow, nose, left lobe stretched to 0g, right lobe pierced twice.

    Retired right helix and tragus, thinking of getting helix repierced.
  • dakstoo
    dakstoo Posts: 11
    Hello, I am a 49y/o male and as this writing I currently have 47 piercings and only one tattoo( for my father). I really don't know where to start on what I have done but my goal is to have 50 piercings by age 50, well only 3 piercings for that and only 6 months until I am 50......who knows what will be next 2 but there might be a big one for number 50.
  • ToEKnee213
    ToEKnee213 Posts: 1,031 Member
    BB, tongue x2, R industrial, 6x lobe, L helix, R nostril
  • JesiDM
    JesiDM Posts: 268 Member
    I have my eyebrow for the 2nd time, my lip for th 3rd time, I just got a monroe, I had my nose peirced 5 times lol my tragus and 2 in my right ear and 3 in my left ear!!
  • inked219
    inked219 Posts: 51 Member
    Ears - stretched to 1 5/8", eyebrow, septum - 4g, vertical labret, and both nips - 6g.
  • jzillaaah
    jzillaaah Posts: 6 Member
    I had my lip, eyebrow & nose done a couple of years ago but these days i just pretty much rock my industrial which i love.