Weight Gain Update



  • vjanes1014
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    I am 25 weeks and my total gained to date is 11 pounds. I hope to stay on track and gain the recommended 1 pound a week. If I do that should put me at about 26 pounds gained. That will please me very much as I gained 44 with the first and 34 with the second. I have to remind myself that weight gain is important for a healthy baby and that is all that matters. I have been logging for about a month and I have had to make a few calorie adjustments to keep at the 1 pound a week gain. I also try to keep up with my running but back and leg pain have put a damper on that some.
  • FaugHorn
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    I'm 17 weeks and have gained around 6lbs depending on the day. I haven't noticed any of the weight gain outside of the areas that are supposed to increase with pregnancy, I still fit the same size (only now in maternity). As long as I stay within the 25-35 weight gain range I'll be happy :)
  • courtneyeolson
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    I am 26 weeks today and have gained 25. I'm trying really hard to keep my calories in check and to eat healthfully and exercise, yet it keeps packing on! Some bodies just react differently to pregnancy. My first child I lost 35 pounds in two days - that's not fat - just "stuff"! Keep your head up. It'll come off after baby arrives. :)
  • runshaynarun
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    I am 16 weeks along and have only gained about 5-6 lbs. I got a personal trainer and workout 3-4 times a week, have a heart rate monitor (the best purchase ever!!!) and I track my food. Keeping it around 2100 calories a day to gain no more than a 1/2lb a week. I can't even eat 2100 calories though!! It's been hard since I crave cold and crunchy like apples and watermelon. Juicing also keeps me healthy, full and hydrated. So yummy. Good luck ladies! Almost half way through this pregnancy!
  • missemmapeel
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    I'm sitting at 35 weeks and 25 pounds gained. Right on target for the higher end of where I should be (expecting to gain 25-35 pounds). I was hoping to only gain 25, but with my first pregnancy I gained 40 and will settle for anything less this time around!

    Good luck to all you mummies out there, and cheers to healthy happy pregnancies
  • broox80
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    19 and a half weeks and 10 pounds!! More than I wanted but if I stay under 35 total that will rock!!!
  • sarajo16
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    I'm new and I'm only 7 weeks but I've gained 2lbs already! I need to reign it back in a bit esp at the start. I haven't been working out as much because work has been manic but I'm hoping to get back on track this week :)
  • jamie31
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    I am 11 weeks along and have gained 10lbs. I workout like crazy everday and stay under my calories so I really hope its just water weight.
  • amberpickens
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    i am 12 weeks and I've gained 2.7lbs which is great because i gained so much with my first 2 pregnancies :smile:
  • amberpickens
    amberpickens Posts: 149 Member
    19 and a half weeks and 10 pounds!! More than I wanted but if I stay under 35 total that will rock!!!
    thats just they same as me as long as i can stay under 35 total it will be great. it makes me feel good knowing that I'm still under the weight i was when i started working out last dec to lose all my weight.
  • Moodymona
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    21 weeks 2lbs so far
  • 21 weeks and no gain yet, dare I hope this continues ?
  • jessdeweerdt
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    Hey all!! I'm so glad to find these groups. I'm trying to not to obsess, but I'm just very worried about gaining too much. I'm 11 weeks now and have gained 2 to 3 pounds depending on the day.. I'm pretty okay with that.. I don't have a number goal in mind, since my main concern is healthy, but I do want to be healthy.
  • sarajo16
    sarajo16 Posts: 142 Member
    21 weeks 2lbs so far

    2lbs! How have you gained so little. i would have expected at 21 weeks that there must be some baby weight at least.
  • Mewlingstork
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    26-27 weeks, 20 pounds up from pre-pregnancy. I lost 20 pounds in the first trimester, then started slowly putting it back on. However, this last month and a half, I gained way too quickly! I've been where I am for about 3 weeks now, hoping to continue that maintenance. I started tracking here on MFP this last week and have definitely noticed I need to eat better and less. Dr says I should gain around 25-35, so I'm a bit ahead of where I should be, but shouldn't be too far over. I quit playing ice hockey around 12 weeks, and didn't exercise too much until 17-18 weeks. Now I walk every day, do water aerobics, circuit training, and yoga. Makes me sleep better!
  • broox80
    broox80 Posts: 1,195 Member
    I am at 24 weeks and have gained about 20 pounds!!! I was.doing so well then had to go on prednisone to help control my athsma!!! Hoping not to gain too much more!!!!!
  • LolasEpicJourney
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    My doctor recommended me only gaining 8-10lbs (which feels rediculous)

    I lost a bit of weight first trimester (208 down to 199)
    Now at 24w I am between 207 and 209

    So I've either not really gained -or gained 10lbs... LOL
  • hadlam83
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    I've put on about 8 kgs which I think is about 16 pounds. I am 27 weeks on Sunday - officially the start of my third trimester. Excited. I'm looking forward to meeting our little girl :D
  • chickybuns
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    I've gained around 20lbs at 22 weeks. I've been doing fairly well and not eating too much! I'm hoping it evens out so I don't end up gaining too much! My real goal is to stay under 200 and I started at 156 so that should be attainable!
  • FaugHorn
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    I think that the MFP calorie numbers for me are just wrong. I'm supposed to be eating at .5lb gain and it's way more than that. I go over sometimes but usually I keep it relatively within check. Maybe I'm just not a default numbers type of gal? I'm playing around with it because at this point I'm going to end up with a 40 lb (at least) gain :noway: