Find Your 'Not That Heavy' Twin!



  • dwyerpj1
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    Do I have a twin?
    Height 5'9"
    HW 167
    CW 146
    GW 140 (so close but yet, so far away! lol :) )

  • wuwu90
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    Im 26yo
    Height 169cms
    Heaviest (a year ago) @ 76.5kg
    Current weight @ 61.7kg
    Goal weight @ 60kg
  • bmcnulty1990
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    Awesome !
    I'm 5'7
    25 years old
    2 kids both c section
    Highest was 208 just before I had my 2nd child in may 2012
    Current weight 133
    Don't really have goal weight I'm fine to stay the same as long as I build more muscle and lose fat and tone up my body
    Don't know my body fat %
    I eat 1732 calories a day I'm following iifym
    177 carbs 54 fat 135 protein
    And I work out 6 times a week ! Little cardiovascular mostly weight training !
    Where's my twin !?
  • writtenrite
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    Ruadhgirl wrote: »
    Age 42
    Height 5'2"
    CW 127lbs
    GW 115lbs

    Lower belly and thighs will be the death of me! I'm whole foods plant-based vegan. I've lost 65 pounds but have been stuck where I am for MONTHS. I workout 6 days a week.

    I think we may be twins!
    I am 5'3, 127 pounds, a little younger (28) but I never work out (maybe you can help me with this lol).
    I log my food daily and while I am not vegan I've been trying to get acquainted with vegetarian/vegan dishes!
  • raeray01
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    edited April 2016
    Age: 35
    Kids: 3
    Height: 5' 6.5"
    Highest weight : 188 ( I think it went higher but I steered clear of the scale at that time) - weighed in at 202 if you count pregnancy
    Current weight: 143 (also probably my lowest adult weight)
    Goal weight: 130-135 (10 more ToGo)
    Goal BMI: 20-21 (current 23.1)

    My family says I am thinner and look healthier than I ever have- and I feel better than ever too!
    Over the last year I have started practicing Yoga, and have tried to focus on eating more "raw foods" trying to minimize processed junk, but i find it hardest to convert the kids from old habits. (My 6 year old just conquered his fear of lettuce this week though and ate SALAD :smiley: )
  • Thistimeitsdifferent1984
    Age: 31 getting married in 10 weeks!!!!
    CW 132
    GW 124

    Feel free to add me I need all the motivation I can get
  • leaj1984
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    Age: 31 getting married in 10 weeks!!!!
    CW 132
    GW 124

    Feel free to add me I need all the motivation I can get

    Congrats on getting married! You might be my twin!
    I am 31, current weight 133,5 pounds, usual weight anywhere between 125 and 130 pounds (that;s been my natural weight the last few years without dieting).
    goal: 115 pounds.
    I'm 5'5. Age: 31
    can we motivate each other?? I tried adding you by sending you a msg, but MFP said there was an error :neutral:
  • leaj1984
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    l4vini4 wrote: »
    sisu89 wrote: »
    bloom3711 wrote: »
    Age = 32
    Height = 5'5"
    Highest weight = 150
    Lowest weight = 120
    Current weight = 130
    Goal weight = 115

    I've re-gained some pounds this fall/winter and looking forward to feeling healthier again! I'm going to try to stick to 1200 calories plus any earned from exercise. Activities include walking, running, and Bikram yoga. Support welcomed :)


    Highest - 140
    Lowest - 105
    Current - 130? (I don't have a scale!)
    Goal - 115

    Last time using MFP I went from 140 to 105 in 6 months - without exercise. I felt a bit weak at that weight (in addition to all my clothes being loose) and I think 115 is where my body is most comfortable/easiest to maintain. I have a vacation in Feb that I want to get in shape for, but I'm bad at keeping motivated :/


    Age: 27 in a week
    Height: 5'5.5"
    HW: 150, 6 years ago in college
    LW: 118, after I lost all the college weight the first time... or 112, when I was anorexic in high school. It wasn't good.
    CW: 132
    GW: 115-120

    I've been around here a long time. I did the all-cardio-all-the-time strategy, figured out that wouldn't give me the body I wanted, and started lifting heavy. It made a world of difference. I hit my goal weight, got complacent, and put some pounds back on. I still run and lift, but I haven't been as consistent as I need to be.

    I'm trying to get back on track with my diet - balanced meals that include all my macros, plus a couple of small fruit or veggie snacks. I'm targeting 1400 calories a day.

    Quadruplets, maybe? :heart: :smiley:

    So, here's me:
    Age: 27
    HW: 154.2
    LW: 116.8 (oh, the good old days)
    CW: 136
    GW: 115 hopefully

    After going back and forth several times, I am committed to getting back on track with my diet and workouts (bride of 2016 kind-of-motivation). :grin: As a rather fitness newbie (group classes) I decided that working out at home might be the best for me due to my crazy full schedule, so I try to balance aerobic / weights workout with a bit of running here and there. The thing is that using weights has toned me up quite a bit and I feel like my legs and buttocks are HUGE :( Hope I will loose more weight soon and things will change for the better. So, are you interested in a peer? xoxo, Lavinia

    Hi!! Pretty close!
    age: 31
    current: 133
    goal: 115
    Can we motivate each other?
  • AmandaJuneFit
    AmandaJuneFit Posts: 134 Member
    Heaviest: 217 ( January 2016 )
    Current: 190
    Goal: 160
  • 22Brentwoodgirl
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    58 years old
    5'4 on a light gravity day
    9 pounds lost - over last 77 days
    11 pounds to lose to get to goal weight which I think will take about 12 weeks or so.
    I just started aquafit 3/week and use my elliptical 2-3/week. I walk outside when weather is good!
    Thinking about starting a lifting routine, so am reading up on that now.

    Feel free to add me please!
  • shaybee377
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    22 years old
    Currently: 115 (after a Sunday of terrible eating)
    Goal: 108, tentatively, then the goal is to build muscle mass. I just need to get a few inches off of my thighs first to see what I have to work with!

    I work out 5x a week, a mix of weight training (machines and free weights) and cardio. I soon plan to get into heavy lifting!

    Feel free to add me!
  • Tryallmama
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    28 years old
    2 kids
    Heaviest 210 back in 2014 the day I had my second kid
    Current: 153
    Goal: 125-130
    Working on increasing my work outs I am just so busy, but mostly lazy lol If I am lucky I get about 3 days of cardio in.

    Feel free to add me regardless if we match, all motivation is welcome :smiley:
  • sharmed06
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    H217 wrote: »
    Height: 5"2
    Age: 20

    HW: 125
    CW: 110
    GW: 101

    Current BF: 19.5%
    Goal BF: 17%

    Other Goals: improve my running time and distance (I'm at about 15 miles at a 10:30 min/mile pace right now).

    I'm less concerned about the actual weight as I am in gaining strength and shifting body composition.

    HW:112 lbs (before baby) 134 lbs (at term)
    LW: 97 lbs (4 months after birth)

    Just looking to get a little leaner and define muscles, started working out about 9 weeks ago, my stomach is defined but my main issue is my thighs and legs it seems like it all concentrates there, and my biggest problem...I love to eat, healthy but I have a love for food!

  • gabesmom825
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    Highest Weight: 140
    Current Weight: 140
    Goal Weight: 120

    Just started and motivated to do this!!!
  • foxygirl14
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    Age: 21
    Height: 5'2"
  • sazzyb_
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    Hello! On a twin finding mission here...

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'8

    Heaviest: 159lbs (end of last year)
    Lightest: 129lbs (start of last year)
    CURRENT: 141lbs

    GW: around 130lbs :)

    I go away in July (exactly 12 weeks time) and I've got 11lbs to lose - anybody else shifting the weight for summer?
  • rescuemom27
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    Age: 26
    CW: 146
    GW: 125
  • ImpossibleGirl75
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    AMPie73 wrote: »
    Hi! I'm 42, 5'0" (and feeling really short compared to all you tall ladies on here, lol.)
    Highest weight:140
    Current weight: 134
    Goal weight: 120

    On week 5 of XTFMax 90 day workout program and doing CICO plus low carb. Not seeing a lot of weight loss yet, but am seeing some body changes with the workout. Hopefully, the weight loss will catch up soon. I'd love to find a twin to help with motivation and support. Thanks!

    I think we might be twins, or as close as I can find :)

    I'm 40, turning 41 in June, and am 5'1".
    Highest weight: 140
    Lowest weight: 103 (when I was 20)
    Current weight: 135.5
    Goal weight: 115

    I'm really just getting started. I'm about 2 weeks into low carb and have lost 3 pounds so far. I'm not really exercising much yet but a brand new Planet Fitness is opening here in a couple of weeks and I've already signed up, so I'm hoping the newness of it all will help motivate me to go to the gym :)
  • foxygirl14
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    H217 wrote: »
    Height: 5"2
    Age: 20

    HW: 125
    CW: 110
    GW: 101

    Current BF: 19.5%
    Goal BF: 17%

    Other Goals: improve my running time and distance (I'm at about 15 miles at a 10:30 min/mile pace right now).

    I'm less concerned about the actual weight as I am in gaining strength and shifting body composition.

    Yay! Found my twin :)
  • pmet
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    I want to find my twin!

    Age 28
    Height 5'8"
    HW 155
    LW 119
    CW 150
    GW 140