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    Hey my name is Julia and I had Gastric bypass just over 2 years ago on Nov 2, 2010. I have lost almost 170lbs so far since starting my journey, it was the best decison that I made. I haven't had many issues with it, I`ve dumped a few times and I have thrown up quite a few times but its all part of the experience. Its a roller coaster ride and enjoy the changes. Yes the hair does come back after awhile! :smile:
  • Hey my name is Julia and I had Gastric bypass just over 2 years ago on Nov 2, 2010. I have lost almost 170lbs so far since starting my journey, it was the best decison that I made. I haven't had many issues with it, I`ve dumped a few times and I have thrown up quite a few times but its all part of the experience. Its a roller coaster ride and enjoy the changes. Yes the hair does come back after awhile! :smile:

    Welcome!! so glad to hear about the hair thing, because currently I am in the losing hair by the handful and boy is it getting thin. Figure it has to slow down soon, but wondering if I am going to need a hairpiece or wig before it all over. 5 1/2 months out. You have awesome success, what kind of diet and exercise do you still do to maintain the weight loss?
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    I have always been lucky to have really thick hair so I was never too concerned about loosing all my hair, but I shed alot of it for quite a long time it seemed. My bf use to say I shed as much as a Golden Retriever lol I took biotin everyday and still take it, not sure if it actually helped with it or not. I still would like to loose another 30 lbs but it gets much harder the further you are out and the less you have to loose. I try to maintain a healthy diet and try to keep my protein levels up. I usually have a shake a day for lunch or snack and or a protein bar. I exercise a fair bit I usually get to the gym 4-5 days a week for a 1-2 hrs each time. I have come a long long ways and am very scard of the old me coming back. As my surgeon always said it just a tool to help you loose the weight you need to do the work!! I have never forgotten this, its not a majic cure the weight will come back on and you can end up being right where you were when you started. How has your journey been?
  • So far I've been pretty lucky, other than the hair loss and constipation issues I have not had major side effects. I had surgery 6/7/12 and started at 261.4 and yesterday I was 173.8. I exercise 6 days a week for generally 40 min at the gym and walking at work etc. I have about 30 more pounds to go to meet the goal weight of 145. I'm bored with my food choices and need to switch things up but it's hard with trying hard to get in the protein etc. overall I'm just bored with the exercise and good but once I figure that out things should be good. I'm happy with the loss so far and hoping to meet my goals someday! Does it sound bad to say I'm bored after the gift I've been given? Sounds ungrateful LOL
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    Hi! I'm not sure I'm into sharing my story but wanted to say hello and that this forum is a huge addition to my logging in my food each day. I love the support everyone has given. Thank you thank you thank you! Christine
  • My name is Jen Rose. I had RNY done Oct 2011. I have lost about 118 so far and I am about 9 pounds from my first goal. I went from a size 26 to a size 10. I had some complications my first 7 weeks out, lost a lot of hair but I would do it all again tomorrow.
  • Welcome Jen and Christine. I am trying to figure out how to get this forum moving. Any suggestions?
  • Hi, My name is Cristi. I had RNY GBS on 10/29/12. I am a little over 4 weeks post-op.
  • Welcome cristi. How are you feeling and doing??
  • Thank you! I am feeling good. Having a kind of a hard time getting in all the fluids I need, but other than that, doing good.
  • Hi I am Adrianne I had surgery Feb 2012. I too went through some hair loss, but it has stopped and my hair is slowly going back to its regular thickness. I am so thankful for my surgery. I am beginning to become more active- treamill and fitness classes. However my greatest fear is falling back into the mindless eating trap. I am trying to think everything I put something in my mouth but it doesn't always happen. For the first few months I was so diligent about tracking everything, my husband commented that I was becoming compulsive about it, so I slacked off, but I am back as I have found I am snacking more than I should because it is there and I am not thinking- just snacking. My biggest focus right now is my activity and thinking about what I am eating... I am in need of suggestions and guidance. So far I am down 141 lbs. I am 3 numbers away from a normal BMI! And I am 15lbs from my first goal, 45 lbs from my end goal.
  • Hi. My name is Rachel, I am 28 years old and live in WV. I have not had my surgery yet, I am still in the 6 month diet plan ( I have 3 more months left) It already seems like it's been forever, but I know my journey has just started. I'm always looking for MFP friends that want to encorage and motivate each other, if that sounds like you then send me a friend request. This site has been wonderful, and you girls/guys have been more of an inspiration than you know :-)
  • My name is Autumn, I am 28 and I just had RNY gastric surgery on Sept. 12, 2012. I had serious complications during my surgery and am still dealing with the risidual effects from those complications. So far I have lost almost 100lbs. Which puts me at the halfway point to my goal. I have also lost my hair and am struggling to stay nourished. I am hoping to network with others as the more support I have the better. :)
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    Hello all, I'm Lori and I am scheduled for this coming Wednesday. I'm neither excirted or nervous. I just feel like this is something I have to do. I wish I was more excited!!
  • Hello! I am a wife, mother of 2 boys, and elementary school teacher. I will undergo the RNY surgery on Feb. 13. I am currently on the 2 week liquid diet. I am excited to finally get control of my life.
  • Greetings to all! I had RNY Gastric Bypass 10 years ago, still going strong. I am here for support and education, the surgeon fixed me physically but I still run to food and struggle to maintain my weight (I lost 165 pounds total) , I am still human. I have been tracking my nasty eating habits for 4 days and it has really enlightened me to the changes I need to make. By far, the best decision I have made was to have bariatric surgery!
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    Hello! I had my RNY 11/4/11 I've lost 100 lbs so far, and I've been at a stand still for literally months! I've lost my surgeon, due to insurance changes, so I'm feeling a little lost, so I'm here hoping to get some much needed support, and suggestions. I'm going to keep up with logging to see if that's where my issues are. I've had no major issues, I can tolorate so many things, that I didn't think I'd be able to, and wish I didn't, though as I am over a year out, I am starting to find things that I was able to tolerate a few months ago now are giving me trouble. So, I'm tweaking things now, and I desperately need the support. I'm only a little over half way so, I want to figure this thing out. I would definately do this again, I've regained my health and I'm so much more active! I love it! And I'm still very excited!
  • Hey everyone!! I'm Melanie!! I have RNY 11/27/2012 and I've lost 73 so far. I'm still a LONG way away from my goal. I haven't picked up any really 'bad' eating habbits, but I'm stuck on what to eat. I had some complications and ended up having another surgery about a month ago. So, if anyone wants to add me or inbox me, feel free!!
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    Hi all, I had surgery 9 years ago. I had lost 118 lbs. in the first couple years and never reached my goal weight.. I had gained 54 lbs back. I now need to lose 30 more to get back to my lowest weight. It is such a struggle! Seems most everyone on here is only a few years out. I am willing to share my experiences and could use your support as well. I'd like to here from any one that has been out for a while to see how you are dealing after so many years. I have not regretted having surgery one bit. It has given me back my life and more.

    About the hair loss. That's normal. Rapid weight loss will do this. Your hair will grow back. Its scary when you wash your hair and it seems all your hair s left in the tub. Oh, if you go get your hair cut make sure you tell your beautician. They will think something is terribly wrong and scare them half to death. Speaking from experience.
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    I had gastric bypass surgery (RNY) 111/26/12. My BMI was 36. I was a type 2 diabetic. I had 60-70 pounds to lose. So far I have lost 39 pounds. I am very pleased.