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  • stroynaya
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    Now I work 12 hr overnight shifts and I'm all kinds of confused about what and when to eat. Any suggestions?

    I worked 12 hour shifts prior to surgery. The best advice I have is Don't snack! The biggest pitfall is snacking, especially when you are tired or bored. After that: 1) Eat whatever you ate before 12 hour shifts since you were doing well with it and 2) try and eat with the same regularity you did before, but don't get caught up on this is breakfast/dinner. For example, old schedule breakfast 7 am, lunch noon, dinner 6 pm, new schedule 1st meal 4 pm, 2nd meal 9pm, 3rd meal 3 am.

    Other advice: Get your sleep. You are more likely to snack when tired, so get enough sleep. This may mean turning off your phone and getting blackout curtains. Get your exercise. It is easy to skip at the end of the long shift. Do it just prior to your shift or on your off days, but get in at least 3 days aerobic activity for maintenance if nothing else.
  • Thank you. I did overnights years ago for about 2 years and had to stop I just couldn't do it anymore. Now again here I am on overnights and only after a few months I feel like I could die at any moment. Just can't get it together. I am grateful to be working a good job and the convenience of a overnight schedule for my family but so many times I wish I could hide in a closet and sleep.
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    Hi Everyone! Not sure how much activity this group sees these days but figured I'd say hello! I had my RNY on 12/15/2008 and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I lost my goal weight of 100 pounds, but about 20 of it has creeped back up on me over the course of the last year. It was a very stressful and emotional year full of ups and mostly downs. I am back here on MFP completely dedicated to tracking, exercising, and staying motivated. We are all courageous and should be proud of what we have accomplished.
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    Hi everyone. So I am almost one year post op gastric bypass. My battle with weight loss has been a bumpy road throught my life and even after this surgery. The last two months I have hit a plateau. Cant seem to lose weight. Calorie intake is 1000 calories. I drink close to 64 oz...exercise can definetly increase but I have to be careful due to bad back. Feeling really discouraged now because I read these amazing weightloss stories and I don't feel like its going all the great for. I had to go back under the knife in august due to a problem with my intestines but feel amazing since I had the problem fixed. I have only lost 62lbs and I am greatful for atleast that much but I guess I maybe set my expectations to high and thought I would have had a greater weightloss deficit. So I guess what I am looking for is maybe some suggestions on how to get over this plateau.
  • You are doing great. Keep up the good work. Your daughter is lucky to have you for her mom. I'm
    happy you took this step so she can grow up with her mom. Hope all is well. By the way
    my name is Maureen and I had RNY on July 15, 2013. I'm down 111 lbs. from 370.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I had Band Conversion to RNY in Sept 2013. I had two surgeries, one to remove the Lap Band and had my RNY (3ths later). I NEVER had restriction with my band and I wish I had removed sooner. I am pleased as punch that I had RNY and I wished I would have had this surgery the 1st time. I find myself snacking at night, and my weight loss slowing wayyyy down. So, I decided to join MFP to start tracking my calorie and exercise. Yet another great decision! :happy:

    I thank God everyday for my RNY tool and finding MFP.

    HW 345
    CW 257

    The Best to All!
  • Hello everyone... I am 2 weeks out from my RNY and feeling great! I just started soft foods and am having a tough time getting enough calories in (I average between 400-500). I'm getting my protein in, but I'm concerned my body's going to go into starvation mode. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

    SW 250
    Pre-op Wt 232
    CW 220
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    Hi. My name is Kathy and I love to eat too much of all the wrong things, or at least I used to! I had gastric bypass Nov. 20, 2013. I have lost 75 lbs. so far and still have about 125 to go. I was told at my 3 month checkup that I need to increase my calories. Those words would have been music to my ears a year ago! Now they scare me. I am so afraid of failing and letting myself down as well as my family. I also have trouble getting my fluids and protein in. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Also I MUST start exercising. I have had many health problems including 3 back surgeries last year so you can guess I have not been moving around much! On the plus side, I am off of all diabetes meds since surgery!!! Thanks for this group!!!
  • Hello my name is José - I had surgery four years ago come March 25th. I started my weigh journey at 498 pounds. I have lost 270 pounds to date and continue on this road every day. Glad to join the group! Though my road has not been an easy one - I look forward to improving me daily. Every day is a struggle - I make sure to log what I eat, work out and surround myself with the things that bring me the most pleasure; family & friends, a good movie, a good cuddling session, music, laughter, dancing and making sure I stay SEXY (LOL) (a little humor goes a long way).
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    Hi! My name is April. I just had the RNY done on Monday March 10th 2014. I'm doing great so far. I've dropped 6 pounds since Monday. Getting plenty of protein and liquids in. My heaviest weight is 282, the scale now says 259. I live in Kentucky. Very excited to see my results in the next few months :)
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    Hi! I'm Myra. I had RNY Feb 13, 2014 so I am 6 weeks out and starting to add more solid foods. Slowing down and chewing thoroughly are my current struggle.

    So far no regrets. 30 lbs down. No more diabetes - my blood sugar was 90 5 days after surgery. Knees ache on occasion, but not daily. Have been able to drop one of 2 BP meds and BP is better than when I was on 2 meds. I have more energy than I can remember ever having. Just joined MFP yesterday to get a better handle on tracking my food and water. My next short term goal is to add exercise to my days.
  • hmgoetz
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    Hi! I'm Heather. I had my RNY on December 24, 2013. I have lost 78 lbs since the surgery. As of right now I through the various liquid/purred phases but still learning what my body can tolerate.

    I am basically on MFP to track protein and make sure I remember to eat. Does anyone else not feel "hungry" anymore? Anyway, really started to hit the gym within the past month or so and hope to see this number come down rapidly while trying to battle the flappy arm woes.

    Other than that so happy with my energy and mobility. :)
  • myophi
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    Hi! My name is Shannon and I had surgery March 12, 2014. I've lost 15 lbs since then and am kind of frustrated that I haven't lost more. I know this is a process and I need to let my body heal, but I was hoping for bigger numbers :P

    I joined MFP to track my protein. I haven't been able to get it all in. I haven't started exercising yet so maybe that will help too.

    I previously had the band. I figured out every way in the book to get around it. I am truly my own worst enemy. I'm afraid to death of failing at this too.

    Humor gets me through most everything. It's laugh or cry and crying takes too much energy.
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    Hey Y'all ???? I'm Candace and I had RNY 5years ago! It was the best decision I have ever made for myself! In the beginning it was a very rocky road but today not as much so. I had the surgery because I was on 4-5insulin shots a day,I also took cholesterol and 2 types of blood pressure medicine. I am very proud and happy to say that today I take no medications at all‼️‼️???????? .My highest weight was 215-220. I lost the majority of my way within the first year lowest weight 113. I maintained around120 up until this past year. Left my job and started staying at home with grandchildren. I feel like when they snack I do as well. Not to mention I don't get the exercise I use to. Was easier being a waitress of 11 1/2 yrs and being around food than not... Crazy I know‼️‼️ so today my current weight is 148. I am striving to get back to 125 to 130. (Where I looked and felt my best) Please feel free to add me as a friend we are all here for support and in this together‼️

    I am also in Username taterbug1971
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    Hello, my name is Brandon. I had my RNY on March 31,2014. Since then I have lost 75lbs. I have started to move on to softer proteins. I really need to loose another 190lbs. I am waiting to be released to start working out and look foward to it. One thing that motivates me the best is having to answer to some one. My Dietcian and wife are helping, but thinking I might need someone that is a little more forceful (and scary to tick off)
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    Hello everybody, my name is Linda, I'm 65 years old living in Texas, and I had my RNY last Wednesday the 7th May. All went well, text book per the doctor. I'm slowly dropping the weight I gained in the hospital from all the IV fluids, a total of 11lbs, that was a shock for sure. So far so good first follow up appt. on the 21st. I'm excited, thrilled in fact to be on this journey and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks. Looking forward to the support and tips from all of you.:smile:
  • April1290
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    Hi! My name is April. I live in Kentucky. I had the gastric bypass done on March 10th this year. I'm down 40 pounds since the surgery & 57 pounds total. I've been doing really great with everything after surgery. I feel more confident than before, and it's taken me a while to see the difference in the mirror but I'm seeing it slowly. Loving the choice I made! Feel free to add me :)
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    Hello all, I had my RNY 3 years ago this May. I went from 330 the day of surgery to 191 very briefly and have been sitting at about 205 for the past year and a half. Today I am at 201 and pushing for ONEderland!
  • Hi I had RYN April 28th, I'm doing well with weight loss but feeling very ucky most days, I did have a blockage during surgery, my surgeon has given me two choices to wait and see what happens or go back which is a 3 hour drive away and get it fixed with another surgery.
    Its a roller coaster but at least I never feel hungry!
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    Hi all! My name is Kathy. I had my RNY 1/23/14. I had 23 comorbidity conditions. This surgery saved my life. I have had a stricture of my stoma (the bottom outlet for pouch). They had to use a balloon to expand it but I think they stretched too much so not as easy to lose as it used to be. I have lost 85 lbs. So far but not done yet. I am using this app site with map my fitness and fitbit flex to reach goals. I am also using a combo of RNY rules with the Carb Nite Solution plan for max results. So far so good.