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  • PennyLHodgson
    PennyLHodgson Posts: 6 Member
    Hello is this group still running.....I had RNY 09/01/15 down 64lbs since 01/15
  • vanillarose77
    vanillarose77 Posts: 159 Member
    Hello my name is Jennifer and I had RNY surgery December 30th 2015. I did it for health reason i was type 2 diabetic, i had high blood pressure, hypothyroid and a few other things. now i am not type 2 diabetic and i am down 44 pounds. I am looking for friends and support because sometimes it's hard and i have no one to talk to that could relate to what i'm going through. so feel free to add me
  • kitrae
    kitrae Posts: 4 Member
    Hi my name is Kathy and I had my RNY April 2012 - I lost 130 and have since gained 40 :-( I'm working hard to get back on track, but for me it is easier said than done....I just had my second knee replacement, I'm hoping that will help me too (getting back to being active)
  • vsteele6
    vsteele6 Posts: 11 Member
    HW: 310; 2nd WLS: 249 5/4/16 RNY from a VBG. CW: 208. So close to Wonderland, that I can hardly stand it. I hope that people still use this group. I am anxious to meet other people and to get the support. I love MFP, it keeps me accountable.
  • IrishAnnie90
    IrishAnnie90 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi! I started my preop diet yesterday; RNY surgery is scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED about this!! I want to lose 125 lbs. Outside of my immediate family and two close friends, no one knows I am doing this. Too many people have too many opinions these days.
  • Annie_R
    Annie_R Posts: 18 Member
    Hi everyone, and especially @IrishAnnie90 ; not just because we share the same name, but also because you were the last one who posted and it was just last year :-)
    I had my RNY Bypass on 1 April. I'm very happy I did, everything has gone so well, I sometimes wonder if I actually had the op! It's 2mths down and 20kgs lost so far. I'm happier and healthier and looking forward to the journey that is my new life.