"nice guys"



  • JanieJack
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    BB has always been a nice guy, but he is not "A Nice Guy."

    I don't like "bad boys" (no judgement on anyone who does :flowerforyou:) The #1 reason I went out with him a second time is that he was nice, respectful, gentlemanly without appearing to just be "acting that way to get in a girls pants."

    He's not a wimp who agrees with you just to appease you. He carries himself confidently, can be quite decisive when needed, and a few times I've seen him open up a can on someone who deserved it (he's seen the same of me). Even during those moments, you get a sense that he's not being disrespectful or mean about it,that he still values the person he is chewing out (almost like he thinks this is helping them become a better person). He has never complained that he's a "nice guy" that women aren't into.

    The guys who told me "I'm such a nice guy" usually turned out NOT to be nice. They actually tend to be like the ones described on that site... overinflated expectations of what a woman should be/do for them (or the type of women they "can get") while at the same time having a very low expectation of what they'll bring to the table.
  • SVCat
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    I like being a nice guy and still being a man's man. I don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Just as I have no problem being sweet to someone and actually sharing what I feel.

    It's not my problem that "some" women don't really know what they want and "some" men just want to portray a nice guy image so they can get some. Is it frustrating? Of course. But I refuse to let someone change me because of their short comings.