Welcome everyone! :)

rushikareddy Posts: 604 Member
Hello everyone! Lets introduce our selves here! I am Rushika! I'd love to lose my last 20 lbs by the end of May this year! It's going to be tough but I am determined to do this! :)

Height - 5'4
SW. - 148 lbs
CW - 131.2 lbs
GW - 110- 115 lbs
Body frame - small


  • Amyy1982
    Amyy1982 Posts: 369 Member
    Good morning lovely ladies :) I'm Amy and I'd love to lose 20lbs before my next birthday, July 8th!! We can do this!!

    Height - 5'9
    SW - 232lbs
    CW - 213lbs
    GW - 150lbs
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    Thanks for starting this group Rushika :) My name is Racquel and I have 15 pounds left to go of my ultimate goal of a 25 pound weight loss.

    Height: 5'4"
    SW: 140
    CW: 130.2
    GW: 120
    UGW: 115 by end of May!

    On our way to looking fab this summer! We got this everyone!
  • Doresoontobehealthy
    Doresoontobehealthy Posts: 189 Member
    Hello, my name is Dore. I have way more than 20 lbs to lose. But it would be great to be part of a supportive group to lose those pounds.

    Height 5'11"
    SW 280 lbs
    CW 266 lbs
    GW 180 lbs
  • zoomerrs
    zoomerrs Posts: 21
    Hello all! I'm Roni Sue and I just rejoined WW last week after losing 21 lbs last year and then took a 6 month break as I was travelling too much. I knew I'd need more support than just WW's weekly meeting to lose my last 23 lbs, so my daughter showed me this site. I'd love to hit target weight by summer holidays starting June 18th!

    Age: 46
    Height: 5' 4"
    SW: 181 lbs (when first joined WW Jan 2012)
    CW: 163.3 lbs
    GW: 140 lbs
    Body frame: medium
  • tracymat
    tracymat Posts: 296 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm Tracy. I love groups like this. So far I have lost 22 lbs (SLOWLY!!!) and have about 32 more to go. I would LOVE to be at my goal by the 4th of July!

    Height 5'4
    SW 194 lbs
    CW 172 lbs
    GW 140 lbs

    Current goals that I have set for myself: 4 hours of exercise a week - 12 glasses of water a day. TRYING to control my weekends -this is where I continue to struggle. ONE DAY AT A TIME! We can do this!
  • Hi everyone! I'm Claudia, and I'm 23 :) want to lose about 28lbs by summer!

    Height: 5ft 6
    SW: 206 lbs
    CW: 204 lbs
    GW: 178 lbs

    I've been healthy eating and exercising constantly for about 3 weeks, and am definitely toning. Have only lost 1.5 lbs so far, but have definitley lost a few inches as clothes are starting to fit me better, and I have actual muscles in my arm now! Hoping for a decent loss on the scales a week today :)
  • xomellyxo
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    Hi everyone, I'm Mel!
    I started trying to lose weight in September last year but haven't done so well since Christmas!
    I'd like to lose 20lbs by the end of May, and want to get to my goal weight by August!

    Height - 5ft 5
    HW - 182lbs
    CW - 165lbs
    GW - 127lbs
  • HI Everyone, im georgina & im 18! feel free to add me, i want to be loose 25lb by june 1st

    SW: 155
    CW: 146
    GW: 120

    i had breast implants on 25th Feb, so i am unable to do much exercise to april 8th :( but its my health eating that needs sorting out, after sitting around for 2 weeks :(:(
    So hopefully will have a summer bod! :D:D xxx
  • aablacknell
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    Hey everyone...I am excited about this group and getting some motivation so lets do this THANG:tongue:!!!
    My name is Aileen and this is my second time back on My Fitness Pal. I did extremely well the first time around and loss a total of 33 lbs. I got a little cocky stopped weighing in, tracking my food intake and icing on the cake (no pond intended:smile:) was a temporary assignment for the past 6 months while trying to complete a home project that had to be stopped in the middle. Well enough of my complaining. I got up the strength to step on the scale and had not only gained back the 33 pounds but another 17 :sad:. After all of that I am eager to get that scale moving back in the right direction.

    Height - 5'4
    SW. - 199.0 lbs
    CW - 199.0lbs
    GW - 145.0 lbs
  • jordanalexis90
    jordanalexis90 Posts: 25 Member
    Hey everybody! I'm Jordan!

    Height- 5'6"
    SW- 176
    GW- 140
  • flea2449
    flea2449 Posts: 500 Member
    Hi Ladies! I'm Felicia. I've lost in total since 2010 81 pounds. I've gained 20 back! I NEED to get back to it. It's so HARD. I so need to get my mojo back!

    Height - 5'0" (I thought I was 5'1', but I was wrong)
    SW - 223
    CW - 168
    GW - 123
  • monnyq
    monnyq Posts: 40 Member
    WOOT WOOT to starting a new group! Thanks!

    I go by Mo and here's my stats

    Height: 5'2.75" (Yes, I count the quarter of an inch!) :)
    SW: 205
    CW: 171
    GW: 145
    UGW: 125

    I'll see you ladies on the treadmill!!
  • salu1975
    salu1975 Posts: 26
    Sooooooo wanna get these 20 lbs off me!!

  • yayyyyy how exciting is this?!?! Feel free to add me you lovely ladies!
    I am super down to lose 20 pounds! I gotta say tho. since I started this on February 21st, the scale really hasnt moved but my inches have! I am seriously thinking about giving up that retched tool we call a scale because the measuring tape has been so much more rewarding!
    Also I am starting p90x so I am not too sure how that will affect my weight considering it is muscle building. All I care about is wearing a bikini this summer and for the first time in my life LIKING IT!

    sw: 155
    cw: 151
    gw: 125 (maybe) !
  • Thanks for starting this!

    SW: 198.8
    CW: 188.8 ( as of 3/08/13)
    GW: 165
  • JLHNU212
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    Hey there!! I am Jenna and I think the 20 will be a great starting point for me, as I have a few more than that to go!!! But I know I could use all the motivation I can get!! :)

    CW: 200
  • Gracie430
    Gracie430 Posts: 77 Member
    I'm ready to go! Goodbye 20 pounds! This will put me just under 140 lbs, and what a better weight to be than I am now! Meet you at the treadmill Monnyq!

    SW: 162.5
    CW: 159.5
    GW: 139.5
  • KariRoseDoll
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    Hey everyone, I'm Kari! I have about 20 pounds left to lose myself until I hit my goal weight. This will put me at the lowest weight that I can ever remember. Even back when I was in 3rd grade, I remember being 150 pounds. Right now, I currently weigh less than I did all through middle school, so that's a big thing for me. At my highest weight, I was actually around 200 pounds. I remember seeing 197 on the scale the last I had measured, and I got too scared to step on again until years later, so I don't know how high I really got... but now I'm way far from that! :)

    5'8-9" (Anytime I go to a doctor, it's always different, haha!)
    SW: 175
    CW: 159.8
    GW: 140

    Edit: I don't really have a period of time in specific that I want to have the weight gone by, but I'd like to reach this goal weight this year and gain some muscle. :)
  • bambi2578
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    Hey guys! I'm ready to lose to get healthy - I've got 25 to lose, so this group is perfect! I'm just starting out this year. I lost 20 last year and gained 10 back, so I need to get back in gear and kick butt!

    SW: 150.6
    GW: 125

    My plan is a 1200-1400 calorie diet, along with 30 day shred and 2-3 miles of jogging a day. Let's do this!
  • syralife13
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    Hello I'm new to MFP. I have been taking "baby" steps to improve my health since October 2012. From October-March I have lost approximately 14 pounds. So here are my #s:
    CW:178 or 179 depending on time of day.
    GW: 150
    Height is 5'6"