Starting the Whole 30 in April - any takers?



  • shvrngrl
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    Day 1 went really well. I need to concentrate on how I'm feeling whiile I eat and also look for my signals to stop eating. Thats hard to do. I realize I'm very distracted while eating and don' treally pay attention to my food.
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    So excited to find this topic in the MFP forum :-). I am currently on day 10 of the whole 30. Going pretty well although hubby has been sick and my body is fighting of the bug so i've been pretty exhausted of late. Days 3 to 8 i had tonnes of energy however. I have not stepped on the scales and am only tracking to keep myself accountable.

    Going out for dinner tonight and bit anxious about what i'll have.. trying to find out where we are going so i can at least google the menu. So far i haven't felt deprived (despite having a small amt of local raw organic honey) but I have to admit i will enjoy a glass of wine (i'll savour each sip) and a piece of dark choc when i finish the 30 days.

    Add me if you want and we can support each other (just include a message, thanks).
  • boomboom_laji
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    Hello fellow Whole-30ers! So, here we are, almost a quarter of the way through! How exciting! There are two things that have really surprised me this week. 1). My after 8pm food cravings seem to have vanished. I don't feel like I am really eating more than I did before, just different.... but really, I haven't been eating at night. 2) Wow! I have a lot of opportunities to drink alcohol in my life. I went to get my hair cut on Wednesday, and the salon offered me a glass of wine, I had mint tea. I went to my book club/happy hour.... and drank water instead of craft beer... I went to visit a friend of mine in Denver and we met some people out....and they drank beer... no lager for me.... I had water... and more water.... and more water..... And told everyone about Whole 30! :-)

    In fab news, when I went out to Denver, I wore a pair of blue jeans I hadn't been able to wear before. This is exciting!

    After one week you can wear blue jeans you haven't been able to before!! Thats awesome!

    Yes. They weren't super smaller jeans. They are jeans that had fit me and then when I had washed them shrank so that they were too tight. So, it wasn't like I shrank a size in a week or anything, but I was able to happily wear by shrunken jeans. That said, I can see in the mirror that something is happening. I am DYING to weigh myself but have so far resisted. I think the fact that I am working out five days a week is also helping.

    I haven't had time to post in my diary between work school working out cooking... life.... but so far I have been consistent with my food and consistent with my exercise

    How is everyone else doing?.
  • shvrngrl
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    Hello all!
    I'm on day six and have woken up to major congestion! I thought it was my allergies but its been coming on rather gradually. I'm so stuffy!
    I feel like I'm doing really well. I haven't had sugar cravings since day 3. Day 3 was tough. I was so exhausted and wanted sweets so bad! I also don't feel hunger until right before its time to eat and then it hits me hard! I can tell hunger is coming when my energy level begins to wain.
    I also notice changes in the mirror after such a short time period and my clothes feel different on. My husband has been commenting that my body is changing too, which is fantastic!
    I've been participating in a challenge that requires I weigh myself every week, so throwing out my scale isnt' an option for me. I weigh in again on Wed.
    Has anyone else had "cold-like symptoms"? I rarely get sick, so its odd I'm feeling so congested and have a runny nose.
    I made a great tabouli salad last night minus the bulger. It was YUMMY! I threw some steak on top.
    How is everyone doing?
  • shvrngrl
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    Today is day 7 and I am so stuffy and have a runny nose! Its a bit miserable. I am hoping this is all a part of the detoxing process. I feel really foggy too.
    I noticed last night my appetite has increased and I'm having a bit of a nut problem! Cashews and macadamia nuts are so yummy. I really need to start using them for flavor and not as a snack. I am usually starving between lunch and dinner and reach for nuts to eat. Not the best choice for weight loss. I'm going to try to not snack tonight. I really want to get to 3 meals a day ONLY! I also noticed last night, I was fine with half the amount of food I ate, but kept going anyway. That needs to end as well.
  • boomboom_laji
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    Hey Shvrngl, Maybe you actually need to eat MORE during your meals so that you aren't so hungry in between?

    I know it has been hard for me to get my head around eating fats with every meal and enough protein, but it seems to be working. For example, this morning I had three fried eggs, and a smoothie of spinach, strawberries, a scoop of protein powder, a small handful of walnuts and a little bit of coconut milk. Dinner last night and lunch today is a sweet potato, with chicken (4 oz) , onions, green peppers (fajita style), salsa and half an avocado....

    Just a thought. :)
    I hope you are feeling better, too!

  • shvrngrl
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    Thanks for the suggestion Healther. I am trying to be more aware. Yesterday went really well. I didn't snack and had my normal meals and felt fine. I know if I'm hungry more than an hour before my next meal, I didn't eat enough at the previous meal. I also know alot of this extra eating is wanting comfort foods when I feel sick. For me evaluating between true hunger and psychological cravings is the challenge. I am amazed that the sugar cravins went away so quickly. That use to be my nemisis.
  • shvrngrl
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    Was a new thread started and I didn't get he memo? No one is posting! Anyway, today is day 9. Feeling pretty good except for wicked cravings to just plain eat! Nothing imparticular just want to eat....weird!
  • shvrngrl
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    Day 14, still feeling good. Craving salt and looking foward to the end of the W30. I'm already planning my cheat day! Then I'm goign to turn around and jump right back on the wagon. Those chips in the pantry are really appealing this week!!
  • CmGoode
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    Okay, have my first major challenge tomorrow during our whole30. Hubz is making homemade carrot cake ice cream tomorrow....his daugher, who has been away for a year will be over and they both adore ice cream! My plan is have a bowl of berries sprinkled with coconut and bacon instead. Crossing fingers for the best! No wait, what's that saying, there is no try, just do! I am solidly into ketosis right now also, not gonna undo that! Wish me well!

    Finding coconut butter that you melt and pour over fruit is a nice little treat that I still do even though my 30 days ended at the start of April
  • terwhitcomb
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    Hi All
    Is anyone still going? I'm so sorry I've not been posting! I got really sick - it has taken me almost three weeks to feel human again! Needless to say I fell off the wagon :( I had 14 days under my belt and then just couldn't keep it going with being so ill - it takes a lot of planning and brain power for sure! I loved the way I felt (before I got the flu) though and have plans to start it up again soon. How is everyone else doing? Most of you should be on day 24 if you're still going!!! It was definitely a learning experience for me and I've not gone too far off the path honestly! A little sugar and a little dairy here and there...what have you learned?
  • shvrngrl
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    Hi Terri, I fell off last Thursday. It was TOM and I couldn't resist the cravings. I made it to day 15 or maybe it was 14. It did help with most of my sugar craving. I'll try again eventually but I have a few holidays coming up. Maybe I'll join the big one in August. Thanks for putting together this one though.
  • boomboom_laji
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    Hey Terri and all!
    So, I completed my Whole 30. The only cheat I had was a single beer about two weeks in. My gym did an an ultra-sound type body scan at the beginning and at the end, so here are the results: 5 lbs of fat last, 2 lbs of muscle gained. An inch off the waist and 2.5 inches from my hips. I am reintroducing foods one at a time, but honestly, I think I going to keep going with the Whole 30 thing. I like it. I LOVE not having to count calories. I do wish I had lost more weight, but I am still happy that I got results. I felt like I was eating a lot of fat.... so maybe if I scaled that back I would have slimmed down a little more. But overall, this is good. Of course, now that the 30 days ended... food is popping up everywhere at work... pizza, doughnuts, Reese's peanut butter cups. OMG!! Seriously! I haven't touched it, but I did have to move it so I wouldn't be walking by.

    I think I am going to introduce some heavier lifting and some HIIT and keep going. Even if I keep going how I am, 5lbs of fat every 30 days, I will be a total of 25 lbs of fat down by the end of August. That makes me VERY excited.

    I would love to hear how other's did. Also, we could start another one.

    Anyone? :)