Roll Call



  • julz_72
    julz_72 Posts: 29 Member
    I'm here. Team Sacrimoni
  • julz_72
    julz_72 Posts: 29 Member
    sorry wrong team name should be Moltisanti
  • MainahGirl
    MainahGirl Posts: 282 Member
    Team Sacrimoni
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    Hello! Am I on the Blundetto crew?
    Thank you! Kellie :)
  • joys19
    joys19 Posts: 56 Member
    Paulie Walnuts crew
  • Topher1978
    Topher1978 Posts: 975 Member
    Leotardo here!
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    Baccala represented
  • Romes08
    Romes08 Posts: 114 Member
    Team Leotardo Whoop Whoop
  • Noenvynofear
    Noenvynofear Posts: 137 Member
    team baccala and here :)
  • I'm on this crew as well! Baccala that is!!
  • Mindochka
    Mindochka Posts: 61 Member
    Crew: Dante Capo: Theparnellslisa Soldiers:

    Silvio Dante here, wanting to welcome you all to my group! I am very excited about the challenge and having the opportunity to motivate and be motivated. I have been part of a walking, biking challenge for February and March and have been a member of a team. What an amazing feeling it is to push yourself not only for you, but for the benefit of the team. Does it surprise me that I feel such gratification, no because that's what I have been doing my entire adult life. Sean and I, working as a team, raising our children, putting everything we had into the success of our family. Only this time it's going to be a little different because while we are doing this for the benefit of our family it is for US! Team work is so important and I hope that we can all work together to not only benefit the team but for the benefit of ourselves as well. Now let's go earn some money for our family!!

    Howdy everyone! Looks like someone didn't make the cut and got whacked because I just got assigned to the Dante team! Ready to cream these other teams! Feel free to friend me so we can motivate/encourage on each other's new feeds!