Starting Measurements and Goals!



  • teinabarlow
    teinabarlow Posts: 6 Member
    Current weight 170
    Goal weight 140
    I'm not sure what to expect in 12 weeks. I'd like to be wearing my size 30 jeans and shorts

    5'7" - Turned 43 yesterday!
    Waist 33
    Hips 43
    Chest 39
    Arms 12.5
    Thigh 27

    I was hot 10 years ago: 140 and 18% bodyfat.
    Today I hate how I look and have only one pair of jeans that fit. I haven't exercised in over 4 months; I get out of breath easily and have chronic arthritis pain in my hands (RA since 1995). My BP is high at 140/92, HR 80.

    GOAL - lower BP, be able to double my wardrobe by wearing all my old clothes; have energy, no pain and maybe run a 5k with some friends.

    I don't know how to start. Cardio? Yoga? Weights? I am off work for the summer so I have ALL the time in the world. Any suggestions?
  • ChubbyCyclist
    ChubbyCyclist Posts: 12 Member
    SW: 215
    IGW: 145
    12 Week GW: 195

    I'll add measurements later this week.
  • nana6799
    nana6799 Posts: 262
    CW: 126lbs
    IGW: 111lbs
    Hoping to reach my IGW before the 3rd of June!
    Chest/Waist/Hips: 35/29/37
    Height: 5ft2

    In 12 weeks I'm hoping to be slimmer, more toned and fit enough to run with my dogs!

    We have about the same stats! Except, you plan to go lower in weight. I will especially be looking for your progress each week. That will help me!
  • zentha1384
    zentha1384 Posts: 323 Member
    Highest weight: 275lbs
    3-30-13 weight: 180.6 lbs
    12 week goal: 168 (Healthy BMI :happy: )
    Height: 5'3"

    It may be easier to keep track of measurements in a spreadsheet like google doc or edit grid. If you like this idea and want help I can help set it up.

    Whoops, that will only get me to the "Overweight" category for BMI, got a little too hopeful. At least last month I made it to the overweight for HtWR.
  • MrsSassyPants
    MrsSassyPants Posts: 223 Member
    April 1, Monday

    Arms R. 14.5 L. 14
    Under arms 39.25
    Bust 44.5
    Waist 34.75
    Hip 44
    Butt 45.5
    Thighs R. 27.5 L.27.25

    Weight: 178.8
  • kathydant
    kathydant Posts: 7 Member
    found my tape measure!
    C/W/H - 35/28.5/36
  • sarahp4769
    sarahp4769 Posts: 69 Member
    Hi, Im Sarah from the UK.I have recently started the New Rules of Lifting for Women and am just finishing stage 1. Im trying not to focus on loss of pounds as this tends to be deceptive (although Im still more focused on weight loss than I should be). My goals are to improve with my weight lifting and get stronger, drop some body fat so you can see some muscle and to fit into a size 14 jeans (UK, currently in UK size 16...just!).

    SW : 211
    CW: 194.7
    GW: 150ish but are how I feel.

    Arm: 14inches
    bust: 43
    chest: 36.5
    waist: 37.5
    Stomach: 44
    Hips: 45
    Leg: 27
    Calf: 16.75
    Neck: 14.75
  • Jennikitten
    Jennikitten Posts: 142 Member
    CW: 208 lbs
    12 week goal: 180 lbs
    Height: 5ft8

    Hips: 48 inches
    Waist: 36 inches
    bust: 43.5 inches
  • deboutemard
    deboutemard Posts: 1 Member
    Hi all

    Height - 5ft 5
    Starting weight - 159
    current weight - 152
    goal weight at end of 12 weeks - 142

    Exercise is limited to walking at the moment due to back problems - but still motivated to get that Bikini Body!
  • danifo0811
    danifo0811 Posts: 542 Member
    Current 150.4
    IGW 135

    Don't have a goal weight for 12 weeks but would like 200 minutes/week of exercise and to stay on target with eating and log daily for this challenge.

    Some of that weight is just due to Easter but most of it isn't.

    chest 36
    waist 32.5
    hip 37.75
    l/r thigh 23.5
    l/r bicep 11