May 6 challenge



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    Money has been tight for my roommate and her boyfriend so I thought I would cook dinner for all of us. It's nothing big but they certainly appreciated it. Also, downloaded an app that makes a tiny donation to charity for every mile you run/walk/jog.


    What app is that?

    Charity Miles
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    The person in need is my daughter. She just gave birth and I am spending a week with her and her boyfriend helping them get into a schedule. Doing housework, cooking and of course laundry. This is an act of love....
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    Just so happened that when this challenge was posted someone made a comment on Facebook about how they feel so down about not being able to get to the gym and that she gained 5 lbs. I told her not to look at yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. 5 lbs is better than 25 lbs and to just start fresh tomorrow and do the best that she can. Everyone needs the little bit of confidence booster that other people can offer for one another.
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    Team Dante

    My act of kindness was calling my 90 year old aunt, to brighten her day, and calling some old friends to reminisce about the good old days. I'm still kinda sick, so don't want to go into the public - so staying home was a good deed in itself.

    Sorry I didn't do the jumping jacks - but I did work up a sweat reorganizing my "pilot room" (the room where I pile all my extra stuff!). I was rocking that for close to two hours in a room with 80 degree sun heating it up.
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    I reached out to a special MFP friend who hasnt been logging in lately.
  • Prephred
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    Talked to a friend who is has been having a bad pain week, no jumping jacks (medical reasons) I did 100 wall pushups instead
  • sarahp4769
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    I took the day off work (even though Im mega busy there at the moment) to take my partner to his hospital appointment because i knew he wouldn't go if i didn't force him!!
  • Kimberly3013
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    I spent the day helping patients at work. I also came home and went to my sons ballgame where I helped coach the team on as well.

    I also did 100 jumping jacks.
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