Week 8 is hard... to stop running!

So I started week 8 yesterday. As the title says, when the app tells you to stop running after 28minutes it is very hard to stop from running for 2 more minutes to finally reach the 30minute mark!

So by the end of the week I should be finished this program, although I will consider myself having finished C2 30mins as I think I only do ~4 - 4.5km in that time, will then try repeating the last day until I do 5k in 30minutes.

Keep going people, surprising how much you can run when you get to the end of the program.


  • Lisame11
    Lisame11 Posts: 58 Member
    Hi there. That sounds really encouraging! I am currently on week 4, and did run 2 yesterday. I did find it hard, though I found my pace half way through the session, and kept going at the end even though I felt exhausted.

    I look forward to not wanting to stop! :)
  • kgprice11
    kgprice11 Posts: 750 Member
    congrats man how is your pace and distance looking