Are there any JUDDers who keep food diaries?

It seems like none of my JUDD friends keep food diaries for some reason. Friend me if you do please! My diary is open to my friends, and I rarely skip a day. In it you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly! Not much JUDDing though lol.


  • fastforlife1
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    Shelbywees is always a fun diary though! I have to try her favorite food Protein Fluff.
  • I do
  • Keiras_Mom
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    Hi Pami!!

    I do too. Feel free to add me if you'd like to see mine, though UDs are generally fueled by wine! ;-)
  • shelbyweeeee
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    Shelbywees is always a fun diary though! I have to try her favorite food Protein Fluff.

    Haha! Fun? Awwww... thanks! :)) :flowerforyou:

    And I HIGHLY recommend the fluff.... I'm eating it right now.... NOMZZZ.... chocolate banana!
    Considering I never close out my diary, it's good to know that at least someone is checking it out!
    I try to eat a variety of different types of food, a lot of it is experimental... TVP this past week is amazing! :bigsmile:
  • sicchi
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    yeah I do, but I cop alot of heat from my "non JUDDD" friends....... almost closed it to keep it to myself. Not logging todays UD cause I totally don't care. Im just eating fruit and olive bread anyways. Still got this damned flu :cry: But feel free to add
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    I keep it every day. Feel free to friend me if you want.
  • amandajayne11
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    I do and I've sent you a friend request :) I just couldn't get out of the habit and love to see how much I've eaten. I average 500 on a DD and 2000 on an up day and have lost about 3lb in the last week I've been doing it. Before that I averaged 1400 calories a day plus exercise calories and averaged 1.2lb a week weight loss ( I strength train too which I think is key to my success ths time). I love ths new way of losing weight :)
  • chrissylovescj
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    I do... I just recently started back after only a 20 day run earlier this year. Sticking with it this time and I've shared my diary! I sent you and a few others a friend request! Happy JUDDDing!!!!
  • fastforlife1
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    I feel a little guilty, but I need to let this message board know that I am not doing any fasting during the next 5 cold winter months (I live a few hundred miles from Canada.). I'm following approximately 1500 calorie a day diet for right not and losing about 1 pound every 10 days.