Introduction to the Challenge

Good afternoon, everyone...

This challenge will officially kick off on Sunday, December 9. I will issue one weekly challenge and am still considering adding a scorecard- but will wait for your feedback on that one:) I am also going to add a weekly weigh in section, and we will begin with our pre-challenge weight on Sunday!

I have been actively on MFP for around a year, and have decided that this may be the easiest way to keep me engaged! I never had much of a weight problem until my third child was born- five years later and I am finally ready to get back to my pre-baby shape. Additionally, I plan on celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my husband next year, and refuse to not take photos because I hate the way I look in them. I have about 20 pounds to go- and they were NOT kidding about how hard those last pounds are! So, if you would like to join me here, please use this section to introduce yourself- and I am glad you have joined me in my quest to get rid of my last 20!


  • Becoming_A_Butterfly
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    Hi! My competitive side likes the idea of a scorecard, but it depends on the weekly challenge. I am following the Chalean Extreme workout schedule and am in the 2nd month called Push.

    I have been on MFP for about a year but only really active for the past several months. I finally made up my mind to do this 100% and get in shape, no more excuses. I have a long way to go to my goal but am determined to get there!
  • I love it! I'm in but My goal is not to actually loose much weight but to loose body fat % and maintain my current weight - well I want to loose 1 lb from my weigh in yesterday! My goal is 135 lbs and 15-18% bodyfat. I am currently 136 and 25% bodyfat. I have been looking for a challenge to keep my motivation up. I just finished the 24 day challenge and did great! This is my week off - well I am eating bread and cereal again! HAHA. I will watch for the challenge info on Sunday!
  • mrivera713
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    I need to lose a lot of weight but I need to kick in and get started again. I would like to join.
  • IvyWhispers
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    I want to loose body fat and build my muscles back up.
    I haven't been on here for long so am looking for ways to make sure I keep coming back, and stay motivated...this group sounds like a good one :)
  • This sounds like fun. What kind of challenges are we talking about?
  • I totally need to lose weight and something to keep me going, I would love to join!
  • michelle1973nc
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I needed something to focus on other than calories in and calories out. I do very well with logging all my food intake but getting out of my comfort zone fitness wise will be great. I use a treadmill mainly for exercise, running, jogging and walking. I will do the occasional exercise DVD and want to get more weights into my repertoire.

    I too am almost to my 10 year anniversary and want to lose those 15-20 lbs. We are renewing our vows on a Disney Cruise with a lot of family and our kids in tow. My goal is to wear a bikini and not feel unsure of myself.
  • michelle1973nc
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    By the way, a scorecard sounds interesting. :bigsmile:
  • What kind of challenges are you thinking of doing?
  • Excited to be part of the group from the "get-go". I used to be very active and loved working out. About three years ago a job changed drastically changed my schedule and allowed me to make excuses for not getting to the gym. In the course of that time I have gained 20+ pounds of the 75 pounds Iost four-five years ago. I am tired of wishing i was..... and ready to quite complaining. I loved it when I was more active and I was happy. Ready to get back to that "me".
  • What type of diet do you follow regularlly if you are "eating bread and cereal again" on your off week? If you eat low carb, can you adjust your setting in MFP to reflect the different levels you aim for?
  • miriamh23
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    i love it! it sounds like a great way for everyone to stay on track. i still have a ways to go, but good luck on your last 20!
  • adnil17
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    I am up for that. i need some motivation.
  • Chan1122
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    Hello everyone,
    I just joined my fitness pal this past Sunday at the suggestion of one of my friends. Today is my 3rd day and I really like this app. It could be because I am also a member of Weight Watchers and one of the major components of weight watcher's is tracking (writing ) your food. While I love exercising I have found that I have not been as motivated to exercise as often this past month. I'm looking forward to this challenge.
  • jereneyz
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    The scorecard sounds exciting! :)
  • Hi all, this sounds great - after umming and aahing and reading over posts for 20 minutes, I had to get over myself and click join! (And for those of you who are doing the same...go'oorrn. Just do it.)

    Curious to know what the challenges will be though? I'm 5ft6.5 and need to lose about 15 pounds (6kg), so I know the pain of trying to lose those last few pounds SO WELL :-)
  • twentytwelve12
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    Sounds good, would love to join
  • hopperem
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    Short term challenges much easier to focus on than the long term ones! Count me in
  • lem_orc29
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    I like this idea a lot! And, since I'm super-competitive, I love the idea of a scorecard. :) Hoping these mini-challenges will help keep me motivated through Christmas so I can start the new year strong!
  • Carmennorth
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    For those of you who have asked... I mentioned this before- I am active but not a super intense exercise guru, but that is why I added a good friend (she is a personal trainer who does not get paid-lol) to this group as a leader. In other words, I can definitely run- as long as I am being chased by a murderer, while she does boxing classes as a fun morning. Ummmm, I tried boxing once- gave up ten minutes into it (I like to sweat, but holy cow- I think I lost my body weight in water that first ten minutes). Every Sunday, I will start two threads; mine will be for those who are light to medium exercisers and hers will be for those of you that are more experienced and up for the challenge. If we do a scorecard, I think I will have a monthly winner that is announced at the beginning of each month. As far as suggestions for challenges that you want to see, please email them to me- as I read that more often than anything else! And I am dreading my first weigh in on Sunday- I got on the scale this morning--- not. good.