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    Hi Everyone I am Lindsey, been on my fitnesspal for a while now but only really started to use it regularly back in November when I had my hypnoband fitted.

    Seem to have got stuck at 19lb loss and really need to get moving more. My other struggle is I am a tea addict and would much prefer to drink tea than reach for the water.

    Would love some friends on here to keep me motivated so feel free to add me.
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  • My name is Denise and want to lose 40 lbs. Started MFG on 1/20 and have lost 4 lbs. Have been trying to lose weight for about 6 months and not a lb came off! When I started tracking my calories, realized I was only eating about 500 calories a day and once increased to 1200 the weight started coming off..
  • I found that out too Denise. When we starve ourselves & don't eat much, it makes our body hang on to everything we eat because it thinks we are in starvation mode. I am finder the earlier I eat the faster it starts my metabolism. Good luck! Ret
  • HI Im Gemma , ill be 30 in April :O (if anyone asks im still 29 for a good few years yet! I have 3 children . I live in the uk and currently have a LOT of weight to loose in fact i'm prob the biggest in this group from what ive seen . I have pcos and hypothyroidism so its nigh on impossible for me to loose weight I have to stick under 1200 cals to loose anything at all . Im not finding it to difficult tbh so don't see a problem while i'm still a risk to my health x
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    I've been on and off for about a year as well and now I'm hoping to stick to it and get on track to a healthier me!!! Thanks for opening this group! What has seemed to work for those who have to drop 40 lbs? Any suggestions?
  • Hi I have been on here for about two weeks and finding it to be a great tool, learning a lot from the forum posts. I eat mostly whole foods, using tinned salmon and tuna.

    As well as buying some frozen calorie controlled foods from a company that has been running for 25 years or so with great reviews. I work shift work and find it an easy nutritious alternative for when I only have 6 hours sleep between shifts, and half an hour to get ready for the next shift, Plus I find it helpful not only to have it calorie controlled but it gives me a reality check on portion control,

    I also sometimes substitute a meal with Optimum Essentials Healthy Weight meal replacement, especially breakfast - but I have been doing really well making oats and fruit for breakfast and finding it sustains me til lunch,

    Otherwise my meal is a leafy salad with capsicum (peppers), tomato, cucumber, advocado, celery and recently I have added capers and olives with lemon juice and greek-yoghurt dressing. I find it so tasty and filling. My diet in the past has been so poor nutritionally, Not only am I losing weight on 1200 calories, but my energy level is better than it has ever been, my skin looks great, my eyes seem brighter and aches and pains that I had in the past seemed to have disappeared,

    I have a long way to go, so I am hoping to create better habits and stick with them.
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    HI :) I'm new to this site & am also on 1200 calories, I've gone over a little twice but have made it up with exercise....I figured going over by a little wouldn't kill me. I'm looking forward to losing more weight & being healthier...Add me if you'd like a new friend :) I need some extra motivation every now and then too!!
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    Hi all. Now that I'm less than 20 pounds from goal (122) and 10 pounds from a weight I'll be so happy to see again (129) I'm not worried about how long it takes to get to goal after that, I have to stick pretty close to 1200 and I no longer get to eat exercise calories back every day because if I do, I don't lose any weight. Not even an ounce.

    (^^^ Clearly a dangerous side effect of a 1200 calorie a day diet is run-on sentences!)

    I suppose this past 14 months of calorie deficit has done a number on my metabolism, but I must admit I feel pretty good. I'm low carb, so I eat lots of steak. It's hard to feel deprived when sitting around with a 12oz rib eye in my belly but aside from some cheese and onions, that 12oz is often all I eat that day. So I'm a one meal a day 1200 calorie eater. But hey, it works.

    I do take my vitamins and I do look forward to hitting 129 so I can at least eat some exercise calories back.
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    Hi everyone. I'm Melanie and I've lost 115lbs in 18 mos (from Jan 2011-June 2012 when I got married) just by counting calories alone. I don't exercise (I know I SHOULD and will start when it gets warmer outside) and went from a size 24/26 to a size 8. I've gained a bit back because I got careless after the wedding and gave myself a bit of a break from counting calories. I started at 243lbs (I'm only 5' tall so this was a HUGE impact) and my lowest was 125 last June.

    I'm now hovering around 140-145, size 10/12. I'm OK with this, but not "happy" and want to get back down to 125ish. I wasn't bikini shape or anything, but was happy at that size 8.

    I backed down to 1100 calories as of Jan 1, as a guideline until spring and I can start working out. I haven't been too serious about it yet, but have lost about 3lbs so far. I feel pretty good going forward and know that I'll be at goal weight before the end of this year (hopefully by summer, but I'm not pushing it).

    Originally from Detroit, born and raised...have lived in 11 states and currently reside in Denver, CO. Hope to talk to a lot of you!
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    Hi Carissa :) i am Marissa :) I have always played the calorie game to drop the pounds.. i recently dropped the cal intake to 1200 and it is a bit difficult but i am hoping to see resuts soon! i have friends who do not agree with the 1200 calorie goal as they say the body feeds off of energy and while this makes total sense i am pretty sure all of my excess weight provides me with plenty of energy to drop the current weight- so let's see how this trial goes??? wish me luck and thank you for creation of this group- success stories are always inspirational :)
  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Sheila and I just joined about a week ago...I heard about MFP through DivaSlimsDown's youtube page. I hope this will keep me on the right track...

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    Hello, I'm Jennifer. had had MFP since last June but just began using it this month. I started getting serious about getting healthy in early December. I try and stick to a 1200 calorie diet, though most days don't quite get to that. Looking for support as well as to support others! :)

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    Hi everyone! I'm excited to find this group. I started losing weight a little over a year ago eating around 1200-1300 calories and doing light exercise (usually just walking) 4-5 times a week for about 45 minutes on my lunch hour. I had really great success at first, I lost 25 pounds in about 3 months. I wasn't hungry or deprived, just got stressed and stopped tracking. I'm a mom to a 3 year old, work full time and was taking a heavy class load for my MBA so nutrition and exercise took a backseat to everything else. When I decided a few months ago to start losing again (luckily I maintained all but 4 pounds of my loss) I started reading the eat more to lose and TDEE -20% threads and decided to try that. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to eat 1800 calories and lose weight!?! Problem is here I am about 4 months later with a loss of....0 pounds. It's just not working for me! So I'm going back to what did work (and did not make me balloon back up when I started eating more than 1200 calories - no matter what the Eat More people say will happen).

    I'd like to lose about 30 pounds and then reevaluate. That might be enough or I might decide to keep going, but I know before my daughter I was around that weight and pretty happy with my size. So we'll see. Another goal I have is to start running. It's always been a dream of mine to be a runner (like just throw on my shoes and run 3-5 miles without a problem type of runner). So that's what I'm going to start working on as soon as time changes and it's actually daylight during the hours I'm at home - I despise the treadmill!!!) For now I'll stick to walks during my lunch break (if it's not too cold - I'm in Georgia so it's usually not too bad) and 1200-1300 calories. I would love to add in some of the Jillian Michaels DVDs eventually for some strength training workouts.

    Feel free to add me. I love the looks of this group so far, everyone seems really positive and supportive. Some of the other groups are so aggressive I was afraid to post or be active because everyone turned on someone who said something they didn't agree with!
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    Hello everyone,
    I'm Tonya from Sioux Falls, SD and I have been creeping the boards for over 3 weeks now! I found this one and I think I belong! I am 30 years old and married to a great man for nearly 10yrs that has been with me through thick and thin... I would like to get back to thin. I have already lost a bit of weight over the past year but my journey usuly goes.. looses a bit gains a bit looses a bit more and gains a bit... and I would love to put an end to that. I started MFP over 3 weeks ago at 1400 calories to get my body used to it then I dropped to 1300 and I have been at 1200 for almost 2 weeks now. Some days I feel great and some days I am starving. This I find really makes you pay attention to what you purchase and plan for meals and not waste your calories on liquids. This has also helped me remember some sort of multi-vitiman to help out if I lack in some areas of my nutrition. My husband and I would like to start thinking about starting a family at the end of this year and I really want to get healthy before I think about that! I find that I am on MFP more then FB in a day now looking for support and Motivation! I am looking forward to this year!
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    Hi everyone. I'm Debbie and have been trying to stay on the 1200 calories since Nov. So far I haven't seen any big weight loss. Not sure if this is right for me but not going to give up just yet. Hoping this group gives me motivation I need and some new ideas.
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    Hi everyone. I'm Tonya and I've been doing MFP for awhile. I do 1200 a day and I am comfortable with that, and on exercise days I do eat more. My problem is I don't loose weight. I went down in pants size but not on the scale. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to think my birth control is making it hard for the lbs to come off. so I'm here for support. Thanks.
  • It is SO nice to meet everyone! Wow, this group is growing fast.

    I just realized that in my introduction I didn't say much about myself. I'm from just outside Louisville, KY and I work as a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis counselor in a shelter for survivors in Louisville. My job is hard, both emotionally and at times, physically, but I love what I do. I'm 5'1" (almost!) and started to freak out a little when, after I had been at my job for a few months, the scale began creeping back up toward 200, as I've been well over that before. I have PCOS and am a type 2 diabetic, so weight loss is really a life and death thing for me. When I started counting calories, I was at 196, so even though my ticker says I've lost three pounds, that's just since I started MFP. I actually started at 196 and I'm now at 176, so I've lost 20 pounds so far. I'm at right around 1290 calories a day and I love working out on my Wii Fit and am getting ready to add Tae Bo to my workout routine, since I've done Tae Bo years ago and really enjoyed it. It makes me feel so powerful, like I could really kick someone's butt! I've been married for fifteen years and my husband and I have no children, but we love our six dogs. I just got my bachelor's in May in Women's and Gender Studies and I'm currently (slowly!) working on my master's degree. I've got my dream job and the degrees I've always wanted are coming, so I figured it was time to start really getting serious about my health, too. I'm so glad I found this site and all of these wonderful people for support!
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    Hi fellow 1200-ers,
    I'm Laura and really need to lose at least 25 lbs. for my health and vanity. I'll check in daily to get and give encouragement to all with goals to improve themselves. Good luck to all!
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    Hi everybody! My name is Martina- I am originally from Italy but I moved to NYC 6 years ago!

    I joined MFP in June 2011 and used it for almost two months... it was working! Then I went on vacation and forgot all about it ;)
    Last September I decided I wanted to finally get rid of these extra pounds... I hate being on a proper diet (i.e. no carbs/ eat this don't eat that and so on kind of diet), so counting calories with MFP is the best solution for me! I was on 1350 calories-per-day before and lost 2.7 kilos (6 lbs) so far. I decided to go on a 1200- calories- per-day after the holidays (went back to Italy to visit my family and ate A LOT ;) ) and this is working out great for me! I thought it would be harder but with a little effort, I am sticking to it. When I "have to" eat more on one day (social functions/ dinners with BF...), I eat less the day after and balance the calories...not an easy task, but at least I don't feel guilty!

    I have a crazy schedule but I try to go running three times per week (two is mandatory!!!). I follow a specific running schedule, which includes different workouts... After my run, I eat back most of what I've burnt (usually 400-500 calories) because I feel that being on 1200 calories I am "allowed" to do's like a reward! I still have mixed feelings about this so please, let me know your thoughts!

    I need to drop another 3 kilos (6.6 lbs), then I will hopefully feel good about myself...Unfortunately, kids used to make fun of me when I was in school... I was chubby, not FAT, but they used to be extremely mean to me... It was a long time ago but it still hurts sometimes and it made me become very insecure about myself...

    Feel free to add me as your friend and let's all keep up with the good work!!!