April 4th Challenge

Ok I understand. Legs, arms, chest, and butts are sore. Very simple challenge for today. Stay under your MFP calorie goal for the day and earn one large. Well maybe a little something more. Walk, run, jog minimum 5 miles receive the extra large. Bikers minimum 10 miles. Do well, be healthy!

The Don

Hey Silvio Dante here, as most of you know I am the loyal consigliere to the Don. You know he gets very busy sometimes and I have to step up and help out. Well you see the Don is a pretty fit guy and is not always aware of some of the exceptions that have to be made in the family in order to help the crews produce. So this is the way it's gonna be, everything he said plus we are going to add 10 laps in a pool for those who can't earn the extra large with the other challenges. So break a leg and let's see 100% participation!!


  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    Nice way to break it up. And thanks for the advance notice.
  • jenniferitzep
    jenniferitzep Posts: 66 Member
    I wish we had a pool to do laps does miles in the ecliptal machine
  • theparnellslisa
    theparnellslisa Posts: 390 Member
    Yes, if elliptical equates miles absolutely!!
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    Okay Don, I'll be sure to walk the treadmill tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!
  • admmommy
    admmommy Posts: 143 Member
    Love it! Let's go Paulie Walnuts crew you can do it.....lets get to that 100% and never let it go :)
  • taz69tazz
    taz69tazz Posts: 57
    HERE I GO !!! :drinker:
  • mrscruz625
    mrscruz625 Posts: 59 Member
    On it!
  • Tigger31179
    Tigger31179 Posts: 57 Member
    I'll def be under my calories since tomorrow is my cheat day, not today. ;)
  • meaghan2008
    meaghan2008 Posts: 401 Member
    Gotcha ! :D
  • info_nrs
    info_nrs Posts: 102 Member
    Lunchtime walk, 5500 steps per Fitbit = 2.5 miles. Halfway there!!!
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    I walked the treadmill for 5 miles Don, it was getting tough after the first three, but I pulled through for the FAMILY, reporting to my capo now!
  • flyinghawk2012
    flyinghawk2012 Posts: 40 Member
    I did 10 miles on the stationary bike - 28 minutes.
  • flyinghawk2012
    flyinghawk2012 Posts: 40 Member
    I'm under my daily allowance of calories. Now I'm off to line dance!!!
  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    So kept it under on the calories but there was no way I could do the walk. Work was way too demanding today.....unfortunately but tomorrow I will rock it
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member

    CAPO: MISSMEGAN831 5.7 miles treadmill under calories
    TARAANNE76 19 miles spin class under calories
    ANAGRAPHY 10+ miles spin class under calories
    KARENDEE4 under calories
    KRIS 1997 under calories (did 100 crunches)
    OCTOBERGIRL321 under calories
    MEANDFRANK 5 miles pool activity under calories
    KKMONROE 5 miles walking under calories
    MEMILLA 5 miles on the BORING treadmill (lol) under calories
    MATAWNA 5 miles walking under calories
    HEPPIN1 5 miles ellipitcal trainer under calories
    TAYLOR0204 5 miles under calories

  • done for today 5.5 miles and under my calorie goal.
  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
    Under on my calories AND did 10 miles on the bike... legs not so happy with me right now!
  • mocatinho
    mocatinho Posts: 65
    under calorie goal for Dante and walked 3 miles this eve
  • Sorry but totally confused on what I'm suppose to do for today and tomorrow...
  • tlatrice13
    tlatrice13 Posts: 162 Member
    unfortunately, I went over my calorie goal by 66 calories :-(