6/7/13 Announcement and Challenge!!



  • abikinibyjuly
    abikinibyjuly Posts: 330 Member
    Sorry friends, just checking the board now. Switched to public. :wink:

    Unfortunately, the person above me hasn't weighed in since starting the challenge. I'll see if I can track them down.
  • Ok mine is now public *eep* I guess everyone is going to know about my Jatz addiction now :P

    Also went up this week by just over 1/2 a pound boo but lost 2 inches so I am taking that as a win.

    Great job! I didn't notice anything odd!
  • lizzane
    lizzane Posts: 30 Member
    Public :D just have to check who's up n down :p
  • ppdes
    ppdes Posts: 83 Member
    Mine is public now and I guess I will be commenting on poison20's diary...
  • Jessifer83
    Jessifer83 Posts: 17 Member
    I sent a request to the person above me, but haven't heard back yet and they haven't weighed in.
  • anjani_009
    anjani_009 Posts: 511 Member
    I also haven't heard back from the person above me, and the person below me doesn't seem to be active on this board either. So if anyone wants to critique my food diary, let's go :embarassed:

    This challenge is really great, because it makes you aware of your diet. But seems like a lot of people are not really active :(
  • shuntia05
    shuntia05 Posts: 7 Member
    Hey does anyone have the link to the spreadsheet to log your weight?I've seem to cant find it.
  • tiffypooh2u
    tiffypooh2u Posts: 299 Member
    You cAn message them directly so that they can be sure to not miss the critiques. I will be doing my critiques starting tonight.
  • adchill
    adchill Posts: 51 Member
    I just made my public. Now accountablity kicks in!!!
  • larlo74
    larlo74 Posts: 45 Member
    I would say privately message them.
  • plumpncurvy
    plumpncurvy Posts: 68 Member
    done, thank you!
  • nellenelli
    nellenelli Posts: 6 Member
    Ahh this scares me! I know I eat wayyyyy too much fast food. If you look at my last two days...all I have eaten was fast food :( Guess this is the new take on dog shaming...people shaming :(
  • losingw8now
    losingw8now Posts: 105 Member

    Every day, I want you to look at the person's diary that is listed above you on the spreadsheet from the day before. I want you to give them one thing that they could have improved on and one thing that you see that they have done good on.

    I know you started this challenge, but I think most people know what they do wrong - and beat themselves up about it. I think people on here usually need more positive comments - what they did well, or something gentle like you did 4 glasses of water, yeah! Now see if you can do 5 tomorrow!!
    Just my 2 cents...

    And then we can friend that person above us and my diary is already open to friends.
  • ppdes
    ppdes Posts: 83 Member
    You cAn message them directly so that they can be sure to not miss the critiques. I will be doing my critiques starting tonight.

    Well, I messaged them directly and made my diary public. Neither have I received reply from the person above - nor has anyone commented on my diary... lets see..:ohwell:
  • AmyByExample
    AmyByExample Posts: 422 Member
    THis challenge is working great for me because it has gotten me back to tracking :). Sent a message to my person on the list. Have a great day all! Hugs, Amy :)
  • RTheHutt
    RTheHutt Posts: 46 Member
    i don't think the person above me or below me on the list is active - but message has been sent!

    My diary has always been open - if someone else isn't getting comments and wants to trade comments with me, just give a shout.
  • plumpncurvy
    plumpncurvy Posts: 68 Member
    I have had contact with the person above me, but no one has messaged me about mine. If someone needs someone I would love the input, you can be critical..just in a nice way please! I had one really bad day its obvious, I know it was bad I am really looking for pointers on my days where I am staying within my limits. TIA!
  • Stlarenas
    Stlarenas Posts: 90 Member
    I sent a note to the person above me.

    I don't think the person below me is active, but I would love for someone to comment on mine. Feel free to look me up if the person above you isn't active. Thanks!
  • Jessifer83
    Jessifer83 Posts: 17 Member
    The people above and below me seem to not be active in the challenge. I just recently started back up with MFP and haven't really started adding friends yet. I'd love some support and encouragement and I will certainly reciprocate! So if anyone would like to comment for the challenge and/or looking for friends...feel free to add me :flowerforyou:
  • NewMomNewME24
    NewMomNewME24 Posts: 71 Member
    Happy Monday - a new day!!! :) I haven't heard from the person below me (hasn't weighed in the past 2 weeks) - and the person above me hasn't made their diary public. They didn't weigh in for 6/7 yet either. I will send her a PM. My diary is open, if anyone wants to take a look. Please don't judge me for this past weekend --- all my choices were awful!!! I did get some workouts in though!!! :)

    Good Luck to all!!!