Where does everyone go to school?



  • I go to Michigan State University. Majoring in elementary special education with a minor in teaching english to speakers of another language
  • Guardilestelle
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    I go to Becker College in Leicester Ma for the two year veterinary technician program. I completed my two year animal care degree there as well.
  • random_sam
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    I go to Nashville State Community College. I'm studying pre-physical therapy. Soon I'll go to Tennessee state university.
  • LilMissTucknRoll
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    ok... I go to school online for a community college. LOL It's Wake Tech in NC. But, I chose this so I can stay home with my 2 yearold so I get to do school work while he naps and after he goes to bed.
  • nikiste
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    I'm in Duluth, Minnesota! UMD, go Bulldogs!
  • apierron01
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    I go to UCSD (University of California San Diego) I love this school. There are a ton of research opportunities for undergrads here and their grad school is awesome. I live off campus and the parking sucks but all in all, this school is great!
  • I'll be attending Cornell University in the fall for engineering. Getting stressed about college and weight gain and would love some friends!
  • Aurora1525
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    I'm going to the University of Pennsylvania in the fall for Computer Science. I did my undergrad at Drexel, so I think grad school might actually help me lose weight since I know University City is very walkable. It's a mile walk from the train station to campus, so I'm guaranteed a 2 mile walk every day! Hopefully that will offset eating at the lunch trucks (OMG chinese food!).
  • oliviaboston
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    Im at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

    I know this is mainly Americans in this group but it looked more popular than the England based ones. :)
  • amieleighmac84
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    Suffolk University in Boston!
  • University of Texas at Arlington.....where I major in Nursing and I'm a Jr. baby!!!
  • degausser234
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    I'm a junior at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design :)
    Looking to do my masters after, but not sure where yet!
  • raneylfrick
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    I go to FVCC in the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana! It's a community college so it's cheap, and it's professors and the school in general is ranked are ranked among the top CCs in the US. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and may take that further into a more focused degree in Forensic Science...I've found a passion for DNA processing!
  • feathernaut
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    University of Connecticut... and I kind of hate it there. :x
  • I go to Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL!! :)
  • Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio! I'll be a junior, but this will be my first year there. I just transferred from University of Dayton
  • ibtiamat
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    I go to a type of "community college", called Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (A means Agricultural and M means Mechanical)
    It is a small college, which makes me think it is a community college, also the average class is only 18 to 25 in body count per class. :P

    It is pretty and quaint little college. The gym is great and I am planning on hitting it as much as I can per week. I don't know how busy my schedule is going to be since I am full time student but also want a part time job, on top off all that I need time to study.
  • saranevans
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    I'm going to Texas Tech University out in West Texas. After I finish with my bachelors it'll hopefully be on to Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • St. Olaf College, it's a small school on the hill in a small town. In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    OP: I know quite a few people who go to Harvard, maybe we have some common acquaintances.

    ST. OLAF? REALLY? :D Just like the Golden Girls!!
  • Amanda_Tate28
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    University of Nevada, Reno! Go wolf pack!