What's your biggest challenge?

mammakisses Posts: 604 Member
For me it's quitting or drinking less wine. I know that if I were to just stop drinking I would lose alot of weight. So therefore this is what I will be working on the most. I'm challenging myself to not have a drink for as long as possible. Let's see how far I can go.

Days without wine: 1

Share with us your personal challenge.


  • I am totally with you on this one! Giving up my nightly glass of wine will be tough! Seeing your post prompted me to join this group. I have really been slacking off on my fitness goals and need to get it together before the holidays. Gotta start sometime, right?
  • codapea
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    My biggest challenge lately is starting my day with the right attitude. For the last few months I wake up and say, "Eh, whatever. Tomorrow." and proceed to not track anything all day. I need to be mentally on track first thing if I will have any hope of making it through the day. Just measuring the number of tablespoons in my coffee as opposed to guesstimating makes me feel like I will have control. I have been really struggling, with no weight lost since July. I don't know what happened to the focus that came so easily when I first joined this site a year and a half ago! I haven't felt like I could talk with anyone on my friends list or in my life about getting back on track and staying there, so thanks for starting this group!
  • jellybeans37
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    My biggest challenge is after dinner eating. I also will get down 3 lbs and for some reason lighten up on my good habits, and go back up. I am so frustrated with myself! I was just thinking this morning that I need extra motivation.
  • yeseniaramos1
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    My biggest challenge is the nighttime snacking and poor food choices... I will be on track all day long then as soon as I walk in my house I am eating crap!!!
  • yeseniaramos1 me too! I do great while at work but when home and around those kids, the calories began to pile up and the holiday choclate people have at their desk at work too, I'm a sucker for those and i know they add up!
  • It's nice to see that I am not alone in my stuggle to lose weight. Growing up in New York means you don't necessarily need a car, which I did not. So I walked everywhere! I was weighing between 125 and 135 and wearing sizes 5 and 7.Then I moved to VA in August 2005 and stopped smoking in October 2005, started driving in 2006 and by 2009 I went up to the 160's. Well needless to say, I never changed my eating habits and my weight continued to go up. Always thinking about my weight has been a constant issue with me the last 4 years. I don't like to clothes shop, nothing looks right on me. I'm always looking for clothes that hide my middle. And just thinking about giving up alcohol is a challenge. Like the other ladies, I too like a glass of wine with dinner, especially a pasta dinner. Or an ice cold beer. Anyway, it's not like I don't know what to do, I go to the gym and have been watching what I eat, especially at work, so I can save some of those calories for the evening. I belief once we change our thinking about food, everything else will fall into place.
  • I'm a chef. I'm surrounded by people who implore me to "Try this" all day long.
  • Nightly wine after work....I also know that without that- I would be down another 20 pounds at least! That, plus, I HATE to exercise - but, it HAS to be, right??
  • newtonk520
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    Tonight it's chocolate! It's all I could think about when I was grocery shopping. It's also finding time to get to the gym. I can find a lot of reasons not to get there.
  • blackdiamond912
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    My biggest challenge is staying motivated to exercise. I get started and then a week later I am making excuses on why I am not exercising.
  • Mine is definitely lack of motivation and also bad snacking habits. I want to get fit but I can easily talk myself out of not exercising and consoling myself its okay to have that extra serving of food. Also I am one who snacks from the time I get home to the time I go to sleep.
  • blackdiamond912
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    I do the exact same thing. I am starting my first day of juicing today, I am going to see if I can keep up with it for 10 days.
  • QueenMother14
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  • mammakisses
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    Well I'm now 2 full days without wine and my pants already feel looser. :bigsmile:
  • NikkiDT9211
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    My biggest challenge is sticking with it and avoiding temptation. I haven't been able to stick with my exercise plan for more then 3 days. Plus I get lazy and not want to cook resulting in a trip to get something unhealthy. Self control has always been tough for me and it seems like it has been even worse lately. I need to figure out something to get me out of this funk.
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    Biggest Challenges:

    1) Better food choices
    2) sweets

    :flowerforyou: Wine used to be one of mine but I've done really good with this lately.... for about a month now I've stuck with only having it on the weekends and when I do, no more than 3 glass.... unless my sister-in-law and I get together. We both LOVE visiting wineries in the area and having a good glass of wine. Luckily she works a lot and we can't get together very often so I let myself have a few when she's over....
  • burlingtongrl
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    Like a lot of you, my biggest challenge is after dinner snacking.
  • mammakisses
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    So guys how are you dealing with those challenges? For me not drinking wine means to not have any in the house and doing different things to change my mind. Also I try to stay away from movie and TV shows that seem to promote drinking like "Cougar Town". Reading a book is usually a safer bet.

    Share with us how your doing and maybe we can offer eachother some tips to overcome those challenges.
  • SkinnyWannabe30
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    Biggest Challenges:

    Staying motivated and consistently exercising....I do go for about 2-3 weeks and then fall of the wagon and sometimes takes me a month or more to get back on.

    Chocolate, Candy, chips = JUNK FOOD!
  • :smile: I know ANY exercise I do, will be an improvement -so if it burnt 100 calories or only 1 - it was still in the right direction. I set myself a goal that a minimum of 4 times a day I would spend ONE MINUTE moving, and that gets my metabolism going..... the more I do, the more I can do. It is a change, so naturally we resist it, but the goal is being healthier which is a biggie.
    Just try ONE of these for the 60seconds:
    * getting up out of a chair, then sitting back down - do as many as you can, as fast as you can
    * stepping on the spot, lifting knee right up - keep going
    *whirling arms around in a circle - or punching air straight up - just keep going as fast as you can
    keep records and try to beat your PB (personal best) and you will be surprised how even one week makes a difference.

    ANYTHING like these can be done ANYWHERE, it will get your blood pumping and it WILL make a difference. You CAN do it, and soon you will be doing it more than 4 times a day and/or increasing up to 5min at a time. Research high intensity training to see research into this, but don't go so crazy that it becomes a burden or you hurt yourself.
    I KNOW if you do this I can check in again in a month or so and I will see you have gained motivation AND lost weight.
    Good luck ox