Hey, Fat Girl



  • hoyalawya2003
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    Double bump. This always makes me cry, too.

    And there is a girl at my gym that I totally want to say this to--I am so inspired that she just keeps showing up and doing her thing.
  • rebecky27
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    Back to MFP after straying away...want to start C25K again too. Does anyone have an updated link to whatever this was?
    I get a "Sorry this page you were looking for does not exist" error when trying to copy/paste URL from OP.

  • likitisplit
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    Try it again. It just worked for me.
  • PinkNinjaLaura
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    That really is a tear-jerker. I was at the track at the crack of dawn just praying nobody else would be there to see me trying to run.
  • love , love , love this !!