• dexlyn813
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    Great group. I have about 20 more pounds to go.
  • energi
    energi Posts: 14 Member
    I'm aiming for 140 lbs as my ultimate goal and I'm between 156 and 158 right now. It will be fun to see if I can make that in 3 months. I know joining this group will help keep me on track and motivated.
  • Lost_it
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    I'm in....I will post my weight on January 1/ 2015.
  • FixItDuck
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    Kaplat wrote: »
    I'm in too! Just back with mfp after a long break and have a couple of weight loss goals for next year so this challenge is perfect. I'll be logging kgs though as I'm in New Zealand. Hope that's ok with admin?

    Me too! I'm sure we can convert them to lbs if need be.
  • mfezziwig359
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    Happy to be part of a group again. I need the motivation!
  • Laoch_Cailin
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    I'm in!!!

    I'm just recovering from illness. Ready to get back to losing a bit of weight. This challenge will be perfect.

    I'm excited now lol

    Laura x
  • lexbubbles
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    Is our header image the 'painted sheep' from Latitude Festival? Because I've seen those IRL

    (My photo, Latitude Festival 2010)
  • Deewithadoo
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    I'm in! Gotta DO this! I wanna wear a pretty Easter dress this year o:)
  • nivi_r
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    I am in!

    I have another forty pounds to go, would love to loose atleast thirty by Easter.

  • yogicarl
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    I'm in!
    My name is Carl. I am 5'3" and 163lbs. My initial target weight is 140.
    With 14 weeks to Easter Monday starting tomorrow, I aim to lose 1lb per week, so my target weight for this group is 149lbs.
    SW: 163
    Target weight: 149.
    Ashtanga Yoga and open water swimming.
  • summerhaze71
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    I'm in! It's at least something to strive toward!
  • HollyAnn_
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    Yay! Great way to jump start the year! I'm just coming back from a little over a year break. Baby # 4 is almost a year old now! My ultimate goal is 60 pounds away. I've lost and gained the same 40 pounds with each pregnancy, but with my first, who is 7, I kept a little on and gained a little more with the last so that's why 60.
    I'd LOVE to get there by next New Years!
    Add me if you want! Always looking for new friends
  • Sounds great! Exactly the amount I'm trying to lose and am aiming to reach my goal by my birthday in April :D
  • bunnerfly
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    Hi. I took a break from losing weight this past summer. I was going through some major issues, and needed a break. UNFORTUNATELY... that break cost me big time. I'm up to my highest weight ever. I know I'm close to, if not over 200lbs. I'm almost afraid to weigh myself, so I'll wait until Jan 1st.
  • MsLadyPirate
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    This is the first time I have been in a group, and also the first time I have done a challenge. Excited to get started on this weight loss journey. :p
  • Emi1974
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    I am ready to begin this challenge :D
  • I'm ready to start this challenge! My second wedding anniversary is just after Easter (April 20) and it would be great to be at my goal weight by then. :D
  • Lisajohnston
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    I'm in, i've not been doing well lately i've been having a hard time with motivation so i'm hoping this is what I need. I would love to lose 20 by Easter.
  • Hi, my name is Amber. I am so excited for this challenge! I feel like this will really motivate me to stay on top of my goals. My starting weight was 197lbs, my current weight is 186lbs, my goal weight is 130lbs.