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  • jomi0702
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    hi everyone, I've had my Fitbit since Jan. (to support my goal to be healthier this year).
  • nwegman7878
    Needing some motivation and challenges. Feel free to add me at
  • pattykaye33
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    I got my fitbit charge a few weeks ago. I'm really liking it, it's my first one.
  • mistiwestphal
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    public url: //

    Pleas add me. I love my charge. I've had mine since Jan. and would love to have people to do challenges with. I would also love some support and motivation.
  • cbraun133
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    kctus3 wrote: »
    Got the charge for Christmas. The calorie burn counter is very inaccurate. It bases the calories on the movement/swing of your arm. On average it says my calorie burn in arount 1100 calories and on my workout days it's about 2300. Impossible. I really want it to work for me, but it also has challenges linking my steps to my MFP, but if it's so inaccurate, I would rather it not do so anyway. :( Any other users experiencing these issues? I'm considering taking mine back. :)

    Hi I just joined this group today to see if anyone was going to acknowledge this!
    I work out every day heavy weights, etc. it says that I burned 80 calories. So....the reality is that it is a very expensive step tracker. Only counts the steps and not a heart rate monitor. I also wore it during a spin class where I burned 400 calories and it didn't register anything. LOL! This device seems like it is for walking/running and not for anything else. I will try to return mine as well. What I really need is a heart rate monitor.
  • eileenjez
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    Both my husband and I have the HR's. got them in Feb. He's been averaging 35,000 steps a day and before I got sick I was up to 15,000. Today he did 46,000 steps. The only problem we've had with them is we tend not to sit down to much. :)
  • rickatrest
    I just started using my fitbit charge tonight. So far so good! : )
  • huynh082
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    Definitely would enjoy some friendly competition and motivation!

  • Antonia2501
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    Got my charge hr a week ago and love it. Add me!
  • Luv_Hair
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    Hi there! I have a FitBit Charge and would love to add some friends. I need some buddies to come along with me. Add me: :D
  • deucetres
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    I've had the Charge HR for about a month... Still haven't figured it all out yet. Add me if you like
  • HarleyQuinnAddict
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    // I wear my fitbit every day
  • Robbnva
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    Got one today, can't wait to try this thing out. Especially the hr monitor
  • saraphim41
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    Got mine through my ins co's health plan. I keep forgetting to wear it. :(( It's a new thing.

    It's just a step counter, and I really don't exercise that much yet. Working on it, but starting from Total Couch Potato. Plus, the winter weather doesn't help. No snow, just doldrum days. Thank God for spring!!
  • aussie_girl_del_runner_5
    I've had mine since 1st March - so far so good. Feel free to add me
  • adelem86
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    Hey Guys please add me -
  • dimplz1965
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    Just bought a FitBit Charge yesterday. First full day today. I only slept 5-1/2 hours last night. I knew I slept poorly, but now I know how poorly!
  • Tata66
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    Had a Fitbit Flex for over a year and just upgraded to the Charge HR. Love it, but I am a little concerned with how little sleep I'm getting based on what the Charge has monitored.