Find Your 'Not That Heavy' Twin!



  • hayleyh08
    hayleyh08 Posts: 1 Member
    Age 18
    Height 5'6"
    Highest weight 130
    Current weight 127
    Goal weifjt 112
    Really want to lose the weight and get more toned, particularly my abs and thighs
  • SierrafHolt
    SierrafHolt Posts: 1 Member
    34 Years old ( have 2 teen age daughters)
    Current 170lbs
    goal 160
    I am big boned. I have a lot of muscle. I am lazy. I am tired. I work a lot with no time to excersize. My bmi is 24.4
  • cbmcphillips
    cbmcphillips Posts: 801 Member
    Age 51
    Highest Weight 220
    Current 181
    Lowest 175
    Goal 165

  • LawMJY
    LawMJY Posts: 42 Member
    onlysali wrote: »

    I'm 30 and one month away from my destination WEDDING so I'm extra motivated.

    HW: ~145
    CW: 129
    GW: 115-120 depending on tone

    My weakness is Alcohol, mainly beer, and eating late at night. Otherwise I'm wide awake starving until I fall asleep at like 4am. Tonight is one of those wide awake nights....

    Hi, I'm quite close.

    HW: 143
    CW: 136
    GW: 120

    I'm 36 and a mum of 2 boys. I'm currently not drinking just to stay low carb and get a bit more toned for summer. I find it so easy to get into the habit of having a beer or a glass of wine every night, but I'm trying to stay strong!
  • dcresider
    dcresider Posts: 1,272 Member
    Height: 5'1"
    Age: 45 yrs
    Highest Weight: 158 (6 years ago due IVF, no children), lowered weight by doing WW, and stopped a year ago.
    Current Weight: 140, size 4/6 but more of a size 6 which is NOT good.
    Lowest Weight: 125 (5 years ago when dad died). I got down to a size 4.
    Ultimate Goal Weight:125 but don't mind being around 130. My goal is to lose 8 lbs by early August for a family reunion.

    I started weight training 9 weeks ago and train 3x times per week doing StrongLifts. While I love cardio like running and bicycling, I've been focusing on weight training. Hopefully this will pay off.

    I'm also a big foodie and love all types of foods (mostly salty, savory, starchy things) but predominantly eat clean when I can. The worst time of the day is the evening when I cook and snack while having a glass of the vino. Hope to find similar friends.
  • sarahpetrie92
    sarahpetrie92 Posts: 6 Member
    hee... Why not?

    height: 5'4"
    heaviest: does pregnancy weight count? uuummm... I want to say about 150?
    current: 143
    lowest: 93
    goal: is not weight oriented. I just want back into the jeans that I wore when I felt the best - about a small 6, or large 4.

    We could be!
    Hight 5'3"
    Heaviest: 155
    Current: 148
    Lowest: 120 (not nearly as low lol)
    goal: 130 but I'm doing a lot of strength training so I'm also not so much watching the scale as hoping to fit back into my size 6/4 pants vs my 8/10!
  • Shylah04
    Shylah04 Posts: 1 Member
    Not really sure how these groups work, but I thought I'd join one! I'm really just trying to tone up and strengthen. So any bit of advice would be great. Best of luck to you all, in your fitness endeavors!

    I am 5' 4"
    Current weight: 122
    Goal w : 115

    Current Body Fat: 22-23%
    Dream Body Fat: 15-17%
  • alostkitty
    alostkitty Posts: 4 Member
    Hey, looking for people in a similar position to me for general chats, motivation and idea sharing to help me get back to my ideal weight. Have let it creep up over the past year and found this site really helpful last time I lost weight. I do yoga at home, looking to take up kick boxing again soon. Feel free to send a message/friend request.

    I am 5'10
    Currently 157
    My GW is around 125/130

    xx Laurie
  • NoehmiEsquivel
    NoehmiEsquivel Posts: 29 Member
    26 years old
    HW: 127lbs
    LW: 113lbs
    GW: 110lbs

    I've been going on and off with exercise (I tend to give up due to low self esteem) :( but wheb I'm in it I usually run on a treadmill, and do body weight exercises. (Squats, lunges, etc.)
  • chanisco
    chanisco Posts: 3 Member
    Age 45
    HW: 154
    LW: 123
    Currently: 140
    GW: 125-130 range (depending on muscle)

    Good luck everyone!
  • nimblemimble
    nimblemimble Posts: 5 Member
    Hey everyone!

    5'3, 24 years old
    Highest: 140
    Lowest: 116
    Current: 135
    Goal: 115
  • Stayhuman853
    Stayhuman853 Posts: 13 Member
    Are we twins?

    HW: 139
    CW: 131
    GW: 122
    UGW: 116
  • melissaaalee_
    melissaaalee_ Posts: 1 Member
    Ejwelton wrote: »
    Here's me

    Age 42

    HW 155
    CW 138
    GW 135

    Was there before my holiday last month and gradually getting back to it.

    I am 5'7 .
    HW 155
    CW 149
    GW 130

  • sabrinacrandall
    sabrinacrandall Posts: 74 Member
    22 Years Old

    HW: 130 lb
    LW: 115 lb
    GW: 120 lb
    Now: 125 lb

    I am just starting to run, and have been lifting consistently for about 6 months. I'm a martial artist, a scuba diver, a snowboarder, tennis and golf player, and I love being active in general. I just really need to strengthen my legs like my arms are and lose these awful thigh and glute pounds. I just started tracking my food (loosely, I don't actually weigh it, and take the calories it says as a rough guide) last month. Very new here, hoping to make this a lasting habit of being healthy and accountable for the food I put in my body.
  • miyukiasakura
    miyukiasakura Posts: 18 Member
    hi everyone
    I'm 5'3" and 22 yrs old
    HW: 170
    LW: 110
    GW: 100
    I wanna change my lifestyle, more active and healthy diet. But it seems to me that i'm obsessed with my weight especially when i'm in my lose weight process. I know eating under 1200 kcal is unhealthy but I find it hard to eat enough calories... Hope to find some advice and motivation.
  • Fresh15begone
    Fresh15begone Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 20

    HW: 162
    LW: 118
    CW: 155
    GW: 132

    I've gained the freshman 15 plus some haha. I'd really love to slim down for the summer and I'm trying to lose 8 pounds by early-mid July. And hopefully go on to lose 10 more by the time school starts! If you're (decently) motivated don't be afraid to add me!
  • NAG110664
    NAG110664 Posts: 10 Member
    age 50
    Height 5'6
    CW 143
    HW 156
    GW 135

    I have lost 4 pounds since being with MFP, I joined 6 months ago, it seems like a lose a good deal of weight and gain 1/2 of it back, it feels like I am on a teeter totter. I must admit I have trouble sticking to my diet 100% of the time.........but I will not give up and I know that eventually I will get to my goal weight.
  • carole4000
    carole4000 Posts: 50 Member
    Age 46
    5' 4
    HW 147
    LW 129 (only for a week!)
    CW 141
    GW 138 (1st goal but would like to go lower)

  • irishdancer214
    irishdancer214 Posts: 108 Member
    Hi :)

    Im obviously new but Im looking for someone or multiple people to be in this together

    19 years old
    height: 5' 4"
    weight: 145
    goal: 120

    Okay so I'll admit I don't regularily weight myself (I usually prefer to go by inches around my waist/arms/thighs)...but my best estimates:

    20 yrs old
    Height: 5'4"-5'5"
    Highest weight: 155-160ish
    Current weight: 145-150ish
    Goal weight: 120-125ish
    Looking to lose about 3 inches off my waist and about 2 off my thighs

    We seem to be about twins!
  • halcuri
    halcuri Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! Love this idea!
    Age: 36 (almost 37)
    Height: 5'7"
    HW: (not counting my 2 pregnancies) 155

    I'm fluctuating back and forth between 148 and 144. Really trying to lose those last five pounds. Okay, not true. I NEED to start trying. Do I have a twin?