my body image epiphany (kinda long, with pics)



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    WAY TO GO! Such a great inspiration for everyone! :wink:
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    Love this thread! @annalisbeth74, you look so pretty and vibrant and happy in your green dress.

    I'm also on the tallish side (5' 8 1/2"), and have struggled to get right with the numbers, both on the scale and dress sizes. Feels great to be on the way down, I'll say that much!

    Anyone who can be both kind and compassionate and hold his/her head high has my respect, always, and especially when social circumstances make it harder to do so (in a bathing suit, out of one's comfort zone for one reason or another.) Self-respect begets self-respect in others, I think.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Nice story. Well done! :)
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    oooooo that's a good one!!
    Thanks for illustrating that difference. How you can't even compare yourself to YOU never mind anyone else. Very interesting. I'm going to think on that one. I can imagine it was very freeing as well! I'm very happy for you!

    My first thought when reading about your size 12 dilemna was that (in case you didn't know) sizes are just kind of an arbitrary number that clothing companies assign to clothes. There's no standard. It started with catalogue sales way back when. Companies (in canada) like Sears. The number actually refered to the AGE of the average person in the beginning. Size 12? 12yr old girl/boy. Adult clothes often had measurements. Size 32. 32" Waist.

    But after a while, people got used to number sizing and ran with it. That's why if you go into the really expensive store, sometimes you fit into a smaller size (they want you to feel good about yourself in their clothes) Or if you go into the really really expensive store... you don't fit into anything because they only want their clothes worn by really really thin people etc. If I go to Giant tiger, I can usually wear an XL shirt. If I go to Reitmans... forget it, there isn't likely anything in that store I can get on. So... that just further complicates your size 12 comparisons now doesn't it.

    Best just go with the conclusion you came to! You're awesome! :)
    I recently saw a fb post that said that it is impossible for a butterfly to see it's own wings. Butterfly wings are generally considered to be some of the most beautiful creations in nature. :) People are kinda like that.

    So happy for you!
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    Way to go! You look great!