Final Oct weigh in

How did you do? I met my goal! I keep thinking my weight loss will slow soon now that I have just 10 pounds to my ultimate goal. And then there's the holiday season and all those temptations.....

Let's keep it up and go into November with even more motivation!!!


  • ewoksrule3
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    I did horribly this whole month. I'm giving myself a week to get back on track, and if I'm not there by next weekend I'll start eating ONLY at the table, while doing nothing else. I really really like to eat and snack while reading or watching tv, but if I am just going to end up binging all the time like I have lately, something needs to change to get this back under control. I'm hoping having somethin I really don't want to do looming out there will motivate me without having to resort to actually doing it!
  • WicklowWanderer
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    Didn't do too badly this week and I was a little worried as I've finished work until January and was hanging around the house a bit. As it was, with the free time I managed to move a lot more and didn't fall to snacking. I think I've lost about 1.5 to 2 lbs this week- the scale is saying 3 lbs down but I was out boozing last night (work leaving do!) so I'd say a chunk of the scale figure is dehydration and it will right itself tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is a new day and a new month- great time to set a new goal!
  • mmebouchon
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    Well I met my goal for the month which was good. I weighed in Friday morning because I was leaving for the weekend. I am glad I didn't have to weigh myself this morning as yesterday my eating was really unhealthy.
  • caranais
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    well I've stayed the same, but considering I've had 2 holidays in the past month, I'm more than happy with that. It could've been a disaster and wasn't, so that's what I was looking for. Back on track properly from today as I'm back at work. Good luck everyone xxxx
  • Rach_B_81
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    Met my goal yay! :)
  • Rach_B_81
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  • ATHLegal
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