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    Hi guys, TGIF!! What a flipping long week. So happy the weekend is almost here.

    Have an amazing trip, Karrie!
    Terri, thanks for the extra info; some of it was new for me and really interesting.
    Mihani, thinking about your lovely pup! I hope your headache is gone today.
    Carla, let us know how it goes with the open houses!! Is your house all prepped?

    We are having an open house Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I hope it goes well. It just hit the market properly today and we've had lots of views of the profile already so I'm hoping it isn't dead this weekend at our place. It's supposed to be the coldest weekend of the winter this weekend though, so it figures!

    I have been craving leaves and greens and salads which always makes me super happy. I feel more motivated again too which is welcome. We aren't able to cook too much (so our house doesn't smell too much at open houses!) but I think that means more salads, which is okay :)
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    Guess what?! The house that had 3 offers became available again!!! There is still a chance we can get it. We put in an offer this morning. If they accept it, we have to list our house immediately - today! We've already signed the paperwork in case it goes through. Super excited but not sure how likely it is.

    Today I'm too excited to concentrate on work so I'm cleaning my closets out in prep for listing. Like you Lia, I've really been enjoying my salads lately. And strangely, beans have become very appealing! After making beans in the pressure cooker I end up tasting them to make sure they are done and then eating more just plain because they taste so good.

    Lia, I hope you get a great turnout with your open house showings! A lot of views on the site is promising. What are you guys going to do while you're kicked out of your house all weekend?

    I'm like you Lisa, it is always those starchy carbs that appeal. Since getting serious about my food, I haven't had a single slice of bread. There's none in the house because for me it is a very slippery slope. But I still gravitate to the oatmeal, corn and yams. The other day we subbed green peas in place of corn in a recipe and that turned out pretty good. I love my Vitamix. It gets used almost every day.

    I hope your headache is better by now, Mihani. I had terrible headaches almost every day in November and December and that was a big motivating factor to getting back to healthy eating. (How stubborn is that? Going through 2 months of agony before making the change!) I hope cutting out the coffee works for you! Maybe taking a bit of time to relax would help. A nice bubble bath?

    Breakfast - blueberry smoothie with flax seeds, banana, almond milk, etc.
    Lunch - smoky lentils, salad w/ mushrooms and tahini onions
    Snack - apple
    Dinner - chili and probably a side salad

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    Happy Valentine's Day <3

    I'm heading to the office today. I was kind of lazy here at home yesterday. Worked some but spent a lot of time goofing off. It was nice, but I need to be more disciplined today. I hope to get a fair amount of catching up done since the boss said he won't be around to bug me. Yay!

    Plan for today:
    B - oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts
    L - salad and an apple
    D - lentil soup from the freezer stash, steamed cauliflower, and I'm going to look for a tahini sauce I can make to drizzle on the cauliflower
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    The people accepted someone else's offer on the house we wanted. More house shopping today.

    For Valentine's day, I'm putting our white bean chili (which reminds me of a pot pie) in a few ramekins and covering them with a splurge - a pot pie crust, using Bob's Red Mill pie crust mix and some coconut oil.

    B - Apple Pie Oatmeal
    L - smoky lentils and salad w/ tahini caramelized onions
    D - white bean chili with crust on top
    S - will try to skip, but otherwise a pear

    Have a great Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your open house weekend is going well Lia!
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    Today hubby and I took a nice 2-hour hike in a local area nearby. It was a little cold, with muddy slushy trails. The good thing is there were few people, even though we weren't the only ones out hiking. We didn't get to go as far as I wanted, as hubby's hip started hurting. It was probably a good thing because by the time we got back to the car, my bum knee was hurting! Oy! This getting old thing is no fun. We stopped at a favorite wine bar for a warm-up drink, and then I made another Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf for dinner. Now a hot shower and warm bed. Aaah!
    On Saturday we attended a friend's get-together, and I tried a new recipe to bring. It was "Smoky Little Devils" from Forks Over Knives, one of their Super Bowl 50 recipes. It was easy to make and made a great take-and-make dish. Just sayin' ...
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    Carla, sorry you lost out on that house. Your meals sound really good. I've been lazy about cooking lately and the freezer stash is dwindling.

    Lisa, sounds like a nice day.

    My plan today, no snacks and stay out of the crackers and things at the office.
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    Hi all,

    Carla sorry they didn't take your bid. Must be a hot market where you are.

    Mahini: glad you took some time for yourself. :) We all need to de stress once in awhile.

    Made hubby and I a nice V day dinner.

    Mediterranean Veggie Burgers
    Mushroom Fries
    Green beans/mushrooms
    Chocolaty brownies

    Meal turned our really delicious. I will post some of the recipes in the recipe section.

    Still struggling with the carbs but our weather will not be so cold this week. I think that should help. Really need to buckle down this week.

    Our Cuisniart coffee pot overflowed one too many times and after much research we bought the OXO 9 cup coffee maker. Very quiet and does make a smooth cup of coffee.

    Lots of paper work to do and is going to be a really busy week at the office.
    Will check in as best as I can.


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    After a delicious Mexican dinner, I am now dealing with heartburn. Ugh. I will be up tonight because I know I will have an acid stomach and reflux. Yuck. What was I thinking? Tomorrow morning I will be all puffy-eyed with too much sodium. I love Mexican food and I miss it sometimes. I thought I could be careful and not over-eat, but I failed. I'm paying for it tonight. (Well, and tomorrow on the scale I will pay some more.)
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    Good morning everyone,

    Carla I forgot to answer your question. He recommends to lose weight and melt the visceral fat off. It is the kind of fat that is made first and lost first.

    Lisa: sorry you get reflux with Mexican. I am finding that no matter what I eat out at Mexican restaurants it causing swelling. Even if I just get a salad. They must add salt to everything. Also, any type of alcohol make my hands swell :(. So no more alcohol for me.

    Counting the days down now till March. Can't wait for warmer weather. I am sure Karrie is having a nice time in Mexico.

    Gaol this week is to eat more green leafy vegetables. Not enough vegetables consumed last week. This morning, i had my usual oatmeal and berries with a side of collard green cooked in sherry.

    No lunch
    Dinner: tofu fajitas.

    Have some of the chocolaty brownies left. They tasted better left over. I think they would taste a little more flavourful with added orange or hazelnut liquor or extract. I will try that next time.
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    Terri, those brownies sound so good. My husband is chocolate fiend so I can't even mention them to him! Thanks for the visceral fat info.

    Lisa, my husband and I used to go to a nearby Mexican restaurant several times a week! We'd have a huge dinner and have it with a massive margarita (a 'big momma' margarita :) ) Confession: sometimes even though we were stuffed, we'd get the flan to go. Sorry you had heartburn. Hopefully you're feeling better by now.

    We had leftovers from our Valentine's dinner so we had individual pot pies again last night. Yum! Can't let those creep into any sort of regular dinner rotation.

    My throat feels like I'm swallowing razor blades right now. I'm not looking forward to having a cold while trying to prep and sell our house, but that's how it goes. Maybe my healthier eating will help get me over it faster.

    Breakfast - pear anise oatmeal w/ walnuts etc. 1 cup coffee w/ 1 tbsp coconut creamer
    Lunch - usual salad, 1/2 portion of vegetables w/ peanut sauce over 1/4 cup brown rice
    snack - apple or pear
    Dinner - stir fry - ginger broccoli tofu over 1/2 cup brown rice. new recipe, I'll post if good.

    too many grains today looking at it now, but will fix things tomorrow!

    Had to edit because I forgot to post that I'm down 2.6 lbs for the week! Happy with that. My pants are too loose now but for some reason I can't find the ones I used to wear. They may be packed up.
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    Terri my cuisinart overflows too! You would think that brand would do better on coffee makers. Your V Day dinner sounds yum.

    Lisa, hope you are feeling better. I love mexican food too.

    Carla, congrats on your loss! You are doing great and having nice consistent drops. Hope you feel better.

    I am dealing with some emotional eating issues for sure, need to get a grip on myself and be aware of what I'm doing, so I can stop doing it. I've been grazing on things like popcorn, crackers, nuts, etc.
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    We're off to a great start with listing our house. We had a showing on day 1 and 2 more booked for this week so far. We have an open house on Saturday, too. Hoping it sells quickly!

    Breakfast - last serving of oatmeal for a while! but yum!
    Lunch - either usual salad or eating at co-op while house is being shown
    Snack - apple
    Dinner - salad if we didn't have it for lunch, or ginger miso broccoli stir fry (yum btw!)

  • liapr
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    Woohoo, so exciting Carla!! Hope you sell it quickly too :)

    Mihani, hang in there! Maybe try and beat yourself with cut up carrots and other healthy grab-n-gos, or even some hummus + carrots so you get a treat that is making you feel good :)
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    Carla, great news, hope you get an offer quickly!

    Lia, I actually stopped at the grocery this morning and got bananas, apples and pears. Much healthier snacks.

    Better day...
    B - banana and soy yogurt
    L - Amy's pad thai
    D - red lentil kale soup and salad
    S - pear

    Going to work at more strict ETL the rest of the week. Today was a good start though. I was really focusing on being conscious of what I was doing today and it helped.
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    Hello everyone!
    I'm new to the group and to this thread. I started the six week challenge yesterday, but forgot to weigh myself yesterday. From the last time I weighed myself about a week ago I lost 0.4 lbs, so that's good. I had a very busy day and it was pouring out; I was at school (I returned to school to become an Occupational Therapist) until a little after three and then I had to run several million errands which took me until 7pm. I pretty much got the bulk of my calories when I got home.
    breakfast: green smoothie - 4 cups power greens, 1 cup mixed berries, 1 cup mixed fruit, 1 banana, 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    no lunch
    dinner: 3 tbsp homemade tomato basil hummus and baby carrots, 1 bowl of curried lentil soup without mashed potatoes (this soup is very good and really easy to make)
    snack: blood orange

    I would've had my cooked vegetables, but I got home way too late and I was exhausted. I know I didn't eat enough, but I wasn't really that hungry and I know in a couple of days that will change.

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    Today was a beet smoothie (beets, cucumber, spinach, pineapple, green apple, pomegranate juice) for breakfast. As well as too much coffee. Dinner is two small tacos made with corn tortillas and 2 chopped up Boca burgers. I'll throw in some salsa and 1/2 an avocado.
    It's freaking windy today -- too much for a bike ride. Not that I was looking forward to that. LOL!
    It took me 2 days to get the sodium out of my system. I look normal today. I want to keep it that way. I'm on a roll (even though no weight loss) sticking with ETL this week. Pre-planning my meals works best so that's my plan so far.
    I realized that I'm not doing very well at "Fitness in February" -- so I've got my Nordic Trak up and at the ready, along with my mini-trampoline and some hand weights. I try to do something light in the evening while watching TV.
    Welcome, blondie! That tomato basil hummus sounds good. I will be making a red lentil soup tomorrow. I love lentils!
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    Hi Blondie! Glad to see you. That's very cool you are going back to school. You're off to a great start on ETL. The soup sounds delicious.

    Lisa, I am working on my fitness focus too. This has been a very trying month for me with a lot of things going on that are hitting me hard... but I have to take care of me too, and I can't cope with events and help others through rough times in their lives if I am not feeling well myself. It does seem like an awful lot is hitting my circle of friends lately, illnesses and deaths, and I don't always deal with these things well. I get very down. Exercise does help with stress though.

    Today was okay, other than a chocolate indulgence, but it was small...
    B - oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts
    L - Amy's tofu scramble
    D - stir-fry veggies with brown rice
    S - banana, some dark chocolate, too much coffee

    I am going to bed SO early tonight. I'm worn out. I need to do some cooking soon to replenish my freezer stock of homemade meals. The Amy's are okay as a standby but not what I really want to have.
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    Hi blondie, that soup sounds great! I pinned it for later.

    Lisa, I have been posting to Fitness in February most of the month without even giving any thought to fitness. Oops!

    We had 3 showings for our house today. One group came 40 minutes late and then somehow couldn't use the lockbox to get in, but wouldn't wait 10 minutes for us to come home and open up the door...ugh. Glad to have people coming to see it since the goal is selling it! BUT I am so sick with this cold right now. Stuffed up sinuses and some asthma and chest coughing too. All I want to do is curl up in PJs at home but had to be out most of the day. We have an open house on Saturday, so hopefully people will wait for that and I can have tomorrow to rest. This being out all day and not smelling up the house with cooking beans is also wreaking havoc on my ETL eating. For lunch I had a rice and bean burrito, but the wrap was not whole grain. Also had a yummy kale salad. It had some oil in it, but that was the only bad ingredient so for eating out, prepackaged food, not bad.For dinner, we went out for a tofu garlic stir fry which fits the bill for having lots of veggies and also brown rice but the sauce is salty with some sweet in there too. Dr. F would not approve! Sorry, lots of complaining today! It has been a long one for sure.

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    TGIF! Woohoo :)

    Carla, I hear you on all the open house stresses lol. I also have had such a hard time cooking. My husband made garlic tofu at home one night this week and when I got home, I nearly freaked because it stank so much. But a good fan and some fresh air and a light candle solved it. It is really hard not cooking much during the week though lol. Good luck tomorrow! We are finally going to have good weather so I hope that means good things for our open house too.

    Mihani, hope you got a great sleep last night! I can't imagine many people deal with illnesses and deaths very well, so don't beat yourself up, it's such a tough thing. Hang in there and spend some extra time with the pups maybe! They are such cuddly, happy things.

    Lisa, glad the sodium is gone. It's funny, something I ate must have had a ton of sodium in it because I swelled up yesterday like I don't think I have before! It was really bad. I felt like a pregnant lady holding my stomach walking around but I really just felt like I was going to burst. Lots of healthy stuff for me today.

    Hi Blondie, welcome to the group!! Sounds like an awesome start; some days will be weird like that. Thanks for the recipe too, I love lentil soups.

    Did anyone partake in Inter/National Wine Day yesterday?
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    Lia, Wine Day sounds like something I should have known of!

    Carla, hope you get an offer soon! I have been fighting a cold too ugh. Hope you're feeling better.

    Going to the office today and tomorrow. Next weekend I have some things going on and don't plan to work at all so I really need to get through as much as possible this weekend.

    Plan for today...
    B - oatmeal with banana and walnuts
    L - big salad
    D - split pea soup and some sort of cooked veggies