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lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
Hello all!

I can't believe it is almost the weekend. I am so close to finishing a basement remodeling project and can't wait until it is over, but will be painting a lot. I hate my house being in such disarray as it is right now. And I'm sure my neighbors are tired of seeing all the garbage in my driveway, too. I am looking forward to a good spring cleaning and decluttering next weekend, then maybe I can change my focus to getting the yard ready for the season. I am ready to be outside!

I have been slacking in the exercise department this week, but really need to get back at it tomorrow so I don't lose my motivation. So early morning walk before getting back to the paint brushes. Then yoga and a training session on Saturday. I really need to keep these three commitments at minimum. Hopefully, I can get another walk in on Sunday, too.

So what are your plans for the weekend?


  • kesslemg
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    We are finishing up a remodeling project as well. We put new flooring in the main level of our house. As a result my primary kitchen has been out of commission for over a week. Thankfully we have a kitchen in our basement. It's just not as functional as the other. I haven't eaten as well this past week because I've been doing a lot of easy meals less mess meals. I think walk have things put back either today or tomorrow so I'm hoping for a better week next week. I did get to spinning first thing this morning. I always like to check that of my weekend list. Sunday's are my rest day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • curlymop3
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    It is helpful reading about you all keeping going with fitness/weight in the midst of busy lives - helps me not to make excuses and keep going too!

    I'm struggling to do well at weekends, hopefully not undoing all the good work mon-fri, but finding it hard not to snack in the eves and eat cake in the day (been saying to myself I've earned it or whatever) We are always active Saturdays (5 mile hike this Saturday) and there is precious little sitting down, so not a disaster. There is usually baking to be done, with 4 hungry kids and whatever guests we have to feed, and packed lunches for the week ahead.

    I guess there is a trade off between how fast I can slim down, and enjoying living life.

    Any bright ideas welcome. Particularly how I can change the habit of thinking of cake in terms of reward/earnings.

    Monday scales saying the same (4lb loss over the course of challenge so far, aiming at 28lb eventually, slow going) but waist down 6cm (since challenge began) which is where I carry the weight. And I feel slimmer, toned, and am upping the weights for some of the exercises in class. Helpful to actually write down these positives.