REGISTRATION CLOSED: Biggest Loser Challenge - May 2016



  • bbcbw
    bbcbw Posts: 53 Member
    edited April 2016
    Username: bbcbw
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Im going on 2 weeks vacation and will be tasting some of the most tastiest foods. So this challenge will keep me accountable for all extra calories.
  • 2016summerfun
    2016summerfun Posts: 284 Member
    Username= 2016summerfun
    Y/ to Additional Teams= Yes
    Thankyou x
  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,895 Member
    edited April 2016
    Username: grandmajackie
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Comments/Suggestions: love the idea about not weighing in by midnight they are immediately eliminated, and replaced! Plus I think if we have two weigh in dates that would help tremendously exspecially if we add more teams, may EITHER a MON or FRI. Right before the weekend or right after, :)

    Plus I'll be happy to lead a team again, love it!

  • pups3mom
    pups3mom Posts: 94 Member
    Username: Vaindy
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: Really enjoying this challenge!
  • dixedreg
    dixedreg Posts: 276 Member
    Username: Dixedreg
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: This challenge has helped keep me focused
  • iamaleaf
    iamaleaf Posts: 18 Member
    Username: IAmALeaf
    yes :)
  • rainydays5
    rainydays5 Posts: 217 Member
  • carrie1829
    carrie1829 Posts: 143 Member
    Username: Carrie1829
    Y/N to Additional Teams: I think it could get harder to manage if you add additional teams. But that is at your discretion. You know how hard or not it was for your end.
    Comments/Suggestions: I think it would be easier for team captains to keep track of their teams if we have different weigh in threads for each team. To keep threads at a minimum just have one continuous one per team.
  • atrosper
    atrosper Posts: 596 Member
    Username: atrosper
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes, or keep the same number of teams and increase the number of members on each team, whichever is easier
  • Idabah
    Idabah Posts: 11 Member
  • bpkal
    bpkal Posts: 77 Member
    indifferent as to more teams...
  • MrsThomas21413
    MrsThomas21413 Posts: 83 Member
    I don't really have a preference on teams. I say what ever you feel you can handle.
  • ahelgers10
    ahelgers10 Posts: 388 Member
  • doitnow0216
    doitnow0216 Posts: 36 Member
    Username: doitnow0216
    Y/N to Additional Teams: I'll leave this to your discretion. I'm good either way.
    Comments/Suggestions: You are doing such a great job! I do like the elimination process.
  • NorwegianGuy
    NorwegianGuy Posts: 12 Member
    Username: NorwegianGuy
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes, if you're able to handle it...
  • silverstar65
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  • Jayni40
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    user name : cartina21
  • FluffySquid
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    Name: FluffySquid
  • vwoman
    vwoman Posts: 36 Member
    Username: vwoman
    Y/N to Additional Teams: I don't mind
    Comments/Suggestions: loving it! Keep up the good work.
  • mackaylc
    mackaylc Posts: 20 Member
    Username: mackaylc
    Thanks so much :)
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